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  1. Eric

    What happened!?

    I haven't been here in a while, and while I was gone it seems this place has exploded with new members. I don't necessarily think thats a bad thing, but I kinda liked the secret club kinda feel when everyone knew each other before. What happened to cause such a rush of new members? Was there an...
  2. Eric

    Looking for a new car?

    I recently started selling cars in MD, so all you MD, DC, and NOVA guys know who to talk to for a new or used car now right?? I won't advertise directly on here (I think thats against rules right??) So anyone interested can reach me at my email [email protected] Thanks! Eric
  3. Eric

    The Neverending Story...

    Yep, this thread is actually about the movie (I haven't read the book)... I'm 22, so this movie was released when I was a young scrapper. I have fond memories of watching it MANY times. But I don't remember why I liked it... Recently I found it available for free on Comcast's "on demand" movie...
  4. Eric

    Movie. Not plural...

    Okay, there have been quite a few movie lists, this is not that. Please state your ONE favorite movie. If you had to choose just one that you could watch anytime and no other. What is your NUMBER ONE favorite? Mine? GATTACA Eric
  5. Eric

    Donald J. Pliner...Quality???

    I recently bought a pair of Donald J. Pliner shoes for a nice discount at Nordstrom Rack. They are expensive shoes, but that doesn't really equate to quality. http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/7499216/c/1430.html I can say that they are extremely comfortable and I like the look, but how will they...
  6. Eric

    Online Poker

    I just started this weekend at Pokerstars. I dominated the .01/.02 tables and then lost it in minutes on a couple stupid hands (on my part) at the .05/.10 tables where the real (for poor people) money is at. This stuff is addictive, but you can definetly make money doing it. I haven't read...
  7. Eric

    I have forgiven you...

    Jessica Alba recieved alot of hype originally when the show "Dark Angel" debut. I most always hate on the hype, and she was no exception, I thought she was cute but not the hottest thing walking the earth like everyone else thought. A bigger reason than the hype made me dislike her: The show she...
  8. Eric

    Getting rid of warts?

    I have two warts on my hand. I've got a friend that has scars all over his arm from burning off warts. He said he went to the Dr. to get them removed, but they grew back. He told me to put a knife under a flame, heat it up and then burn the wart out and make sure I dig out the root of it...
  9. Eric

    My new scrolling belt!

    I think its awesome, I just need to find a belt that it will easily fit onto. Eric
  10. Eric

    Coolest movie characters...

    Mel Gibson - Payback Brad Pitt - Fight Club Paul Newman - Cool Hand Luke Humphrey Bogart - Casablanca Daniel Day Lewis - Last of the Mohicans Eric
  11. Eric

    Lion vs. 40 midgets

  12. Eric


    I found this place by following a link to find a rare movie review of "Last Tango in Paris", and then started looking around the site. Looks to have some pretty interesting stuff and articles, but you gotta pay to access most of the site. Has anyone else heard of it, and if so is it...
  13. Eric

    Ingrown facial hair...

    I got what I guess is an ingrown hair under my chin that is really bothering me. I know you shouldn't pick at it, but I do anyway (don't you itch an itch?) Aside from going to a Dr. (I have no insurance) how might I alleviate myself of this ailment? Eric
  14. Eric

    Garnett and Kobe?

    The Lakers are working on getting Garnett next season, and I don't think the deal is too otherworldly. Franchise players have been bouncing around everywhere the last few season so you can't really count it out. The only thing I can see as being too much of a deterant to this deal is whether or...
  15. Eric

    Digger Phelps

    I couldn't help but chuckle at Digger Phelps. The guy has been accessorizing with a highlighter, hahaha. His highlighters always match the tie perfectly, and he never uses it to actually highlight anything. Eric
  16. Eric

    The wave of the future...

    Moose riding. Moose riding course available. Eric
  17. Eric

    Washington D.C. guys...

    Lets all get together one weekend and grab lunch. I come to this forum more as a distraction from work and a place to bullshit with some cool guys online, than a place to learn about how to dress, cause I'm ok in that department, so I'd like to meet a few of you. What do you guys think? Eric
  18. Eric

    Your greatest accomplishment in life...

    Thought this would make an interesting thread. I'm only 21, but I've experienced a ton in my short life. The accomplishment I'm most proud of is defeating Depression mentally through good books, will power and no drugs. I have a very bright future, but I don't think any other accomplishment I...
  19. Eric

    What actors/actresses draw you in...

    What actor or actress do you think picks great scripts and has gained your trust.  There are a few actors I trust when it comes to their movies. Tom Cruise - I thought his movies of late would be terrible upon seeing trailors: Magnolia, Vanilla Sky, The Last Samurai, Eyes Wide Shut.  But they...
  20. Eric

    Quintin Tarrentino Presents Hero

    I rented Hero the other night, thought it was a pretty good movie, nothing great, though I've heard the US version is pretty badly edited, and has very poor picture quality. I wasn't too interested in the movie, but I though if Tarrentino had anything to do with it, it would be worthwhile. I...

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