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  1. dumadiscount

    most popular premium streetwear brands in the US?

    I was considering writing a business plan to open a premium streetwear store in australia that stocked upcoming and popular US streetwear labels. If you were opening a store in the US in this market what labels would you stock? I'm trying to think of brands that are between the American jackass...
  2. dumadiscount

    Herringbone Sydney dress shirts

    Any Australian sf members here? What do you think of the quality/value of Herringbone shirts as a rtw option? Compared to say, other rtw options around the $A150-250 price range? Herringbone Sydney
  3. dumadiscount

    Gekko vs Bateman

    poll inspired by the recent gekko post. they're both from the 80s?
  4. dumadiscount

    36 reg rtw online

    does anyone know a good online source of <US$600 36 reg suits other than ebay? i am in australia and the only choices are hugo boss and australian designer labels pretty much.
  5. dumadiscount

    how far can you let out pants?

    How far can you generally let out pants until it will noticeably make difference in the shape/cut of the pants. I am a 31 and the pants are 30", flat front. They fit ok but snug. I'm thinking of just letting them out ½ inch for now and seeing how they are.
  6. dumadiscount

    at what one consider bespoke suits?

    Being quite young and not having the greatest salary in the world. I am 25 and a first year lawyer. Although I could probably appreciate the quality and cut of a bespoke suit, I cannot envisage buying bespoke for at least another 5 years. Especially knowing that I am going to spill alcohol and...
  7. dumadiscount

    French cuffs without cuff links?

    Evening casual setting, french cuff shirt, no tie, blazer. Is it ok to wear a French cuff shirt without cufflinks?
  8. dumadiscount

    air force 1 mids with jeans?

    u know the air force ones with the strap. Jeans hanging inside the front tongue. Is this look too ghetto? I like air force one's. I like jeans. Im not sure if they go together
  9. dumadiscount

    earnest sewn in gq

    what model / wash colour are the earnest sewn jeans in the jeans list in the russell crowe gq. i want some. thanks.
  10. dumadiscount

    costume nationale blazers - yoox

    there are a few of these on yoox going for $314. is this good value? how much do they usually retail for and is the quality ok?
  11. dumadiscount

    geniune paul smith tie?

  12. dumadiscount

    swapping pants on rtw suits - noticeable?

    Has anyone ever swapped pants on a rtw suit? I have been wearing a 38R but now realise I am a 36R. However, pants that generally come with 36R are a 30 inch waist. My waist measurement is a bit over 31 inchs and the sales assistant has offered to swap the pants to 32 inch pants for me. Do you...
  13. dumadiscount

    Bespoke vs MTM

    Can anyone in the forum enlighten me (a newbie)as to the the difference in these two processes as I only have a vague idea (Bespoke is basically anything you want... whereas MTM is cut from a predefined design). Has anyone tried the MTM route? I'm considering getting one in Brisbane, Australia.
  14. dumadiscount


    37R would be perfect for me... i have 37 chest and wear 31 pants, i find 38R slightly baggy, whilst 36R is a snug (but ok) jacket but the pants are generally too tight. should i buy 36 or 38? does anyone else have this predictment (or a similar)? cannot afford mtm quite yet
  15. dumadiscount

    ebay help please - emporio armani suit

    seller looks ok... not very sure though emporio armani suit
  16. dumadiscount

    'Hugo' Hugo Boss Quality?

    Where does the HUGO Hugo Boss Red label sit in the scheme of things in comparison to the other diffusion labels? What's the quality of the suits like say compared to Versace Classic V2 or Armani Collezioni.
  17. dumadiscount

    Reputable Ebay Sellers of Armani Collezioni

    Hi... newbie here. I've been reading stuff about the fakes etc floating around on ebay. Does anyone know of any sellers that have a reputation of dealing only in authentic Armani Collezioni suits. I know they are fused etc but the cut suits me... I think. Any help appreciated

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