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  1. Hustle Harder

    Is this the best time to buy Brooks Brothers? (semi annual after xmas)

    What's on sale though? Most suits in the Fitzgerald line are not at a significant discount to the 2 for $1,400 or so promotion they were running. I see the Mad Men edition suit is finaly at a discount, but aside from that and the black pinstripe and a couple others, nothing that notable in the...
  2. Hustle Harder

    Suits with similar fit to Brooks Bros. 1818 Fitzgerald?

    Well, I see it is often compared to RLBL, but I want to know if there are other suits as well.
  3. Hustle Harder

    Brooks Brothers Xmas Promotion

    A salesperson at the store today told me there might be a day after christmas sale, but corporate does not give them any advance notice so it's just his hunch, for whatever its worth.
  4. Hustle Harder

    Suits with similar fit to Brooks Bros. 1818 Fitzgerald?

    Tried on a couple 1818 Fitzgerald's today and loved the fit; a very nice and slim silhouette. However, the suit construction seemed average to me. I was wondering if there are any other suits out there that have flat front trousers and slim jackets? The fit really is fantastic on those suits.
  5. Hustle Harder

    Brooks Brothers Black Friday deals?

    I believe the end of this month (possibly beginning Black Friday) they will run a 20% off promo for purchases made before 12pm. Also, free shipping as well on Black Friday and the following Saturday. There is a 20% coupon code you can find online as well.
  6. Hustle Harder

    Traveling to Istanbul - Suits in Turkey

    Suits in turkey are not very nice. Good hats though. As a broad generalization maybe, but that doesn't mean there aren standouts.
  7. Hustle Harder

    Traveling to Istanbul - Suits in Turkey

    I travelled a lot to Istanbul for business 4 or 5 years ago. I bought a Vakko tan, summer suit . I wore it twice only, quality is very good, pretty expensive though. They have beautiful fabrics, a very Italian style, but not cheap. I also bought some Network (not quite sure about brand name)...
  8. Hustle Harder

    Traveling to Istanbul - Suits in Turkey

    Hey ... I think that Gianneli can cover your needs too. Brand name clothing ! Check www.hgianneli.com Sounds like an advertising pitch here....
  9. Hustle Harder

    Traveling to Istanbul - Suits in Turkey

    Hey all, I'll be travelling to Turkey for 10 days and am looking to pick up some quality Turkish brands at a good price. I hear Vakko and Sarar are good brands, but I'm not sure what the prices are. I know clothes in Turkey is generally expensive; does this hold for Turkish suits as well? I'm...

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