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  1. Magnanimist

    Grant Stone - Official Affiliate Thread

    Would be great to see Horween Color 8 someday find its way into a few of the GS models (e.g. Ottawa, cap toe boots).
  2. Magnanimist

    Unfunded Liabilities: a/k/a The Cloth Thread

    This gunclub is the first piece I purchased after joining the LL cloth club a few years ago. One of my go-to jackets in colder months. Comfortable as all get out. The blue windowpane balances well IMO. Get nothing but positive comments from people on it.
  3. Magnanimist

    Yellow Hook Appreciation Thread

    Yes, I think the Berkaloo will work with a grey pique suit, especially if it's on the medium to dark side of grey. I tested out the tie on a couple of my grey suits, what's interesting to me is how the Berkaloo transforms them into something more casual, yet still refined. I concluded that it's...
  4. Magnanimist

    Yellow Hook Appreciation Thread

    Received my first Yellow Hook purchase in the mail today: the stunning Berkaloo along with a nice hand written note from Rob. Really, really nice tie and practically one of a kind. It warms my heart to know that family-run, entrepreneurial, craft-based businesses are still alive and well...
  5. Magnanimist

    Unfunded Liabilities: a/k/a The Cloth Thread

    Yes, interested. Prefer summer gun club (e.g. beige ground w/tan, brown, light blue, royal blue, light navy, light grey) and shepherd's check (e.g. blue/white, blue/cream) in wool/linen and/or silk/linen
  6. Magnanimist

    Article: "The Curiously Compelling Story of Tweed"

    Thanks for taking the time to read it Willin. I look forward to doing more of them at time goes on.
  7. Magnanimist

    Article: "The Curiously Compelling Story of Tweed"

    I appreciate you taking the time to look for a reference. I am impressed with anyone who reads a 700-page book on the Boer War not once, but twice. :>) I have included the story in the article. Thanks again for sharing it. Best, Joe
  8. Magnanimist

    Article: "The Curiously Compelling Story of Tweed"

    Thanks for taking the time to read the piece..glad you enjoyed it. I didn't know that the Boers wore tweed...an ironic situation for sure. If you don't mind I'll add this to the article. ...w/regard to Harris Tweed quality, I can't attest to whether it has improved or not. The quality...
  9. Magnanimist

    Article: "The Curiously Compelling Story of Tweed"

    I wrote this post, my first for Gentleman’s Gazette, in collaboration with Raphael Schneider, who runs the site. I am quite confident you'll come away with a deeper understanding and appreciation of tweed after you read it...
  10. Magnanimist

    Jon Green Bespoke Interview, Part 2--Advice for "Going Bespoke

    Glad you enjoyed it Makoto...
  11. Magnanimist

    Jon Green Bespoke Interview, Part 2--Advice for "Going Bespoke

    Part 2 of my Jon Green interview is published: http://tailoredandstyled.com/how-to-go-bespoke-an-interview-with-jon-green-bespoke-orchestrator-part-2-2/ There's a nice video of Jon in his shop that gives you an idea of what he does, then he proceeds to describe his bespoke process and what...
  12. Magnanimist

    “How to Go Bespoke”–An Interview with Jon Green, Bespoke Orchestrator (Part 1)

    Part 1 of my interview with Jon Green is posted today. You can read it here: http://tailoredandstyled.com/how-to-go-bespoke-an-interview-with-jon-green-master-tailor-part-1/ Jon is the owner of a highly respected bespoke altelier in New York City. His client lists includes the truly elite...
  13. Magnanimist

    An Interview with Jon Green of Jon Green Bespoke, NYC

    On Wednesday, August 22 2013, I’ll be posting the first in a very special two-part series featuring an interview of Mr. Jon Green, owner of Jon Green Bespoke. Jon has been in business for over 25 years serving the most exclusive clientele from his Madison Avenue location in New York City...
  14. Magnanimist

    Are "premium" socks worth it?

    In a word yes. They fit better, feel better, and wear better.
  15. Magnanimist

    Advice: shirt/tie/pocket square combo for navy suit in Charleston?

    Gingham is an informal fabric so you really want to think about whether you want to wear that to a wedding. Same with the white bucs. Here's another recommendation that will fit the occasion in a dashing way: - Brown dress shoes - Brown dress belt - White dress shirt - Brooks Brothers Twin...
  16. Magnanimist

    Ratio Made-to-Order Shirts. Anyone tried them?

    Two thumbs up from me. 100% American made, great fabrics, quality construction, can be made to custom specs, outstanding customer service.
  17. Magnanimist

    What color pants to wear with dark blue shirt and black and blue tie

    OK, high school freshman class. Nice dinner. You want to look good. Here are some solid options: 1. Grey suit ensemble as mentioned above. 2. Everything the same except a navy suit. 3. Everything the same except navy sport coat and grey dress slacks. Either way ditch the navy shirt/tie...
  18. Magnanimist

    What color pants to wear with dark blue shirt and black and blue tie

    This combination is way out of the ordinary for classic menswear and is not formal at all. So whatever anyone recommends won't pull the dark blue shirt and navy/black tie into something classic...ever, especially without a jacket that matches your pants (in other words a suit). At best, what...
  19. Magnanimist

    Double-breasted tuxedo lapels: Go big or go home?

    My recommendation: Take a pass on this one. Get something that aligns with your size/proportions. You will look much snazzier that way.
  20. Magnanimist

    Alfani Suit, Black - $152 - Do I Bite?

    Negative. Black is a non-starter for a work suit. Go with solid navy blue or mid/dark grey. These have been the standard colors for work suits for decades. And Alfani? Take a pass. At the very least wait for a sale at a major Department store and buy something of better quality.

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