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  1. cds

    18 East

    gray with green cast.
  2. cds

    18 East

    TTS. I tried the XL and it also worked well. Just a different feel. The sleeves feel weird initially, but its fine. The vibe is laid back and less seams work. I wonder how cool this shirt could be in a knit vs woven.
  3. cds

    18 East

    So I picked up the nylon kurta and the 18e tshirt with the purple circles, and picked up my green linen shorts. Kurta - very light, as long as the old Eidos seersucker kurtas from 2016, but the hem of the cut is more refined. The fabric has a sheen to it, but its not gaudy. Can update about...
  4. cds

    18 East

    This wool gauze is shockingly good. I got the last one from the store when strolling by while grabbing lunch nearby. The luck! I feel the same way about the new nylon kurta. Feels strange on at first, but its an interesting and comfortable piece.
  5. cds

    18 East

    that blue striped one and the gray agy pants got me into eidos, and subsequently 18e. i still wear the hell out of that top, carefully. it also helps that i was ridiculous enough to buy 5 versions of agy pants :cool:
  6. cds

    ٭٭٭ No Man Walks Alone - Official Affiliate Thread ٭٭٭ (a.k.a. I shouldn't have slept on it)

    I looked through my UM orders...the ones more in line with what you guys do... DBF - i have a few things from them I LOVE - understated, clean, easy to wear up/down Umber and Ochre - cool fabrics, some cool cuts Tomorrowland - I have a pair of casual wool pants that are superb, but cant recall...
  7. cds

    The Official Drake's London Appreciation Thread

    At NYC store this past weekend. Orange > Blue all day every day. Its ludicrously awesome, and costs less than my orange Veilance field jacket from 6-7 years ago. The current fleece has no place in my closet, but the thing is fantastic, and I still want it. For those complaining about...
  8. cds

    The Official Stoffa Thread

    The plonge is amazing, especially in that cut.
  9. cds

    The Official Stoffa Thread

    Went downtown to the NYC store this past week to pick up some trousers. Agyesh and I chatted about the knit shirts. I have one - its been through ~15-16 washes/wears since purchase. It does shrink a bit once washed and air dried, but it loosens up again once on. The pique used is really quite...
  10. cds

    Shirt recommendations

    Off the rack-ish suggestions from fellow Manhattan person. I don't have patience for poor customer service and all recs below are nothing short of fantastic. Shirts - Get yourself to Kamakura or Drakes and try on their shirts. Get the basics - poplin spreads in white and light blue, poplins...
  11. cds

    18 East

    Jungle jacket gone in my size. This is what I wanted! Argh..you people move fast. PJ's it is!
  12. cds

    Eidos Napoli

    Yeah...its great. (i bought so much)
  13. cds

    Eidos Napoli

    Asked her if she wanted to keep it. She declined to give it back to me.
  14. cds

    Eidos Napoli

    Gave my wife the light gray in S...still too big on her, but the cloth is amazing.
  15. cds

    Eidos Napoli

    I'm downtown again tomorrow...if its still there, will DM.
  16. cds

    Eidos Napoli

    Amazing. I went looking for random one offs as well. I live right at the border of sample size M and L...some of the oversized stuff and knits went on without any issues.
  17. cds

    Eidos Napoli

    $100. I picked up the rust :-)
  18. cds

    Eidos Napoli

    I just got my 4th pair delivered yesterday. They're absurdly good.
  19. cds

    The Official Stoffa Thread

    I have a few pairs of the peached cotton and one woolen (along with a lovely suede flight jacket :-)). The wool moss ones are just fantastic - construction with a bit more handwork than Rota, but made to measure. I lost some weight between my first peached cotton and second - Agyesh adjusted...
  20. cds

    The Official Stoffa Thread

    I typically don't post, but I have been working with this brand for the last year while they pass through NY. Overall, fantastic stuff. Trousers are nice. The coats are nice - I'm rather partial to the asymmetric coat and field jackets. Waiting for the latter to come out in wool (next trunk, I...

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