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  1. lsxscoob

    RM Williams Boots - Everything You Wanted to Know

    Does anyone have an idea how the Rickaby fits? I wear a 9H in the comfort craftsmen. Saw a pair of Rickabys for w good price and might swoop them up if they fit the same. Cheers
  2. lsxscoob

    RM Williams Boots - Everything You Wanted to Know

    Is there a reason you went with suede over leather for your first pair?
  3. lsxscoob

    RM Williams Boots - Everything You Wanted to Know

    Just bought my first pair of Craftsmen's over the weekend. From America and when I moved to Australia I didn't get the craze over spending $600 AUD on a pair of boots. After I tried them on, I immediately understood. I'll be getting a pair in black shortly.
  4. lsxscoob

    Australian Members

    Leaving the states for my first trip to Australia tomorrow. Will be spending most of my time in Perth. Cannot wait to ditch a Chicago winter for an Australian summer. Also, best restaurant to look for? thanks!
  5. lsxscoob

    Another what should I wear thread

    This is what I had in mind for the blue/purple. Lighting in my house is terrible and I'm sure that it doesn't help my case. Just wanted to share.
  6. lsxscoob

    Another what should I wear thread

     Ok, white shirt it is. Should I just go with a navy tie darker than the suit? Thanks so much!
  7. lsxscoob

    Another what should I wear thread

    Hey guys! A few months ago I was on here asking for suggestions about what I should wear to my girlfriend's sorority formal. Well there's another one coming up and I'm looking for advice on the matter again. Last time I wore my navy blue suit with a white shirt, black tie, black shoes, and a...
  8. lsxscoob

    what to wear to a formal?

    Never really thought about the option to not wear a watch, but when you put it that way it sounds like a pretty good reason not to. Again, much thanks.
  9. lsxscoob

    what to wear to a formal?

    I guess I also forgot to ask, if I do the Navy Suit with black tie, black shoes, black belt. What color socks would be needed? Also would you recommend a pocket square? Color? You guys are awesome. Thanks!
  10. lsxscoob

    what to wear to a formal?

    I appreciate the help. Can't wait to get more sound advice from the pros!
  11. lsxscoob

    what to wear to a formal?

    Well I am starting to like the idea of the navy with black tie/belt/shoes. Would it be safe to wear a stainless watch with black face? Or would you guys recommend something else?
  12. lsxscoob

    what to wear to a formal?

    I asked her and she said she doesn't really care. I have a black suit as well but I just wanted to stand out a little more. Obviously not to try to out do her (not like I could) but also to show her that I actually cared that she thought to ask me to be her date.
  13. lsxscoob

    what to wear to a formal?

    I've been asked by this girl to be her date to her sorority's formal and I'm a little unsure which suit/suit combo to wear. Here are the two ideas I've come up with. 1) light gray suit with purple gingham shirt, black tie, black belt, black cap toes. (Un sure on socks) 2) Navy suit with a...
  14. lsxscoob

    Introduce yourself.

    Hey all just wanted to introduce mystelf. My name is Steven and currently still an undergrad. I joined because I always like looking nice when my friends and I go out and I get tired of the plain tee and jeans look. Looking forward to getting a lot of good opinions from the vets on here.

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