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  1. K

    Back pain when wearing braces? Why?

    Can you post a picture of you wearing them? This might help.
  2. K

    Casual Winter Wedding Attire

    And even if it is you actually getting married, it’s still not about you, it’s about your bride, so you should still not try to stand out. You should be a nice backdrop for your beautiful bride. (Assuming it’s a heterosexual wedding. I have no idea/opinions as to the rules that apply to...
  3. K

    Maroon/Burgundy Suits?

    Sorry, I’m accessing the site from a mobile, so I can’t see anything in your profile pic. Sounds like you’ve already decided to get a maroon suit, and since it sounds like you already have a couple of suits in standard colors and a number of sport coats, I say, “have at it!” I’m a conservative...
  4. K

    Maroon/Burgundy Suits?

    It sounds like this would be your first suit or sport coat. If so, don't buy a maroon one. While your school spirit is noble, that's a lot of money to spend and your first suit or sport coat should be navy blue. Then next, grey or charcoal grey. Your 20th suit or sport coat may be maroon...
  5. K

    Abominable Suit Color?

    Agree with Shawl Lapel
  6. K

    I need to go to a funeral tomorrow - I don't have a suit. Help?

    While I agree with the above, if you are really set on not buying anything, I would go with dark colors for a funeral. Given what you’ve got to work with, the oxford shirt, the black skinny jeans, the black crombie...and I guess the smarter suedes shoes. Since it’s a funeral, I would strongly...
  7. K

    Hello everyone

    Oh, how I wish I lived close to you rather than in America! Welcome to the forum!
  8. K

    Windsor knot tie length problem, inherent or human error?

    I assume that you are relatively tall. The Windsor know (as you have discovered) uses more of the length of tie to make the knot because it loops around and through AND then around and through. So more tie used in the knot means less tie available to hang, which is why your back side of the...
  9. K

    Blazer fit check

    Rule of thumb is that when your arms are hanging by your sides, if you slightly curl your fingers, the bottom of the jacket should be that length. So too short. But there are designers like Thom Browne (Google him and look at images) who purposefully like jackets and pants short. But I don't...
  10. K

    advice for smarter than smart casual suit that doesnt look like a work outfit

    Ah, sorry, then. I'm in the US, so my thoughts about "smart casual" will have no relevance for your situation. Good luck. Sounds posh! ;-)
  11. K

    advice for smarter than smart casual suit that doesnt look like a work outfit

    Going to need a lot more information than this to help. What part of the country are you in? “Smart Casual” in Atlanta will be different from San Francisco. What kind of work do you do? Advertising “smart casual” will differ from Banking “smart casual” will differ from academic “smart...
  12. K

    Shoe Advice

    I worked as a lawyer in the Chicago branch of a Wall Street law firm for four years. I would buy a pair of black, cap toe oxfords. Then, go to work and see what others are wearing (especially what your bosses’ bosses are wearing). Then decide what you want to buy. As long as you have shoe...
  13. K

    Formal Spanish Wedding Attire

    Ha ha ha! Meaning that the Spanish guests are going to think, "what is that guy wearing ? Maybe he think it's a morning suit? Oh, turns out he's from America. Oh, okay, he doesn't know any better. Nobody say anything to embarrass him; he's a friend of the groom. Those Americans sure are...
  14. K

    Formal Spanish Wedding Attire

    I believe that is a "morning suit," and this post -- https://www.katestraveltips.com/2017/04/29/what-to-wear-to-a-wedding-in-spain/ --says (last bullet point under "Fashion Rules...") that the poster has seen men wear morning suits to Spanish weddings if it's a day wedding. The down side is...
  15. K

    Formal Spanish Wedding Attire

    +1 for a suit. Also, these websites on Spanish weddings agree. https://www.lasmorenasdeespana.com/blog/weddings-in-spain https://www.katestraveltips.com/2017/04/29/what-to-wear-to-a-wedding-in-spain/ https://www.telegraph.co.uk/expat/4205039/Wedding-etiquette-in-Spain.html
  16. K

    Men's Suits

    Go the the library and borrow (or go ahead and buy) John T. Molloy's Dress for Success. Great section on men's suits, and if you don't have a lot of experience, it's a great place to start...
  17. K

    Mens wallets

    What does he currently use? Buy him a new version of that. Speaking as someone to whom it’s happened, it’s annoying to be given a “gift” of a different kind of wallet (in my case, a slim wallet to replace the binder clip i was using as a clip) because that person thinks it’s better/nicer/more...
  18. K

    High Rise Pants Unconfortable

    Some pictures might help us!
  19. K

    Botched Surgeon's Cuffs

    Wow! Who did that (so I make sure to never use them!). Sorry, no idea as to whether those can be fixed.
  20. K

    What’s the gold chain for on this tie clip?

    Usually, those are used to loop through a button hole (in your clip's case, will that loop at the end loop over a shirt button?) so that your tie stays centered. You didn't ask, but in my unsolicited opinion, unless you are a doctor (who use tie clips to keep their tie from falling into gross...

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