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  1. Cpal

    Last minute trip

    I know it has little to do with clothes (although I assume recommendations could include "cothes to bring" or "artisans to visit") but: I am in the process of changing jobs and won't start work again until April 4 and have found myself with some unexpected time on my hands...
  2. Cpal

    Ideas for shoes to pair with jeans?

    I'm looking for a nice pair of dark brown shoes that will look good with jeans. I know that the sole needs to be somewhat more substantial as I tend to wear jeans that are slightly fuller cut down to the shoe. I've looked at several pair on the Alden of Carmel site and they may work but I wanted...
  3. Cpal

    Raphael Jacket - on EBay

    Raphael Suit No knowledge of the seller - just found it interesting given the prior discussions of Raphael.
  4. Cpal

    Cashmere sweater

    I'm preparing for fall ... any recommendations on a nice, crew neck cashmere sweater? Thanks.
  5. Cpal

    C&j weymouth (dark brown)

    Wanted to get the thoughts of those who own and those who are hoping to own. Casual pants, dress pants, jeans? Thanks.
  6. Cpal


    I've seen a few references here and there - my concern is that "it seems too good" and, recognizing that this is not always a bad thing, I wanted to get some feedback from those who might have transacted with them in the past. C&J handgrades for $350 including shipping seems like...
  7. Cpal

    Shoe website

    The World of Shoes
  8. Cpal

    Tanino crisci

    I was in the city today and decided to spend the day in shoe stores ... ended up with a pair of EGreen Dovers from Saks(dark oak) and I am thrilled (my first pair - they felt comfortable from the time they touched my feet). I stopped in a few stores: JM Weston Alden Tanino Crisci Paul Stuart...
  9. Cpal

    Rtw shoes

    Just curious about how people would rank shoemakers in terms of style and separate rankings for quality of make ... Alden Allen-Edmonds Bally Cole Hahn Ferragamo Churches Trickers Edward Green Grenson JM Weston Johnston & Murphy Vass Cleverley Lattanzi John Lobb I know there are more that I...
  10. Cpal

    Bepoke suit v. bespoke shoes

    I was hoping for some help - I have the $3k I need to purchase one of the two. Background info is I have a sufficient number of suits and shoes (both of "good quality") so this is not a decision based on need (as if anyone could actually "need" a $3,000 suit or pait of...
  11. Cpal

    Philadelphia suit tailors

    I am currently having Joe Centofanti work on a suit for me but have recently been doing a little local digging (Philly area) to find a good tailor once his shop closes. Â I have a couple of good leads in NY & Darren (Thanks to many on this board) but was hoping to find someone local to me as...
  12. Cpal


    Which socks do people prefer? I know there was a thread on AskAndy but it seems to be unavailable. Paul Stuart stock was mentioned, but I don't recall people's preferences. Also, cotton, merino, blends, cashmere, etc. - what do people prefer and to ask a stupid question - how do you care for...
  13. Cpal

    Shirt fabrics

    I have found myself walking into shirtmakers and finding myself confronted with an overwhelming number of choices (not a bad problem but I want to be more informed). I know what patterns I like and can tell the difference in some levels of thread count but I wanted to get some opinions from the...
  14. Cpal

    Ferragamo shoes

    I apologize if I'm bringing up a topic that has already been exhaustively covered (I tried a search but came up empty) - What are the general opinions of Ferragamo shoes? I have a couple of pair and have been pleased with them to date but, to be honest they were purchased for purely cosmetic...
  15. Cpal

    Paul stuart "stuart's choice" / grenson shoes

    I was wondering what "those who know" think about the quality of these two classes of shoes sold at PS. Also, how do people feel about Grenson vs. Alden? It's the time for end of the year sales and I wanted to get some feedback before shopping. Thanks.
  16. Cpal

    What does everyone do for a living?

    As many of the regular posters here seem to have a "wealth" of knowledge regarding the clothing industry I began to wonder - how many are actually employed in the industry and what do others do that help them financially support their "research" and facilitate their ability...
  17. Cpal

    Custom shirts

    Everything I have read about this shop seems to imply it's "the place" for shirts in the city. With such an abundance of choices - Borrelli, Oxxford, Ascot Chang, Seize sur Vingt, T&A, etc. I can't afford to try them all. What experiences have people had? Also, does anyone know if...
  18. Cpal

    Shoulders - padded or not?

    I know if is largely dependant upon the body being suited but I have heard various recommendations and am not sure who to believe. I have an "athletic build" with broader but sloping shoulders and a much narrower waist. I have had tailors whose opinions I respect encourage me in...
  19. Cpal

    Best tailor in ny

    Sorry - lets hear the opinions - spelling can be a challenge apparently I've heard from Marc that he's a fan of Raphael - any other contenders??
  20. Cpal

    Gilibertos / adrian jules / john daniel / etc.

    I have used a local "tailor" to have suits made for some time knowing that he sends measurements to Gilibertos and then does some of the finishing in his own shop.  I have had mixed results with this approach.  I have also been fortunate to have a true master tailor locally that I...

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