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  1. Cpal

    Last minute trip

    Live in Philly. Spend quite a bit of time in NYC (my back-up if nothing else jumps out as a good idea). I enjoy cafes, coffee shops, outdoor shops and cities with a lot of walking opportunities. Spend the summer at the beach so I don't need the tropical climate just yet. Expense isn't a primary...
  2. Cpal

    Last minute trip

    Not necessarily - just an opportunity to get away and go somewhere I haven't been. Thanks.
  3. Cpal

    Last minute trip

    I know it has little to do with clothes (although I assume recommendations could include "cothes to bring" or "artisans to visit") but: I am in the process of changing jobs and won't start work again until April 4 and have found myself with some unexpected time on my hands...
  4. Cpal

    Advice on Acquiring Brown Suede Shoes?

    Marc - I'd be interested in the Todds url if you have a chance. thanks.
  5. Cpal

    Ideas for shoes to pair with jeans?

    I'm looking for a nice pair of dark brown shoes that will look good with jeans. I know that the sole needs to be somewhat more substantial as I tend to wear jeans that are slightly fuller cut down to the shoe. I've looked at several pair on the Alden of Carmel site and they may work but I wanted...
  6. Cpal

    My Vass Purchase

    Interesting - I chose the same pair in addition to a pair of the Budapest Oxford Oxblood shown on their site under "Contemporary" - you've made me feel better about my choices as well. Thanks..
  7. Cpal

    Isaia Made to Measure

    What is the pricing for Isaia MTM at Barney's? Thanks.
  8. Cpal

    Raphael Jacket - on EBay

    Raphael Suit No knowledge of the seller - just found it interesting given the prior discussions of Raphael.
  9. Cpal

    Trip to nyc nov 8-10

    Lunch at Bergdorf Men's cafe. Great soup, sandwiches, salads - kinda pricey but a nice quite calm place to grab a bite in the greatest men's store in the city. Have fun.
  10. Cpal

    Cashmere sweater

    I'm preparing for fall ... any recommendations on a nice, crew neck cashmere sweater? Thanks.
  11. Cpal

    C&j weymouth (dark brown)

    Wanted to get the thoughts of those who own and those who are hoping to own. Casual pants, dress pants, jeans? Thanks.
  12. Cpal

    Bespoke shoes

    Timeless - any update on your Vogel shoe order? How did they turn out? Thanks.
  13. Cpal

    Is this edward green on bluefly?

    I just received my black pair in the mail today - expecting the brown tomorrow. Great deal if you're in the market. Fit of the 89 last is very close to the fit of my Dovers which are made on the EG 606. Thanks again to everyone on here - another great bargain..
  14. Cpal

    Is this edward green on bluefly?

    jcusey - did you order the brown or the black? I'm debating picking up one pair of each - near buy one get one free is too tempting. Would you say they most closely resemble the cardiff? Thanks.
  15. Cpal


    They've got my order in for April / May delivery - a pair of Audleys and a pair of Belgraves. Now I sit and eagerly wait ... Thanks again.
  16. Cpal


    How does delivery to the US work? Do the shoes arrive in Customs requiring me to have someone act as "an agent for me to import them" or do they make it through the process and arrive on my doorstep? Sorry for the odd question just trying to understand the process better. Thanks.
  17. Cpal


    I've seen a few references here and there - my concern is that "it seems too good" and, recognizing that this is not always a bad thing, I wanted to get some feedback from those who might have transacted with them in the past. C&J handgrades for $350 including shipping seems like...
  18. Cpal

    Bespoke shoes

    Please remember to post us with your final decisions. If any of the shoe experts have some specific questions that would help to clarify the "true bespoke nature" of the Vogel shoes please post them so TimelessRider can ask I think several of us would greatly appreciate. Thanks.
  19. Cpal

    Shoe website

    The World of Shoes
  20. Cpal

    Bespoke shoes

    Rayk - Vogel has been asked about frequently but nobody seems to have any firsthand experience with them - if you stop in their shop I'd love to hear your thoughts as it does seem to be a great deal. I continue to consider them but haven't made it down to their shop.

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