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  1. frederik_jon

    Should I keep my printed books?

    Hello i have the same interest in books can you recommend any self-help books or business books, so far ive read a lot of books by Anthony Robbins.
  2. frederik_jon


    It is one of my favourite cities in Europe, a beautiful city with nice tempered weather, a fantastic beach and overall a really nice culture with lots of things that you can see, but as mentioned when you get past that tourist race and the main attractions i think Spain is a fantastic country...
  3. frederik_jon

    Help me select a city in Europe for late Oct early Nov trip

    I'd live in Copenhagen and besides that City, Barcelona is my favourite in Europe. It is good weather even in Oct-Nov, it has a lot of cultural facilities and lots of beautiful art mainly constructing arts. There is a nice beach and simply just a nice place to be in.
  4. frederik_jon

    Harold & Kumar 3 (2010)

    The second wasnt bad at all, it had some funny moments. But the first one was the best, it was clear to see that the budget had grown way bigger than in the first movie eg. the expensive cars and hot girls Cockmeat sandwich?
  5. frederik_jon

    What are you reading?

    I am going to read an old classic "The graduate" in my school, which is a book my 50 year old mother also read when she was at school .
  6. frederik_jon

    Pls explain European universities to me

    I wonder what is the MAAD tax comes to say for income of 150,000 Euros? How much is your real estate tax in Denmark on average? Well basically when you earn that much you would pay maximum tax which is 50 percent. That gives us alot of benefits such as free education, health care, elder care and...
  7. frederik_jon

    Pls explain European universities to me

    In Denmark university is free and you get money while you are studying. The downside of that is that we pay MAAD tax. :P There are some educations with certain requirements but mainly they are all reachable, but there is also alot of studies with kinda low requirements.
  8. frederik_jon

    What did you do last night? (This is How We Roll)

    Went to Jazz House with my father, and heard some of the best jazz musicians here in Denmark. It was really great they played their own variations of Fats Wallace.
  9. frederik_jon

    things that are making you happy

    Exercise and eating food
  10. frederik_jon

    PS3 vs. Xbox 360... which to go with

    PS3 Owns Xbox imo, but ive always had playstation since the first one. There are alot good games for ps3 at the market, sooner or later there will come 3D gaming to playstation might come to Xbox too. When you get tired of playing you can lean back and watch a bluray movie Also i prefer PS3...
  11. frederik_jon

    Recent purchases

    Just went on sale yesterday and i feel over theese 2 lovely pieces at half price and so i was like
  12. frederik_jon

    What are you reading?

    I just burrowed three books from my father of an amazing japanese author named Haruki Murakami started of with the novel South of the Border West of the Sun.
  13. frederik_jon

    What was the best album released in 2009?

    The XX Spot on, because their style is so unique.
  14. frederik_jon

    I Need Help Finding a Second Job

    Hello, as i pmed you i have a job that might interest you. Go check out acneuro.com or my personal website fjj.acnrep.com If that is something that interests you i can hook you up with a meeting near you ACN operates in 20 countries, and you get the chance to build your own firm, while you...
  15. frederik_jon

    Phone suggestion please! (UK)

    Ebay.co.uk or Ebay.com

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