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  1. randomtw

    looking for thick zip up hoodies

    Who makes thick zip up hoodies? I'm looking for 7oz/250gsm or higher. Price range of $100 or less. American-giant and ascolour are two I've found so far.
  2. randomtw

    how to fix stretched out button fly

    Anybody know how to fix the button fly on a pair of jeans where when u sit down, you can see the buttons? Or would my best option be to replace the button fly with a zipper?
  3. randomtw

    Sacramento tailors

    Anybody live in the Sacramento area and can recommend a good tailor? Anything in vacaville, fairfield, dixon, natomas, etc?
  4. randomtw

    let out the armpit hole for a peacoat

    Can a tailor easily expand the armpit hole of a peacoat to make it a tiny bit bigger?
  5. randomtw

    Carne Asada Fries

    A heart attack waiting to happen lol. I'm suprised nobodys started a topic on this yet.
  6. randomtw

    question about h&m vneck tees

    How deep is the vneck hole opening? How's the pricing? Does it come in packs? How does the vneck hole compare to gap or banana republic? I don't have an h&m nearby me so I can't drive on over and check it out at the moment.
  7. randomtw

    tshirts to wear with black cardigan

    What colors do you think would work underneath a black cardigan? I know white would work for sure, gray might but its not my color Do you think light blue, royal blue, red, purple, would work? I don't have any plain tshirts to try on with the cardigan at the moment.
  8. randomtw

    question about blazer fit

    I picked up a blazer today and it fits kinda well. Its a bit tight when I try to hug myself unbuttoned. When I button it though and try hugging somebody or stretch the blazer out by spreading my arms wide apart it feels like the buttons are going to pop off. Should I return the blazer? I'll...
  9. randomtw

    ever shop at heritage1981?

    I was just browsing there and I noticed that a lot of stuff was dry clean only, even the stuff that were 100% cotton? Anybody know why?
  10. randomtw

    steam cleaning dress shirts/pants

    Hey, I was wondering if any of you own a steam cleaner that you use to steam either dress shirts or pants? Do they just remove wrinkles or do they also clean the clothes?
  11. randomtw

    cufflinks with shirts that use a button cuff

    Would you just remove the buttons in order to use cufflinks?
  12. randomtw

    where to purchase replacement buttons for buttonfly jeans?

    Where can I get replacement buttons for buttonfly jeans?
  13. randomtw

    finding replacement for pants clasp

    Where can I find some replacments clasps for my dress pants that broke? I'm not sure if clasp is the right word (it's not a button tho).
  14. randomtw

    shortening dress shirt length?

    Has anybody here taken a dress shirt to a tailor to get it shortened in length? I'm wondering how complicated it would be? How much would it cost?
  15. randomtw

    need help choosing shoes that would go well with jeans/pants

    Any recomendations for a black shoe that would look good paired with either a dark blue/black pair of jeans or just regular black "formal" pants (slacks/khakis, stuff you would wear to an interview, etc)? I'm just looking for something versatile that can both be worn casually to the...
  16. randomtw

    anybody here replaced a zipper for a sweatshirt before?

    Has anybody here ever replaced the zipper for a sweatshirt before? A few teeth are missing and the zipper tab is gone so it looks like the whole thing has to be replaced. Any tailor should be able to do this right? How much should I expect to pay?
  17. randomtw

    question about shortening a dress shirt sleeve

    I have a dress shirt that fits pretty nicely except for the fact that the sleeves are a bit too long. Is this a relatively simple thing to fix?
  18. randomtw

    looking for a cheap online tshirt wholesaler

    Anybody dealt with any online tshirt wholesalers before? I'm just looking for some pretty nice/thick tshirts to use as workout shirts. Something like gildan, hanes, etc. I've googled a few but it seems that shipping is pretty expensive, ie $13 just to ship 5 shirts. any chance of finding a...
  19. randomtw

    anybody have a reseller account? just looking for wholesale prices of blank tshirts?

    Anybody have a reseller account for sites like alternative apparel, continental-usa? I'm just wondering how much the blank tshirts cost at wholesale. I'm looking to buy a few long sleeve blank tshirts.
  20. randomtw

    looking for thick solid colored hoodies

    Where can I get some thick solid color hoodies?

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