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  1. Chich

    Best suit tailor in Phuket

    HI guys, I know tailors in Phuket are a dime a dozen however as I'll be going there in a couple days time, I thought I may as well get measured up properly and buy a few things. In saying that, I know TripAdvisor and other sites have hundreds of reviews on the thousands of tailors there...
  2. Chich

    Lapel Wrinkling, What do?

    I can't see the picture (blocked from work) but if you've got damaged lapels then you may not be able to repair them depending on the construction of the jacket. Personally I would try and locate a very good dry cleaner (protip, it won't be the guy who lives around the corner from you. do some...
  3. Chich

    Crease after press

    To be honest I have no idea, I would say it probably came with the iron as it's never been used prior to me starting to iron. If I had to guess I would suggest maybe either spotlight or harris scarf to get one from...they usually carry those random type items right?
  4. Chich

    Suits vs Water

    Ah wise one, you are very knowledgeable indeed. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
  5. Chich

    Suits vs Water

    Haha yeah see, I carry around a little portable umbrella for such things but recently as I've started learning about suits, I've become so much more aware of the hordes of people in the city that come into the trains/trams absolutely soaked from the rain in their suits and it just seems like I'm...
  6. Chich

    Fabric suggestions for the hot

    All fantastic advice and absolutely mountains of it. Very much appreciated guys, given me a lot insight and info! Thanks
  7. Chich

    Crease after press

    Hey Stiva, thanks for your reply. Actually this dry cleaner is supposed to be one of the best in the city (obviously then bringing into question on how/why they didn't think an ill pressed lapel shouldn't be fixed). However to be fair when I took my suit into them it was ridiculously creased...
  8. Chich

    Suits vs Water

    Interesting, thanks for the info. I assume though that eventually even a canvas jacket will start to ripple? So with that in mind, probably a good idea to avoid things such as rain then? Cheers
  9. Chich

    Suits vs Water

    hey guys, I read that a fussed jacket tends to start bubbling when it gets exposed to generous amounts of water, what happens to full canvas jackets? Also how much water is needed for the damage to occur? Thanks
  10. Chich

    Crease after press

    hey guys, I've just retrieved my suit from the dry cleaners, it needed a good press after traveling from overseas. unfortunately however the cleaner seems to have made me a nice big crease over one of the lapels, the sort that looks like when you accidentally (or not?) fold a shirt over itself...
  11. Chich

    Australian Members

    hey guys, I've just retrieved my suit from the dry cleaners, it needed a good press after traveling from overseas. unfortunately however the cleaner seems to have made me a nice big crease over one of the lapels, the sort that looks like when you accidentally (or not?) fold a shirt over itself...
  12. Chich

    Fabric suggestions for the hot

    hey guys, thanks for both replies. honestly i can't say that i've seen too many cotton or linen suits however the idea of it seems to put me off, so i suppose until i actually see one in the flesh, i wouldn't be courageous enough to order one MTM. westhill - like i said i'm not very...
  13. Chich

    Fabric suggestions for the hot

    hey westhill, thanks for your reply and apologies for the lack of information. so far i have three MTM suits (2 no brand super 150's, 1 Delfino super 130 or 150), all have silk lining. i notice the suits which are more of a snug fit tend to warm me up much, much quicker, however i'm one of...
  14. Chich

    Fabric suggestions for the hot

    Hi guys, Novice to fabrics so would love to be pointed in the right direction. I have a naturally very high body temperature and find that I tend to overheat within minutes of wearing suit jackets. I expect if I had some nicer breathing fabric then it should help keep me cooler, however...
  15. Chich

    Australian Members

    hey fellas, I can't imagine it to be rocket science, but I need to get measured up so I can send my measurements overseas for a MTM suit. Can anyone recommend a tailor around melb CBD that would be competent in that? cheers
  16. Chich

    Australian Members

    Yeah it would probably be a really good idea and worth the read...but going through almost 38,000 posts, I'm pretty sure someone will eventually notice that at work :P ...something I'll have to find time for at home ;) Cheers guys
  17. Chich

    Australian Members

    I've actually heard of Suit Shop quite a few times (mainly around here), however was slightly put off by their website (or rather lack of one) and the assumption that if its a local tailor its going to cost 3 times more than my current one. Seems as though everyone talks highly of them, I'll...
  18. Chich

    Australian Members

    Just sent Amy a rather lengthy email, definitely interested to see she/they can produce...any chance you may have a photo of some of their wares floating around on the internet?
  19. Chich

    Australian Members

    Thanks for Amy's contact details, I'll have to contact her. I currently already have a decent traveling tailor as I'm yet to find a tailor in Melbourne with the same price for quality...however, of course one is always in the pursuit of the ultimate tailor ;) Wow, very good and informative...
  20. Chich

    Australian Members

    Thanks for your reply mate. I'm down in Melbourne so unfortunately your local tailor isn't of much use to me. Searching Shanghai C&G Fashion, several really random directory sites all come up advertising the business, however I'm unable to the businesses actual site. Would you have either a link...

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