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  1. InspectorGadget

    The Uniqlo Thread

    crap faux leather, would not recommend.
  2. InspectorGadget

    The definitive SF-approved non-baller sneaker thread

    rocking beat ass springcourts on lazy summer days
  3. InspectorGadget

    I'm a dude looking for a cool and unique hat to match my odd style.

    I found one! http://www.mentalgear.com/detail.aspx?ID=45 This is so totally my style. you should totally get it then
  4. InspectorGadget

    Thom Browne for Supreme

    soon you'll see supreme in macy's, bloomingdales, nordstroms, etc. i can't wait to see the reaction of the hypebeast kids when that happens lol. uhhh... no.
  5. InspectorGadget

    Ask a Question, Get an Answer - ask all quick questions here

    for other inexpensive denim, try the other levi fits: the 514 or 511(skinny) edit- as for inseam, i really cant answer that, why dont u cuff it to certain distance where it feels right? or just post pics of diff lengths ps. anyone able to answer my question?
  6. InspectorGadget

    Ask a Question, Get an Answer - ask all quick questions here

    you can get a washed lamb which gives a bit more casual look to it. more: http://toj.pixi.me/v/toj2_2/
  7. InspectorGadget

    Ask a Question, Get an Answer - ask all quick questions here

    anyone know how the pendleton for opening ceremony shirts fit? i'm guessing it's a more modern slim fit because of the collaboration, but i just want confirmation
  8. InspectorGadget

    Michael J Krell - affiliate thread (www.michaeljkrell.com)

    looks like you have a fulfilling future ahead, good luck (ps ur red chambray is awesome)
  9. InspectorGadget

    Guys wearing chick's jeans...

    maybe because some people looking for skinny jeans are 10 sizes smaller you, therefore have the options of trying out ladies jeans?
  10. InspectorGadget

    How not to pitch your ebay goods

    yeah those clothes are going to be worn as an asphyxiation tool
  11. InspectorGadget

    The Definitive Guide to Slim Fit Shirts

    to the few people with these specifics, how do black fleece shirts compare to mjk(or similar other fits who have work mjk) in terms of armholes?
  12. InspectorGadget

    (Old) The WAYWT Discussion Thread

    got it, just wondering how drastic the taper is. i've bought and sold one of the mjk shirts because my big ass makes it look awkard when its untucked
  13. InspectorGadget

    (Old) The WAYWT Discussion Thread

    harrington could be downsized baracuta/FP/BenSherman. do the fd/bs harringtons also have plaid linings?
  14. InspectorGadget

    (Old) The WAYWT Discussion Thread

    http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4011/4317723400_d59ee717c4.jpg toj boo 19cm w+h great look, but i'm just wondering if that BoO taper seems to work against your body, seeing that last button being pulled. doesn't mess with the fit tho, just wondering if its noticeable w/o the jacket on (looking...
  15. InspectorGadget

    these Rock and Republic Jeans worth it??

    lol did someone from honestforum get butthurt?
  16. InspectorGadget

    The Official Temple of Jawnz Thread

    the grey herringbone is fucking gorgeous, whoever that is getting shipped to surely will be pleased (unless it doesn't fit him)
  17. InspectorGadget

    The Official "Ugly Clothes" Thread

    damn i wanna cop that 'fly' belt tho
  18. InspectorGadget

    I have a jean...(The Ultimate Jean Thread For Beginners) - ask questions here.

    would something under 8" look ok to a person with a 34" waist?

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