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  1. dieselman89

    The Best Undershirt

    Hi all, What is your favorite brand of undershirts? I usually try not to spend more than $25 for 3 as the shirts only last 6-12 months.
  2. dieselman89

    Need Tuxedo Shoes THIS WEEK. Please Help

    I need to get some tuxedo shoes this week and AE no longer make the shoes I wanted. I'm looking for suggestions for shoes under $250. I was thinking about buying some AE factory second Park Avenues currently $229 but wasn't sure if these would be dressy enough for black tie. I've thought...
  3. dieselman89

    Ralph Lauren or Polo Shoes? Need Help!

    I ordered two pairs of Polo Ralph Lauren loafers that were on sale. I received both but there different soles in inner lining. Obviously one is black and one is brown. Are the brown loafers Ralph Lauren shoes expertly benchmade in England? There is some inscription in the shoe.
  4. dieselman89

    Shawl Tuxedo OK as Groom?

    Hey! I have a black tie wedding and my groomsmen will be wearing peak lapels. Would like to know if it would be appropriate/formal enough for me to wear a navy tuxedo with a shawl lapel as the groom? I've sifted through many guides and some will suggest peak is slightly more formal. However...
  5. dieselman89

    Best Buy Dress Socks

    Anyone have any suggestions for inexpensive dress socks? I've tried both Nodstrom Rack and Sacks Off Fifth. Both there generic socks were horrible after 2-3 wears and washes. Thanks,
  6. dieselman89

    Need Advice for Blazer

    Hi, I need to purchase a blazer and would like some advice. Was interested in purchasing a sports coat from Brooks Brothers with their 25% sale going on now. The cost of a Red Fleece blazer comes to about $400. Other than Suit Supply and Brooks Brothers, where do you suggest finding a good...
  7. dieselman89

    Brooks Brothers Denim/Jeans Feedback

    Has anyone purchased denim from Brooks Brothers? Last time I was in the store I noticed they've started to carry more denim. Here's the ones I saw: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/901-Slim-Straight-Fit-Denim-Jeans/RR00022,default,pd.html?dwvar_RR00022_Color=MDBL&contentpos=2&cgid=0220...
  8. dieselman89

    Getting a Stain Out on Belt

    Hi, I just bought this belt and it looks like some sort of stain has penetrated the leather. Does anyone have any suggestions? Its very visible and ruins the "clean" look of the belt.
  9. dieselman89

    Your Favorite Denim Under $100

    Hello, I've been searching for the best denim on the market under $100 for a bit. I've tried everything from JCrew to Gustin. I found Gustin to be good quality, but has issues with sizing. Sizing varies from different lines each time. As a result I stopped buying Gustin. I prefer to try jeans...
  10. dieselman89

    Good sunglasses $125

    Does anyone have some suggestions for a good line of sunglasses under $125? I see Jack Spade now has eyewear but is it any good?i typically buy ray ban but haven't been super happy.
  11. dieselman89

    Inexpensive tuxedo studs

    Does anyone have any suggestions for inexpensive (under $30) tuxedo studs?
  12. dieselman89

    Custom tuxedo and shirt etiquette

    Hi, I am purchasing a custom tuxedo and wanted to confirm that these specs are appropriate. I've used blacktieguide as a reference. However, the shirt is a bit confusing. Suit 1 button No flaps on pockets Side vents Peak lapel Grosgrain detail lapel Touching buttons on jacket "Button" hole...
  13. dieselman89

    Jeffrey George Shirt Review

    Time for a much needed review for an up-and-coming shirt and tie company that prides itself in manufacturing their clothing line in the good ole' USA. For those who aren't familiar with this company, you need to give them a serious look. Jeffrey George recently launched their website and...
  14. dieselman89

    Black Friday Sales

    I didn't see a thread posted for Black Friday sales. Does anyone know of any good ones?
  15. dieselman89

    Sports shirts under $50

    Does anyone have a preferred brand for casual shirts? I try not to spend more than $50 for a sports shirt. J Crew, Banana, and Club Monaco are poor options. I've heard Red Fleece from Brooks Brothers is not any better than those there. Who do y'all think is the best bang for your buck?
  16. dieselman89

    Allen Edmonds Sold

    Not sure what to think about this news. Been an Allen Emonds advocate for the past 5 years. AE better now follow the same path as Johnston and Murphy.
  17. dieselman89

    First Tuxedo for Wedding

    I am buying a tuxedo that I will be wearing to 3 weddings in the next few months. All of them are black tie. I've been searching and found a few options. Such as RL, Brooks Brothers, Sid Mashburn, SuitSupply, or custom. I find it difficult to buy a suit that I may only wear a few times a year...
  18. dieselman89

    Brooks Brothers Slim Fit Chinos (Red Fleece)

    Does anyone have any experience with the new Slim Fit Chinos (Red Fleece) from Brooks Brothers? I have a pair of Milano that fit nicely. The new slim fit chinos are most casual are slimmer fitting and a tighter crouch. I tried my actual size and the waist was very tight. I didn't feel...
  19. dieselman89

    Atlanta: Bennies or Trio?

    If you're in Atlanta who is your preferred shoe repair shop for polishes? I believe Trio Shoe Service and Bennies are two of the best. Does anyone else have suggestions?
  20. dieselman89

    ACNE Raw v. Other $200 Raw Denim

    Looking to purchase some jeans. I own a pair of APCs and I'm having trouble find another pair of raw denim that I like. Some local stores carry ACNE Raw at just under $200. What are the thoughts on this style from Acne? Are there other pairs of raw denim that would be suggested? I've tried Naked...

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