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  1. creampiggy

    What to pair with these Canali suit jackets

    Is it generally a rule that one should never buy any orphaned jacket? Found these Canali orphaned jackets in mint condition and in my size, what should I wear with them?
  2. creampiggy

    Davids shoes: quality, value, comments?

    Does anyone here has some experience with Davids shoes made in Canada? They retail CAD$300-600 according to their website. I am referring to shoes actually made by Davids, not the ones they carry but with other brands like Zegna, Ferragamo. http://davidsfootwear.com/index.php?...&page_id=about...
  3. creampiggy

    Are these Ferragamo Double Monk Straps from Tramezzas line?

    Is there any chance that someone here can recognize if the double monk straps in the small photo below are from Tramezzas line? The only thing that I can tell is that the label on the insole may indicate an positive answer. However, I am not confident. If anyone here own a pair or saw them...
  4. creampiggy

    Who made these Church's and Polo RL's monks?

    Just won two pairs of Custom Grade Church's monks made in UK. Very cheap, but not in good condition either, I'm thinking that they are great for my next shoe rescue project. Anyway, I know for what I am going to pay, they are worth it. But I am curious to know who was the maker of these monks...
  5. creampiggy

    MARIO PELLINI boots?

    Hi, is anyone familiar with MARIO PELLINI boots made in Italy? I can't find any information from Google or from SF. Thanks!
  6. creampiggy

    What do you think about this pair of Church's?

    I got this pair of Church's loafer. Being totally unfamiliar with Church's shoes, I would definitely benefit from any comments from you gentlemen
  7. creampiggy

    LV bags, fake or not?

    I saw two LV bags for an auction review. I'm wondering if they are authentic or not. When I took the photos of these bags, an old lady beside me kept telling me they are both fake... If they are not fake, what would be an appropriate price for each of them? The first one: The second one:
  8. creampiggy

    Questions about Zegna, Canali, Pacciani blazers

    Got 3 amazing blazers from thrifting, a Zegna, a Canali, and a Pacciani. 1. E. Zegna blazer, made in Spain, originally bought from Harry Rosen. But I can't find any other tag for extra information. Did Harry Rosen removed the tag?? I didn't have time to look for the pants. Does it look like an...
  9. creampiggy

    What leather are these shoes made from?

    Saw these shoes second-hand, but wondering what leather are they made from. Anybody can give some idea? The following 2 pictures shoes the pair of shoes I got from eBay recently. They are FLORSHEIM IMPERIAL, and someone here thought they are made of sharkskin as well.
  10. creampiggy

    Gravati Eck slip-ons for men or women?

    I just won the Gravati Eck slip-ons from eBay. The seller lists them for men. However, when I searched in Google, the only link I got about this model is from online Arthur Beren. But this model is listed for women there! Anyone has any idea who made the mistake, the seller or Arthur Beren...
  11. creampiggy

    Armani belt on eBay, Authentic?

    Hi guys, I'm considering buying an Giorgio Armani belt from eBay, but it seems that there are too many fake ones there. Can anyone tell if the one below and all the Armani belts that the same seller carries are authentic or not? Thanks! http://cgi.ebay.com/Giorgio-Armani-B...QQcmdZViewItem
  12. creampiggy

    Help - AE MACNEIL leather problem

    Hi guys, I got an pair of Allen Edmonds MACNEIL from eBay. However, it seems that the leather has strange color. What shall I do to restore the original color and rescue the leather? Thanks!
  13. creampiggy

    Allen Edmonds shoe cream

    Has anybody used Allen Edmonds shoe creams? How is it compared to Meltonian creams or similar brands? I have a few tins of Kiwi wax polish right now, and I'm looking for shoe creams. I can't find Meltonian creams in Toronto. Does anyone know where to purchase them?
  14. creampiggy

    Help - TOWNCRAFT WINGTIPS oxford

    Just got this pair of TOWNCRAFT Brown WINGTIPS oxford from eBay. Looks nice to me, but I know nothing about this brand, not to mention the model. If anyone can give me some information, I will me more than thankful!

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