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    Any suggestions on improving Ask Andy About Clothes?

    I think they need to double down on their identity. They should change from being a .com to a .net; require a formal valediction at the end of each comment; display their adds in black and white; disallow contractions; require members sign up using their AARP membership numbers (current members...
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    The Official Dieworkwear Appreciation Thread

    It says Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo. I know some people have some strong reactions to him, but the coat looks pretty good.
  3. T

    The Official Dieworkwear Appreciation Thread

    The Rake also has this one. Not familiar with the maker, but the design looks nice, and the fabric is camel hair. I am pretty sure that Anglo-Italian can also do an MTO for their double breasted coats, which are done in a similar style to a polo coat. Not 100% sure on this.
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    The Official-ish DC Thread

    Hmmm. If warmth is a problem, you might want to try a cardigan, even a shawl collar one (though you might want to opt for a thinner one). I find them less warm than a crewneck when worn open, because you have that front area that can breathe. Even when buttoned up some, a lot of your front will...
  5. T

    Beige sweaters question. Does anyone here wear beige sweaters and does it look creepy?

    It's a pretty normal sweater color--I have one in this color. In person, sweater material also looks very different than skin, even from a distance. If you are worried about this, a shirt collar peeking above the sweater can help separate the skin from the sweater.
  6. T

    The Official-ish DC Thread

    In what way do you find them uncomfortable to wear over a dress shirt? Too warm? Too scratchy? Something else?
  7. T

    The Official-ish DC Thread

    Maybe I don't understand what money laundering is, but how can this be money laundering? Isn't money laundering when you make up some way that you earned money? If I remember right, the guy was (or at least claimed to be) a surgeon who suddenly began to like shoes, especially Corthay. They were...
  8. T

    The Official-ish DC Thread

    I was once in Leffot in Chicago (RIP) and the guy their said he had a customer order like 20 pairs of mto Corthay shoes in the wrong size. He was worried the guy wouldn't like the shoes, but the guy was completely fine with them.
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    The Official-ish DC Thread

    Remember Paul Manafort and his 15k ostrich jacket? People like that. And people much richer than that.
  10. T


    Don't disagree, but the OP seemed interested in less expensive stuff and the Italian stuff is a bit harder to navigate through because there is such a huge range of stuff. I also find that two ply or four ply works fine for layering. I wear my chirnside under a sport jacket comfortably.
  11. T

    The Official-ish DC Thread

    Yeah. One of the Rota models sold by Michael Jondral is a bit wider in the leg than most of Rota's stuff. So I tried sizing up, hoping that would work. They fit and I wear them, but they are tight in the thigh.
  12. T

    The Official-ish DC Thread

    If you are like me and have larger legs, I find that sizing up and then getting the waist taken in is normally the way to go.
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    The Official-ish DC Thread

    I only have pants from them, but I like them a good deal. They fit me better than the Anglo-Italian ones do. A bit roomier throughout and cleaner lines. The fabrics are nice, but the make isn't quite as good. Good enough for me though, especially at half the price.
  14. T


    With cashmere, it is often said that it's only really worth it to get the good stuff. The good stuff is costly, but it is more durable. William Lockie makes some of the best; I have their chirnside model from Ben Silver and it is a very sturdy sweater. You can get their stuff from Ben Silver...
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    The Official-ish DC Thread

    I'm just a Marylander. That's all I really meant, though I do agree that there is more to do on the Maryland side. You have the canal. There's that cool part where you can walk across an offshoot of the falls. Plus trails. It also shouldn't be crowded if you don't go on a weekend or holiday. On...
  16. T

    The Official-ish DC Thread

    Ummm...you went to the wrong side
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    The Official Classic Men's Coats Thread

    Looks very good. Where did you get it from?
  18. T

    The Official Dieworkwear Appreciation Thread

    Belted balmacaans look good from the front, not so much from the side or back. If you aren't wearing a jacket underneath, they aren't as bad.
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    What is the deal with is Kirby Allison’s business model?

    I've never really understood why people care about reviewers getting things at cheaper prices. If anything, I'd be more concerned about a reviewer paying full price. I think the more people invest in something, the more they try to convince themselves that they like it. There's this idea that...
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    Best Dressed Statesman

    This is not meant as a character endorsement, and he doesn't dress this well today, but I saw this the other week and it made me pause for a sec.

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