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  1. jagmqt

    iPhone docking stations

    I couldn't find much through a search for "docking station" I was wondering if anyone had any advice on iPhone docking stations. I'm looking for an inexpensive one for work and something a bit better for home... Anyone have any suggestions or experiences with a particular brand or model? (if...
  2. jagmqt

    I need some advice on a used SUV...

    I'm going to buy a (used) SUV. That's certain. Any reason it shouldn't be a 2002-2004 Land Rover Discovery? Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance for any advice... jag
  3. jagmqt

    Detroit Formal Fashion...

    As headlining the Detroit Free Press online edition: "Eye Popping Fashions Fly Flag of New Hope in Region" http://www.freep.com/ There are 5 sets of photos from the fashion of the formal event at the Detroit International Auto Show... Enjoy. jag
  4. jagmqt

    Law Review vs. Moot Court

    There seem to be a lot of law students, lawyers, and potential law students on this forum, so I thought I'd pose a question: Which is better, Law Review or Moot Court? By "better," here are some considerations... Prestige...What looks better on a resume? What sounds better to...
  5. jagmqt

    Can a bad suit be saved by good tailoring?

    I searched and couldn't really find this addressed... I know there are good suits that can be made better with the experience of a good tailor... But what about the bad suits... I've got some good-looking, but bad quality suits (Men's W, Jos Bank) that I've purchased in a bind and now have...
  6. jagmqt

    Free download of NIN album

    NIN is giving away their new album as a free download... http://dl.nin.com/theslip/signup Just thought I'd share the link in case there are other fans. It downloads 10 tracks as a zip file jag
  7. jagmqt

    Resole Dr Martens?

    I know that Dr Martens take some bashing around here, but in the winter months, I like thier basic brown boot...it's light and comfortable to walk in... My problem is the soles are extremely slippery and offer very little traction in any amount of snow or ice. Anyone ever have them resoled...
  8. jagmqt

    Where can I get a vest/waistcoat?

    I've searched and didn't find much... I would like to get a vest/waistcoat to see if I'm comfortable wearing one in casual situations. (I know, it may be a fashion faux pas, but I would like to try one) Problem is I'm very tall, the "usual suspects" (the stores I find tall clothing) don't make...

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