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  1. JettStyle

    16 year old guy - how can I adopt a better style?

    I agree that Alpha's "shouting" style is annoying after a while. I also think he goes on too long about his video sponsors, but his style is more likely to be closer to what you are going for than RMRS. Check out Public Rec's pants to replace your sweatpants. For dressier but still somewhat...
  2. JettStyle

    16 year old guy - how can I adopt a better style?

    I think you are best off looking into youtubers who are speaking to a younger audience. Check out Alpha M and Teaching Men's Fashion. I find gentleman's gazette and RMRS very informative, but their style is more classic than mine. Also look for instagram pages for looks that you like (that...
  3. JettStyle

    Poll with my pictures: Am i wearing my jeans and chinos too tight? Does it look gayish?

    The jeans are on the tight side, but they are not too tight. I agree with what has been said about the boots, they do not work with the rest of the outfits IMO. Whether this is the right fit for you depends on what you are looking for. The fir/style is not "classic" but if you are looking to...
  4. JettStyle

    Online Button Stores

    Hey guys, looking to see if the SF community can give me a little help on this one. I am looking for recommendations on websites to buy buttons to change out suit/blazer buttons. I have always found that changing out buttons is a great way to personalize a suit or blazer. I used to live in...
  5. JettStyle

    Suitsupply NYC

    Agree. The texture looks great, but it seems like one you really have to see in person to know.
  6. JettStyle

    First Suit Advice

    I never mind the question. I like my fully bespoke suits, but they cost between $2k and 3k, so filling my closet with them is not possible for me. For my body, the off the rack fit that I get from Suitsupply is 80-90% of the way there (and they cost me between $500 and 1k). I will have SS...
  7. JettStyle

    First Suit Advice

    I agree about Suit Supply. I have gone through off the rack M2M, custom (from HK), fully bespoke from NYC tailors and now I am doing most of my buying at Suit Supply. There is a Suit Supply threat on here so I am sure you will be able to find a lot of pictures of people's SS gear. Check out...
  8. JettStyle

    Must shoes always be darker than blue jeans?

    I think the "rules" are really only there to guide you until you know how to break them properly. For jeans, I have never heard that shoes shoe be darker. I would say, think of the place you are going wearing them. As long as the shoes are not more or less dressy than the occasion dictates...
  9. JettStyle

    HOF: What Are You Wearing Right Now - Part IV (starting May 2014)

    Look from last Friday to go from work to play.
  10. JettStyle

    HOF: What Are You Wearing Right Now - Part IV (starting May 2014)

    Suit by Suit Supply Pocket Square by Nordstroms Shirt by Nita Fashions Custom Tailors
  11. JettStyle

    Need advice on dressing better

    agree 100%
  12. JettStyle

    Need advice on dressing better

    I know that others will disagree with me, but I think you can sometimes wear a suit jacket with jeans. But it is really hard, really depends on the cut of each, the texture and shine of the jacket and the overall look you are going for. I don't think the answer is a flat no, but maybe "it...
  13. JettStyle

    Need advice on dressing better

    This threat has been great. I have been thinking about the way I dress for years, just started my own Instagram account @thejettstyle, and have been particular about most things all my life and I found Pocket's post helpful for me also. Always learning. Thanks!
  14. JettStyle

    Need advice on dressing better

    Agree with everything said. Fit really is the most important thing. If you get fit right, you will already set yourself apart. Cull your closet and see what you have and then can have tailored. Next, start with a few quality piece that you will keep for a long time. I would go with one or...
  15. JettStyle


    Thanks guys. I will check them out!
  16. JettStyle

    First luxury watch

    The safest option is to buy what you like. Your first luxury watch should speak to you. Follow your gut; both IWC and Rolex make excellent watches.

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