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  1. Reggs

    Thinking of Changing my Career to Sales. Any advice?

    Hello friends, My whole career has been in marketing. I have a degree in it and I'm good at it. This was mostly in the capacity of being a Marketing Manager and Marketing Director. It was always direct marketing too, meaning my performance was based on specific KPIs. I had a change when I got...
  2. Reggs

    Inline Skating

    One night I was feeling restless so I went out walking. It turned into a 2 hr walk around random city streets that I had never seen before. I thought I would have gone further on some rollerblades, something I had not owned since I was a tween. I started reading about inline skates for fitness...
  3. Reggs

    Is it best to give out a business card or calling card at networking associations?

    Hello friends, I think I will join the American Marketing Association. There is a local networking event or a seminar about once a month, plus lots of webinars, articles, and lots of private job listings. I will join to learn more and also to network because I'm fishing for a new job. I've been...
  4. Reggs

    Fargo Season 2

    http://www.rollingstone.com/tv/news/patrick-wilson-ted-danson-jean-smart-fargo-season-two-20150108 If you have not seen the first season, you should. Everyone agrees that it was a good series but it seemed to fly under the radar despite having some pretty good casting. I thought the concept...
  5. Reggs

    I'm in Marketing and have just been offered to be Sales Manager in addition to my current duties.

    I'm a marketer. I've graduated in it and worked in it since. I'm good at it, and it's easy for me. My marketing background is in research, analysis(mostly relating to sales and manufacturing), lead generation, direct marketing, and digital marketing. I'm a left brained numbers guy, but I can...
  6. Reggs

    Anyone put their woman on the IUD?

    I've always used condoms and finished outside. It was fine for me. Lot's of tension and it lasted for a long time, and it felt safe. Recently though I've gotten older and realized that if she did get pregnant, I could provide for that and we were mature enough to handle it, so it made me more...
  7. Reggs

    I might be associated with watching creepy videos on a company account

    A new employee was transferred to my department and I'm his boss. He's an idiot and there is already a case being built against him to have him fired. I will call him "The Idiot." Before I worked here, this guy was given the login to an AdWords account. He bombed and lost a bunch of money. He...
  8. Reggs

    What is a good CRM for my needs?

    I work for a startup subscription based software company. We sell different services that are treated like 3 separate businesses(customers of one service will almost never cross over into being a customer of another), but the company is so small that none of the employees are dedicated to any...
  9. Reggs

    Huell Howser of Califonia's Gold has died

    http://blogs.ocweekly.com/navelgazing/2013/01/huell_howswer_dead.php http://www.scpr.org/blogs/news/2013/01/07/11878/california-television-legend-huell-howser-has-died/?slide=1 For those that don't know, he hosted a PBS show where he would travel around CA showing anything interesting. He got...
  10. Reggs


    My cat has fleas and I'm having trouble getting rid of them. She is on FrontLine. It was applied the first week the fleas were noticed, and again two weeks later after we gave her a flea shampoo. In addition to that we have used a flea killing carpet powder, comb her with a flea comb, and...
  11. Reggs

    A painful red swelling after lifting

    I had a good chest workout a few days ago. The day after, I started to get this hard red lump under my left nipple that was painful to the touch. The next day, it got twice as big, to about 2.5 inches in diameter. This morning, it was smaller, but it started to feel hot and itch, though there...
  12. Reggs

    Odd interview exchange, what should I do?

    I recently had a job interview. Most of it went smoothly but there is something that came up that might have made me look bad. I'm going to write a thank you letter and wanted to know if the issue is worth addressing, and if so, how should it be approached? The interview is for a job that would...
  13. Reggs

    Die Antwoord's Ten$ion

    I really like Die Antwoord. I don't if it's because some of their music is so catchy, or because it's so funny, or because Yo-Landi gives me the weirdest boner ever. I admire them for being one group that truly doesn't give a fuck. Their previous group MaxNormal.TV broke up just as they started...
  14. Reggs

    I just found out I spent much of my youth with a child rapist

    When I was 16 I joined a LARP(live action role playing). It was easily one of the best things I did as a teenager because it kept me in great shape, was a nice creative outlet, and I got to meet a lot of interesting people. Despite how silly it looks, there are a ton of injuries, and the people...
  15. Reggs

    What Makes a Good Recommendation Letter?

    My boss is ready to give me a glowing recommendation. The only problem is that he is awful at expressing himself, especially in writing. I can just imagine him sitting down with the best intentions and writing stuff like "[Reggs] is a good worker. He comes to work on time. He gives 110% on...
  16. Reggs

    Looking for a pepper mill

    It's time I bought a beautiful pepper mill. I'm open to anything as long as it's not very tall. My parents had a tall one, over a foot long, and it would always tip over.
  17. Reggs

    Waterless Urinals

    This has to be my lest favorite green innovation. The concept is gross, and they always smell bad. The worst places are in high traffic areas like airports and museums. The smell of rancid urine hits you as soon as you walk in the bathroom. Maybe that can be said for many public bathrooms, but...
  18. Reggs

    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy trailer released

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tinker,_Tailor,_Soldier,_Spy_(film) Comes out in the US on Dec 9th.
  19. Reggs

    Guy goes berserk on Korean bus

    H1LE0mNIwOU ^Are there new youtube tags, or is embedding broken? It's hard to tell, but does he start slapping the woman's face repeatedly while her husband does nothing? What a pussy.
  20. Reggs

    Carl Sagen's "Cosmos" is getting a reboot

    http://www.deadline.com/2011/08/fox-orders-13-episode-sequel-to-carl-sagans-cosmos-docu-series-to-be-produced-by-seth-macfarlane-for-2013-launch/ It's far off, 2013, but still great news.

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