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  1. michael_legeek

    Business suit fabric in Cali.

    Personally I'd go for a lighter-weight wool, at least unless I anticipated lots of outdoor luncheons in the sunshine. LA office buildings tend to be air-conditioned to an almost fetishistic degree, and I have been overchilled in LA much more often than I have been too warm.
  2. michael_legeek

    Peacoat for London?

    London is a fine, fine place to shop for such things. I'd suggest waiting if you can. Sure, you might be briefly without when you first arrive, but you can buy in a day once you're here. Or thrift something good enough to tide you over for a bit on first arrival, then shop in earnest once you...
  3. michael_legeek

    tired of navy and looking for interesting solid blue fabrics for a three piece suit

    I have a solid navy suit in a herringbone weave. Rather than going for a pattern, try a texture instead. It makes for a great 3-piece suit. +1. I love my navy herringbone suit, though to me it's become more a replacement for the standard navy solid than a supplement. Or a nice Air Force blue...
  4. michael_legeek

    Need advice re: Hiking boots w/strange leather (PICS)

    I have a pair of Swiss boots from the 80's in a pretty similar-looking (and -sounding, when knocked) leather. I'm very fond of them. For me, care has consisted of a good rubbing with neatsfoot oil when I hadn't worn them in a long time, just to ensure they hadn't dried out, and a quick brushing...
  5. michael_legeek

    Knot with British spread collar?

    Shelby knot for me. Not bulky, yet more symmetrical than a FIH (at least, much more symmetrical than any FIH I tie).
  6. michael_legeek

    LONDON January sales 2011

    I took a stroll down Jermyn St. today and nearly every storefront had a Final Reductions sign, or something similar. I didn't make any notable purchases to direct others to, but I'd say if you want to hunt for the odd bargain, you could certainly do worse than have a look now.
  7. michael_legeek

    San Francisco Natives, Need Your Help

    Amen to The Hound. I would really make a point of going there. Button Down, 3415 Sacramento St., had some fantastic goods, but I haven't been there in years and am not sure if they're still all they were. Wilkes Bashford used to be a place people were always talking about -- as in "so-and-so...
  8. michael_legeek

    Quality Semi-Casual Black Shoe Recommendation

    Not quite the same thing, but perhaps a pair of Gants in ebony suede?
  9. michael_legeek

    What do you want from a Style Blog?

    Based on the articles you listed, your blog already sounds interesting to me. IMO there is not yet any surfeit of really informational men's clothing blogs, especially on the conservative-clothing side of things. Once you eliminate the fashiony "this season, it's snuff suede boots with your navy...
  10. michael_legeek

    Style challenged middle aged guy changing jobs and needs help...

    Duder365, I'm a former NorCal software engineer like you, so I think I understand the milieu you're dealing with. My suggestions from my own years of consulting in that environment are: - Colors: if you're doing this on a budget then stick to one set of tones that all go together without effort...
  11. michael_legeek

    Best boots under $200

    I had not noticed before that Duluth Trading offered boots. Good to know that, to keep them on my radar for some time when I might need their style of thing. Back to boots from well-known makers for < US$200: there are quite a few in Pediwear's January sale. Makers include Loake, Barker, Grenson...
  12. michael_legeek

    AE Park Avenues HURT

    For me, the shoe's not broken in unless the uppers, and not just the sole, are have softened up a bit and fit themselves to my foot. I would certainly be grateful if every shoe upper were comfortable on me straight out of the box, but I do not have that good fortune. Also this particular issue...
  13. michael_legeek

    AE Park Avenues HURT

    The upper creasing and biting into the top of your foot sounds to me like a break-in issue. I had the same problem with my PA's, in fact. Wear them around the house, a few hours at a time, and let them begin conforming to the shape of your foot. Once they're softened up enough that they don't...
  14. michael_legeek

    I Need Walking Friendly Dress Shoes

    I'll echo the above comments that fit matters above all else. I am somewhat more comfortable in rubber soles than leather over distances, but opinions vary. I'd suggest you start with Allen Edmonds. Yes, you can go higher-end in style and luxury, but: AE carries a good selection of widths in...
  15. michael_legeek

    Odd question, what does it mean if the sales associate lets you have the shoe horn?

    in stitches is bang on. It is exactly that. If you want to read up on this sort of thing, a good book is Influence, by Robert Cialdini. Worthwhile and interesting reading. ...or, if you belong to a secret society, the shoehorn may instead be an outwardly innocent-looking token of your next...
  16. michael_legeek

    Deal Breakers

    - trouser rise / jacket button stance combination that allows any shirt to show below jacket button - ventless jacket, except formalwear - unalterable jacket sleeve length that I will need to alter (AKA working cuff buttons on RTW)
  17. michael_legeek

    Seeking OTR / RTW suits for men with big chests

    Can you clarify what the problem is? Is it only the drop between jacket size and trouser size? Or are there other discrepancies -- for example shoulders that suit, say, a size 40 or 42 jacket, while your chest demands a 44?
  18. michael_legeek

    Experience with Pediwear

    Wow, how in the hell did they process your order before mine. I'm in the UK, which accounts for the fast shipping. As for processing the order and shipping it away, this is just a guess, but I placed my order fairly early in the morning, London time -- pretty much as soon as the sale page went...
  19. michael_legeek

    Experience with Pediwear

    Ordered Wednesday, received Friday, no complaints here.
  20. michael_legeek

    Wherefore are the shark-like feeding frenzies?

    Though I scarcely dare to mention it after so much EG talk, Pediwear's sale is now on. I didn't see anything spectacular, but there were useful savings on a very wide range of products.

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