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  1. spatten

    Burberry suits are made by...

    I find that one boring and horrible. 50 euros top price. This.
  2. spatten

    Another Overcoat Poal: Which Looks Better?

    While the left looks a bit boxy, it is less criminal the overdone waist suppresion on the right.
  3. spatten

    Advice for a Young Man Just Starting Out...?

    I know much less about shoe construction than many on this forum. But these shoes look about the same quality as Johnston and Murphy. The appear to be unlined which is a major turn-off for me. I've had poor luck with the two pairs of CH's I bought in terms of reliability. They wore out far too...
  4. spatten

    Winter Shoes

    How do the Dainite soles hold up with the snow/ice? My favorite pair of winter boots are C&J Chukka's with Dainite sole. I've had them 5 years and the the soles are in good shape, much better than any of my leather soles. I haven't taken care of the Cordovan as I should have, and they could...
  5. spatten

    Winter Shoes

    Most of my shoes are leather soled - simply because they have the correct amount of friction with most surfaces and are also elegant. That said, leather soles are not optimal on snow/ice. I live in Iowa and we have snow/ice mix nearly half of the year round. If I am walking a good distance I...
  6. spatten

    $1,000 suit

    I'd say figure out what's important to you. For some it may be cut, for some fit, for others brand consistency, and even others fabric. The more of these qualities you want the more you are going to pay. I have extremely sensitive skin and for me the most important aspect of a suit is fabric...
  7. spatten

    Denim 101 for Men's Clothing

    Thanks guys I'll check these out.
  8. spatten

    wholecuts with jeans???

    and another thing! i noticed that many of you dislike black shoes, am i a bad person, just because i really LIKE them a lot??^^ greets eric Not a bad person, but you may change your mind as you get older. The allure of browns is in their complex hues. Black tends to be simple. I have both.
  9. spatten

    Denim 101 for Men's Clothing

    Appreciate all the info in this thread. Looking for a suggestion for a new pair of jeans. I used to be a competitive dancer and have tremendous quads and a rather prominent bum. Unfortunately, after stopping, I put on a lot of weight and am wearing a size 38 dress pant (6'2, 240lbs). Do I have...
  10. spatten

    alden 910

    Typically I think Alden shoes are safe. These are scary... Would never wear.
  11. spatten

    Rate this outfit

    This. It just kind of looks like you misplaced your suit pants.
  12. spatten

    Rate this outfit

    I'm all about a jacket and jeans, but not with the vest...though even then the jacket is too much of a suit piece to fare well with the jeans. If I had to fix the outfit, I'd take off the jacket and rock the vest as best you could. lastly, I question the rolled up jeans? why?
  13. spatten

    Suit jacket etiquette?

    I keep my jacket on, unless I'm dancing. The unfortunate truth is that most jackets are tailored for men having their arms down, and bunch up terribly when dancing in frame. In that case I think it's better to take the jacket off.
  14. spatten

    Shirt & Vest

    If you wear a black vest/tie and white shirt - then you definately look like a waiter/valet. Add some flair, texture, color and you probably have the foundation of a good look.
  15. spatten

    Feedback on Black Fleece Fit / Comments please

    It's a look alright, one I think is particularly unflattering. I question any trend that says any garment - should be smaller/larger/thinner/wider in general. Becuase they are missing the idea of proportion. For me the redeeming quality is that it no longer reminds one of a boring sack suit....
  16. spatten

    how's the fit of my sports coat?

    Interesting Jacket. I love patch pockets, but don't usually see them on the breast. Can't say I like the fabric, doesn't seem to have much drape, and the lapels look pretty high (but that could be the picture.) SHorten the sleeves and have fun- sitck with the first one.
  17. spatten

    Why do my collars look like this...?

    This happens due to incorrect fit in the neck area. Your collar band seems to wide so that it rumples slightly when you fasten your tie knot in order to achieve the width that would be right for you. The curling above the top button is simply a result of the button placement being wrong for your...
  18. spatten

    Need opinion on value of $200 Bagliani Suit with Zegna Trofeo/Soltex Cloth

    Well, in my opinion if the suit fits well then you've got a good deal. That's a good price for anything made of Trofeo fabric. I suspect unless you know a good deal about suit construction you're not going to notice or care for much a difference.
  19. spatten

    Which coat is warmer?

    It's -15 here today and I'm wearing my shearling coat. For me it's warmer than a quilted thick wool peacoat I used to wear. The parka I just won't consider.
  20. spatten

    tailors shears recommendation

    Gingher shears work very nicely. Just don't cut anything but fabric with them.

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