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  1. Patek

    The Official Flannel Appreciation Thread

    In a direct rip-off of the official tweed appreciation thread, I would like to start an official flannel appreciation thread. This time of year my tween and flannel find their way into my rotation and I find they actually complement each other well. I have some flannel but would like to see...
  2. Patek

    Cost of tailoring a suit at a top tailor? $300?

    I have been bringing all of my SF purchases to Centofani tailors (I know, Joe is gone, Luigi takes care of me). I have brought them lots of high dollar stuff such as Tom Ford and Kiton but I had not been there in a year or so. They do a pretty good job and understand pickiness and will keep...
  3. Patek

    East Coast Manager Going for a Silicon Valley Interview: What to Wear?

    I'm a senior manager on the East Coast and I am going for an interview next week with a Silicon Valley startup in Sunnyvale, California. The position I'm going for is a East Coast position since they are expanding here, but I'm perplexed about what to wear to the interview. The usual would be a...
  4. Patek

    Survive a Hurricane in Style? Tips and Tricks: Please Post!

    Did not need to go to work today but I did need to walk the dogs. Since rain was coming down sideways I ditched the trench coat a put on ski pants and a ski jacket and hood. Not a great look but I stayed dry. The dogs did not want to go out. How do you survive a hurricane in style? Suggestions...
  5. Patek

    Vintage Leather jackets: The best you've seen, what to look for, where to KOP.

    I have been looking for the perfect cafe racer style leather jacket for a while. I have had some success but it seems that I am more attracted to the idea of getting a vintage one that is scuffed and broken in. In addition, it seems like some of these great manufacturers have gone out of...
  6. Patek

    Custom Hand-Sewn Bag from Simon Baker and Full Review

    I have been considering a "good" bag for a while and I really like the SAB full wrap type bag. However, they are not that rare and I kind of wanted something a little more unique. I saw some pictures of Simon Baker's bags on this forum I started talking with him and I like what I heard. Simon...
  7. Patek

    Forget Vibram and toppies, teeth make a much better sole guard.

  8. Patek

    High Quality Leather Furniture Suggestions?

    I am moving in a month and decided that I do not want to take my crappy (yet comfortable) Rooms-To-Go furniture. I quickly realized that while I know all about buying suits or determining that quality of shoes, I know little to nothing about buying quality furniture. First, what I am looking...
  9. Patek

    Ostrich vs. Gator Loafers?

    I know just about everything here is just about non-SF approved. First a disclaimer: I own no "exotic" leather belts or shoes (unless you consider cordovan exotic). Second disclaimer: All of my shoes are EG, C&J, BB, Alden, RL, and Ferragamo. However, I do own one pair of Gucci loafers that I...
  10. Patek

    It is the end of the world! What clothing do you take?

    The world is falling into a post-apocalyptic dystopian nightmare. Mankind struggles to survive the civil war/zombies/alien invasion. You have 30 minutes to run home and grab some clothes and shoes before you take your loved ones and head to the hills. What pieces of clothing do you take? I hear...
  11. Patek

    Leffot + EG complaint

    Leffot is a bunch of whinny-ass babies who have lost my business forever (unless they do something to gain my trust back). I feel the purpose of this forum is to discuss men’s style, but also to notify other members of good purchases and sales. I have done this numerous times posting sales and...
  12. Patek

    Some Great deals on BB today!

    These are great shoes. I would get a pair but I have the EG version and it would be a repeat: C&J suede captoes for $244 in most sizes: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...ize=11-1/2%20D C&J Chelsea boots in black and brown in most sizes for $264...
  13. Patek

    Feedback on BB Patent Lace-up

    Brooks Brother's Patent Lace-ups are currently on sale from $340 to $261. I recently purchased a tux and I need shoes to go with it. These are sold under the Peal & Co. name. Does anyone know who makes them? They look very similiar to some C&J lace-ups that I have seen. However, the original...
  14. Patek

    Help with navy tux accessories

    I don't know if it has been covered before, but a search could not pull it up. I just purchased a dark navy/midnight blue Kiton tux. It is not perfect because it has notched lapels, but I like the fact that it is not black which I think is fine for all but the most formal of events--but then it...
  15. Patek

    How the hell do you guys deal with your cotton pants in the summer?

    All all of my work pants are wool which doesn't wrinkle much and is good for multiple wearings and occasional cleanings. For casual pants, I usually wear jeans which wear well and are only washed, well, never. Now, thanks to SF, I'm starting to add more chinos and cotton pants into the mix...
  16. Patek

    What the hell kind of shoes are these?

    I'm sitting in the Vegas airport awaiting my flight, and a guy come and sits across from me with these botched abortions on his feet. At least they have leather soles but what are these monstrosities called?
  17. Patek

    Kiton Sports Coats. Help me decide

    Two different NWT cashmere Kiton staple sport coats. Both are are for sale by SF members for about the same price. Both are my size. I think they are both beautiful and I like them both for different reasons. So, weigh in with your opinion to help me decide and if you have one or the other...
  18. Patek

    Anyone on SF going to AWEA this week?

    Anyone else here in the wind industry and will be at AWEA this coming week? http://awea.org/ If so, stop by the Gamesa booth and hit me up (secret handshake optional)!
  19. Patek

    No longer obsessed with this watch?

    Recently, I have found a new apprciation for navy (after five years in the Air Force almost ruined it for me). In addition, I am into vintage Patek Philippie and JLC watches--I'm not an Omega/Rolex guy. However, I saw an ad for the new Omega Hour Vision Blue "Orbis" edition and I think I am in...
  20. Patek

    What happened to classic American style depicted in TV shows and Movies?

    As I sit here in my crowded Delta seat smashed between a window and a non-fantasy worthy lesbian couple, my jacket slides once again to the floor and I wonder why this airline does not have the courtesy hooks for a gentleman to hang his jacket that their Skyteam partner, Air France, has on the...

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