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  1. Eric

    What happened!?

    I haven't been here in a while, and while I was gone it seems this place has exploded with new members. I don't necessarily think thats a bad thing, but I kinda liked the secret club kinda feel when everyone knew each other before. What happened to cause such a rush of new members? Was there an...
  2. Eric


    Cool Hand Luke. "I'm shaking that tree, Boss" The Great Escape... obviously 2 pretty similar story lines... Loved Cool Hand Luke, and I haven't seen The Great Escape since I was a kid, but when I think of similar storylines to Cool Hand Luke, I think of One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest &...
  3. Eric

    The Conformist (again) in DC.

    Wow! Sweet! And I live in Silver Spring, how convenient. I bought the Conformist a while back on Laserdisk and haven't found a laserdisk player that works yet, so I haven't seen it... Eric
  4. Eric

    Supermodels -- Who's the hottest?

    I'm with Sauce on this one. That's why I prefer Allessandra Ambrosio. What a magnificent face she has. 100% agreed. I still think Cindy Crawford has it. Eric
  5. Eric

    Looking for a new car?

    I wasn't sure if posting those details would violate forum rules...(if so, just delete this J) I work at DARCARS Silver Spring Mazda, Cert. Used Toyota and many other pre-owned. You got my email for whenever your in the market. Eric
  6. Eric

    Looking for a new car?

    I recently started selling cars in MD, so all you MD, DC, and NOVA guys know who to talk to for a new or used car now right?? I won't advertise directly on here (I think thats against rules right??) So anyone interested can reach me at my email [email protected] Thanks! Eric
  7. Eric

    Dear girls, please keep doing...

    Nevermind. Eric
  8. Eric

    What Makes A Good Parent?

    This is an interesting topic. I have noticed that households with 2 parents have children that attend college and at the very least become solid professionals, while children raised in single family homes have more of a tendancy to skip college and struggle. That is at least what I've seen...
  9. Eric

    What did you eat last night for dinner?

    I spent 3 hours thawing, preparing and cooking calamari for myself. It was the first real meal I have ever prepaired and cook myself. I'm rather proud of it... Eric
  10. Eric

    Do you smoke marijuana?

    Yeah that kind of thinking usually leads to the use of strong drugs... (It's not the use itself, but merely the type of mindset...) Jon. I see where your coming from... But I have no interest at all in other drugs. When I started playing alot of poker, people said it would translate into...
  11. Eric

    Do you smoke marijuana?

    I drink alot. I have smoked weed only a few times and have never been high. Though I have been considering giving weed a shot, it seems like it might be fun, lol. I avoided it for along time, more or less as my way of rebelling against the kids that did the drugs to be cool. But I'm at the...
  12. Eric

    How about abolishing post count?

    Who gives a frogs fat ass about how many posts someone has? Eric
  13. Eric

    On the Street in NYC.....Slim Trench

    More at The Sartorialist http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/ The coat is beautiful. The outfit as a whole is def. my style; doesn't quite match, but works anyway... As for the sleeves outside the coat...I have done the same with a slim fitting trench of my own from Eddie Bauer that would...
  14. Eric

    The Neverending Story...

    Yep, this thread is actually about the movie (I haven't read the book)... I'm 22, so this movie was released when I was a young scrapper. I have fond memories of watching it MANY times. But I don't remember why I liked it... Recently I found it available for free on Comcast's "on demand" movie...
  15. Eric

    Movie. Not plural...

    Thomas Crown Affair. Not McQueen's version. Then, Lawrence of Arabia, Out of Africa, Arthur, any Connery Bond (okay, maybe not Diamonds are Forever), Batman Begins, Brideshead Revisited, Garden State, Love Actually, Henry V, any Thin Man movie, City of God, North by Northwest, To Catch a...
  16. Eric

    Myspace, redux

    myspace.com/ericrasmussen E
  17. Eric

    DC Dinner

    I can't think of a reason not too... E
  18. Eric

    Movie. Not plural...

    Okay, there have been quite a few movie lists, this is not that. Please state your ONE favorite movie. If you had to choose just one that you could watch anytime and no other. What is your NUMBER ONE favorite? Mine? GATTACA Eric
  19. Eric

    Dear girls, please keep doing...

    Pilates. E
  20. Eric

    1st new Rate my Jantzen thread!

    This may have been mentioned before, but... How questionable does the title of this thread sound? If someone asked you what you were reading on the PC and you responded with "A, Rate my Johnson thread on an internet forum, they even posted pics" Pretty funny, to me at least... Eric

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