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  1. Lulworth

    Recent Sartorialist Looks

    don't think the tie thing is on purpose. Probably from him pulling down on the jacket, the tie slipped in between the jacket opening. I like the way MM dresses, always looks very comfortable and usually accompanied by some very nice eye candy. I agree He didnt fasten the jigger and the ties...
  2. Lulworth

    Recent Sartorialist Looks

    You certainly know how to take all the fun from the interwebz. LOL. One can justify any kind of loutishness by calling it "fun".
  3. Lulworth

    Recent Sartorialist Looks

    speaking absolutes is often a tricky pezz. your truth is hardly going to be considered universal truth. but i might be wrong, you may in fact be pezz the ubiquitous and omnipotent, in which case i apologize for her looks and my indiscretion in questioning your harsh criticism. just so we can...
  4. Lulworth

    Recent Sartorialist Looks

    Classic pinstripes...The shirt and the beard are making him different than the usual Pinstripes brigade ... I seen him on tv - doesnt he make classic choppers or something
  5. Lulworth

    Recent Sartorialist Looks

    She is someone who has a jawline of 20 year old, hands of 60 year old and uper protion of her face looks like 40 year old with insomnia or perhaps substance problem. Also, what is up with pigmentation on her upper arm or is it a light? She looks like a human jigsaw puzzle. Pezz...thats a lot...
  6. Lulworth

    Recent Sartorialist Looks

    There is no hate on Style Forum just sarcasm.. Theres is a lot of self loathing clearly.
  7. Lulworth

    Dressed Down Shawl Collar Tux Advice Please

    LOL You weren't kidding about the blasphemy, were you? That, good sir, was a stunning display. I should probably also point out that I'm 42 and while not bordering on 'portly', do wear a slightly chunky 44 waist with my 48R-L 6' frame. So I'd love a solution that helped elongate me as well. Yes...
  8. Lulworth

    What shoes is David Gandy wearing?

    My my, there are a multitude of cretins on this site. Fashion brand certainly italian Most likely Dolce & Gabbana, as he is something of a poster boy for the brand. They do or did a range of burnished calf shoes (oxfords, some wingtip) a few years ago. But could be also Gucci, Bottega...
  9. Lulworth

    I Bought my Wife an Expensive Handbag ><

    Okay, so I splurged and got a vintage used Chanel bag for my wife as a xmas present (until she finds it of course, nothing can be hidden well enough) It's made of quilted lambskin in a solid black (probably from the late 80s or early 90s I'd guess). It has some noticeable wear on it near the...
  10. Lulworth

    Florence Shop List.

    You can rock up to most especially after tourist season, but its helpful and more secure to book ahead. Theres nothing quite like the torture of wandering the Borgo San Jacopo with a bunch of starving people, smelling ribollita wafting out the doors of every fully booked restaurant at 10pm...
  11. Lulworth

    Florence Shop List.

    For most of these restaurants - do I need to book far in advance or could I wait until I arrive? You can rock up to most especially after tourist season, but its helpful and more secure to book ahead. Theres nothing quite like the torture of wandering the Borgo San Jacopo with a bunch of...
  12. Lulworth

    3 piece suit:Trendy, classic or outdated?

    I think the answer is all three. They look trendy on timberlake, outdated on anyone from Washington and classic if done right and worn well by everyone
  13. Lulworth

    Chukkas -- do I need them?

    What do you guys think of this new Chukka from Allen Edmonds: IMHO the uppers look a little lumpy on that rubber sole; the facings seem to come too low to give a flattering shape to the vamp. I think a chukka must be as finely, elegantly shaped and detailed as possible to conterbalance its...
  14. Lulworth

    Chuck Bass: Fashion Icon?

    As to the clothes theyre a little off. The overall ingredients seem right at first but ita all a bit too technicolor and a bit too studied, and too tight while im at it..... He looks like he was made to wear them too.
  15. Lulworth

    Chuck Bass: Fashion Icon?

    Highly punchable face. He looks like hes been punched a few times already
  16. Lulworth

    What % of your work shirts involve blue or white?

    About 100%, but im thinking of upping it.....
  17. Lulworth

    Florence Shop List.

    OH AND FOOD I never had a bad meal or anything but 100% good experience in any of these over regular trips past ten years or more. SOUTH OF ARNO Cinghiale Bianco Borgo San Jacopo Mamma Gina Borgo San Jacopo Camillo Borgo San Jacopo Quattro Leoni via de Vellutini NORTH OF ARNO Garga (via Del...
  18. Lulworth

    Florence Shop List.

    Falugi Via Porta Rossa Is a very basic looking shop actually selling great sheets and towels, tablecloths and runners. But great prices and they will ship. Amazing crsip white cottons and linen bed sheets and they will make fitted sheets to size. One kind i remember is by Camillatex - plain...
  19. Lulworth

    Trepanier wins Esquire's Best Dressed Real Man contest

    Lulworth, you have my favorite avatar. Thanks its not me its the young duke of windsor in case you didnt spot him.
  20. Lulworth

    "The Rake" magazine

    'Convincingly' I guess you've convinced me Very good! Of course there's a difference between a simple typo double l and writing "ledgable" for "legible". Ledgable is plane ilittirit.

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