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  1. CJG_NYC

    Comfortable, yet stylish shoes for Italy trip

    I'll be traveling to Italy in August (Venice, Rome, Florence, Siena, Pisa, Bologna/Parma, Milan, some of the northern lake region) and I endeavor to avoid looking too touristy (minus the camera around my neck). Any thoughts or suggestions on popular Italian sneaker/comfortable shoe brands in...
  2. CJG_NYC

    Groom Wedding Shoes - Suggestions for Park Avenue Alternative

    Hey all -- I've searched and searched and its difficult to find exactly what I'm looking for. I know there are tons of threads on wedding attire and I don't want to go down that rabbit hole. I think my ask is a bit more straight forward: I'm wearing a custom black suit, white shirt, and tie...
  3. CJG_NYC

    BB Milano Seasonal Garment-Dyed Twill vs. Advantage Non-Iron

    I'd hate to start a new thread about Milanos (there are more than enough!) but I didnt find an answer specific to this question. I finally pulled the trigger and grabbed two pairs of Milano Seasonal Garment-Dyed Twill (light blue and yellow) and absolutely love the fit. In fact, the 30 inseam...
  4. CJG_NYC

    How-to Gift a Trip (to Paris, probably)

    Hey all, I'm trying to figure out a good 30th birthday gift for my girlfriend. She has always wanted to visit Paris (and missed out on an opportunity once which she always regretted). I thought giving the gift of travel would be nice, but I have problems with this because she just started a...
  5. CJG_NYC

    Suggest an iPhone 4 In-Ear Headphone

    I just got the iPhone 4 and I am in the market for a new set of headphones. I'd like good sound quality and iPhone controls. I'm also leaning towards the flat cable (tangle free) types. Three that I'm looking at: 1) Jays A-Jays Four 2) Ultimate Ears 500vi 3) Diddy Beats by Dr. Dre/Monster (This...
  6. CJG_NYC

    Building the Shoe Collection...which should be next?

    So, I am slowly picking up my shoe game and I purchased a few months back two pairs of AEs: Park Avenue in Black and Fifth Avenue in Burnished Calf. I'm looking to add to the collection. First and foremost I want a lighter brown and I was thinking of maybe the AE Strand in Walnut? I also really...
  7. CJG_NYC

    Help me find...two leather goods...

    Looking for suggestions on the following: 1) Brown leather bag. I'd like a narrow shoulder strap (removeable would be fine) and also a top carrying handle. I am a small guy (5'3" 135lbs) so I would like something that works well with my proportions. I'm thinking max I'd like to spend is $300...
  8. CJG_NYC

    PSA: Allen Edmonds Sale (4/11 - 4/25) [Includes Strawfut!]

    Have not seen this sale posted anywhere yet and thought I'd share. Received a flyer in the mail tonight about AEs Spring Sale. The notable stand-out available is the Strawfut priced at $279.00 (was $325). I'm definitely thinking of grabbing a pair. I love the brown calf/linen colorway but I'm...
  9. CJG_NYC

    Suggestions for Year-Round Blazer/Sport Coat

    I'm in the market for one or two year-round blazers/sport coats and having a tough time deciding colors, fabrics and overall styles. This will be a major go-to piece of clothing for me on the days that I do not wear suits to work (which is slowly becoming few and far between, but still) and also...
  10. CJG_NYC

    Need new shoe suggestions (for new job!)

    Hey all -- I've searched and searched but its just hard to narrow down some suggestions. I am starting a new job in the next week or so and it is time for me to invest in some nicer shoes. While I am not 100% sure yet, I believe the job will call for a pretty even split of business and business...
  11. CJG_NYC

    Not the Usual Topic: Lawyers + Graduate Degrees

    I know this is not a normal topic for SF, but, everyone on here seems very educated and intelligent. In addition, I've noticed quite a few Attorneys. My story is long, and well to be honest, boring. But, here is the short version: I'm a newly admitted Attorney (in New York), and I'm very...
  12. CJG_NYC

    Have you ever seen surgeon's cuffs like this???

    So a friend of mine just picked up a bunch of suits from the tailor, and she had an older suit of hers fixed. She now noticed that the buttons on the sleeves, which are functional, are buttoning in-ward and she really believes they were not like that to start (though she admits she could be...
  13. CJG_NYC

    NYC Dinner and Lounge for Celebration Suggestions

    Hey all, I'm a born and raised new yorker, but I feel like I am always missing some good gems in the city (just so happens you always tend to frequent the same places, ya know?). Anyway, a female friend of mine from out of town is going to be in the city, she is being sworn in as an Attorney...
  14. CJG_NYC

    Helping a Lady Friend out, need your suggestions

    Hey guys, I've been talking with this girl a lot lately and shes been having a hard time finding an all-wool navy suit at a reasonable price. We've been doing some searching together and it really is tough to find some decent women's suits out there. I know this is the "men's clothes" forum...
  15. CJG_NYC

    Advice for my Biggest Loser Challenge (at work)

    So, we have a biggest loser challenge underway at my office. We started it the Monday after Thanksgiving, and our final weigh-in is going to be on February 4th. I weighed in at 169 and my last weigh-in I was hovering around 150 (depending time of day, etc.). So, I'm doing pretty well. For the...
  16. CJG_NYC

    Utility White Button Down Shirts for Short & Small Guy

    So, I've done the read through of the Slim-Fit Shirt thread, and I've done tons of other searches on the site but I feel like its all leaving me a bit all over the place. Here's my story: I'm a 26 year old Attorney, currently going to court often, but also looking for a better job (so...
  17. CJG_NYC

    Help me find a nice tweed jacket in XS

    So, I've been poking around a lot lately looking to purchase a nice tweed, or some other type of jacket for the colder months. The problem: I am pretty short, coming in at around 5'3". The other problem, I'd rather not break the bank, partly because I really cant. I'm a recent law school...
  18. CJG_NYC

    Wool Tie suggestions....

    Looking to get into colder-weather mode and also a foray into Wool (and any other autumnal fabric) Ties. Anyone have some good tips/suggestions on some good designers/brands? Also, from the pics I've been seeing here on SF, it seems a four-in-hand knot on Wool ties is the standard used by...
  19. CJG_NYC

    Help make my Indochino Suit Fit

    So, I received my first indochino suit and so far I'm impressed with the company, though I feel the suit needs some work. In their defense I'm not an easy shape to fit -- and I'm only 5 foot 3" That said, here are some pics of my suit. I think the fit is close, not perfect yet. I know the pants...
  20. CJG_NYC

    Missing Patch in Beard - Alopecia

    So, too keep this short, I have an "alopecia-spot" in my beard, along my jawline, that is SUPER annoying. I have very dark, coarse, facial hair - and the REAL problem is that even when clean shaven you can still notice the area that is completely hairless. Its for this reason that I am most...

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