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  1. jonnyt

    Borrelli, Panta, Nicky and Paul Smith ties

    Paul Smith is 3-fold silk. Panta is SOLD Nicky is 3-fold silk. Borrelli SOLD Price includes worldwide shipping in a presentation box, discounts if you buy more than one.
  2. jonnyt

    Japan Shopping October 2014 Help!

    I'll be heading to Japan for 11 days with the wife in a few months. We plan on doing about 4 days each in Tokyo and Kyoto and a couple of days in one other location (recommendations welcome). I will likely get about 4 hours each in Tokyo and Kyoto on my own that I can use for shopping so I'm...
  3. jonnyt

    Mens File/ Clutch Magazine collaboration

    As in this ad (not mine): http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MENS-FILE-No-9-CLUTCH-Vol-23-Magazine-NEW-COPY-/310837847314?pt=UK_Magazines&hash=item485f612512 Mint condition. Both the latest Mens File and Clutch magazines with a special binding to hold them together. New and mint, price includes postage...
  4. jonnyt

    Nigel Cabourn Wide Lapel Jacket - Stone Harris Tweed - Size 52

    All the details here: http://www.endclothing.co.uk/sale/jackets/nigel-cabourn-wide-lapel-jacket-171774.html Fits tight, I'd say best for a 40" chest if you like a standard fit or 42" chest if you like jackets to fit really snug Size 52 - Large Pit to Pit - 21" Back - 28" Shoulder -...
  5. jonnyt

    Chunky pullover suggestions

    I'm looking for a chunky "fisherman" style jumper with a roll-neck in a grey or cream colour with some texture to it. I'm interested in this one: http://www.endclothing.co.uk/brands/barbour/barbour-coleman-roll-neck.html by Barbour x Norton but at this price, I figure I may have other options...
  6. jonnyt

    iPhone 4S - Black - 32Gb

    Used for only a few months as a replacement before upgrading to new phone. Unlocked, mint condition, with box and accessories. Will put on ebay if it doesn't sell here in a week or so. I can send pics if you need them. Price includes global shipping.
  7. jonnyt

    RAF Jacket Advice

    I was briefly a student pilot in the British Royal Air Force about 15 years ago and recently found my flight jacket when clearing out some old luggage. I'm getting quite into the Cabourn and Real McCoy's repro thing at the moment so am wondering whether to keep it to wear or sell on. It feels...
  8. jonnyt

    Giorgio Armani wool jacket

    Have owned for years but only worn 5 or 6 times. Is a beautiful piece but I guess not really my style so is going to waste hanging in my closet. It is totally unconstructed, a very fitted asymmetric jacket that wears as soft and light as a cardigan. Label says 52 but I am wearing in the picture...
  9. jonnyt

    Epaulet Marcello Unconstructed Cotton/Silk Jacket Nailhead (50EU/40US)

    Bought this last summer, wore twice and thought it was a little tight. Stored till this summer but I haven't magically lost an inch in my chest so will pass it on. I am a true 40 to 41" chest and it it just a little slim for me. I would suggest that this will work best for someone about 39 to...
  10. jonnyt

    INVENTORY Magazine issue 8 - Spring/ Summer 2013

    Accidentally got two of these so will sell one on. Both mint and unread. Buyer chooses cover they want and I will keep the other. $15 shipped anywhere.
  11. jonnyt

    The RAKE Magazine #17 to #22

    A years worth of subscription. All in Mint condition, pictures can be provided if necessary. Will ship anywhere but this will cost me $30 from Switzerland, so price will not go down.
  12. jonnyt

    Panta Burnt Orange Irish Linen and Blue Cashmere Ties

    BOTH SOLD Panta Ties from this thread> http://www.styleforum.net/t/259961/new-panta-ties-collection-over-two-dozen-prints-wools-raw-silks-cashmeres Linen worn exactly three times and cashmere exactly twice but I prefer the lighter, unlined Pantas so will let these go to someone who likes...
  13. jonnyt

    Classic brogue

    Am looking for a stylish but not fashion-forward take on the classic brogue. I have almost decided on a MTM G&G Rothschild in antique oak on the soft-square MH71 last (similar to this) Should I just pull the trigger on an obviously great pair of shoes or are there any obvious alternatives that...
  14. jonnyt

    Furniture Question

    Am trying to figure out the name of a piece of furniture for hanging clothes on so I can track one down to buy. Saw it once in an antiques shop window; it's wooden, has a large flared shoulder for hanging a suit jacket on, a couple of bars for trousers/ tie etc and a couple of little drawers...
  15. jonnyt

    Jeans with dark lining?

    Need help finding a pair of jeans where the inside of the denim is as dark as the outside, or at least darker than normal, so when I wear turn-ups it's not as noticable a colour difference. Example pic here: http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/...fed-jeans.html I know the 10 year anniversary...
  16. jonnyt

    NYC Shopping advice

    Hitting Manhattan for a couple of days at the end of Feb (so I guess missing all sales) and only have half a day or so to shop. Plan is C21 for any OTR suits, jackets and trousers that I can find, maybe ties, shirts and cufflinks if anything takes my fancy. Then to Self Edge to get a couple of...
  17. jonnyt

    Casual shoe advise

    At work I wear EG, C&J etc but casually, I don't wear formal shoes, I have a black pair of Y3's and a brown pair of Hugo Boss brogue sneakers. I'm thinking that maybe it's time to start wearing shoes casually but don't know whether to go for broke with Lobb or EG chelsea boots or shoes, or...

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