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  1. Douglas


    With the weather getting hotter again I am reminded again of my long-held lament that skirts are not considered male-appropriate clothing in most of the western world. Particularly on hot summer days, it just seems like it would be incredibly cool and comfortable for weekend wear. I'll cop to...
  2. Douglas

    Source for classic-fit, pleated corduroys?

    I guess I could have my HK guy make something up but I'd prefer to find something cheaper if possible. Seems silly to blow $200 a pair on cords. Online sources OK, but judging the wale and fit could be difficult without seeing them in person. I prefer a more classic fit as opposed to...
  3. Douglas

    Global Entry (US Customs & Border Patrol Program)

    Anyone here a member? I recently found out I'm eligible for Pre-Check, which is supposedly an expedited security clearance program for some frequent flyers. I'm not sure how I qualified; the e-mail I got about being auto-enrolled in the program came from United on account of my Mileage Plus...
  4. Douglas

    Rugged Work Shoes

    I'm in search of at least one, probably two pairs of rugged, everyday work shoes. Requirements: - Rubber soles. I work in manufacturing and I am on a shop floor that can have oil, grease, metal chips, or other debris on it every single day. Crepe is OK, but I'm really digging commando soles...
  5. Douglas

    Print-quality movie stills?

    Does anyone know a way to grab a screen capture from a movie in high enough resolution for printing? I'm sure I can find a way to grab something out of a Blu-Ray but even then the resolution is not going to be really up to print quality. Maybe that will just have to do. Are there services...
  6. Douglas

    Help! Moocher D-bag buddy trying to welch on bachelor party commitment

    So I'm getting married in a month, and a bunch of my bros and I have been planning our Vegas trip for my bach party for, like, months. Problem is, one of my douchebag friends (he's in my wedding party no less) is trying to puss out. He's not even really my buddy - he's my stepdad's son, we...
  7. Douglas

    Shinola Watches

    Anybody seen anything on these? I happened to see a large ad they took out in the WSJ last weekend and did a little poking around this morning. Apparently someone has resurrected the Shinola brand and is making watches, bicycles, and leather goods, all manufactured in Detroit. The "Runwell"...
  8. Douglas


    We have a pretty average, mid-range convertible loveseat and sofa in our family room that are in perfectly good working order, are very comfortable, and suit our needs pretty well. The problem is that we have poorly trained dogs who are occasionally prone to marking and the corners of these...
  9. Douglas

    Child Safety Seats and Travel

    We are taking our 3-year-old toddler on her first airplane ride and a post-Xmas vacation. We will be flying commercial (the private jet is having repairs done) and we will likely do at least a bit of driving at our destination. I suppose we could rip our car seat out of the car, but that seems...
  10. Douglas

    STORM SURGE: The Official Hurricane Sandy Thread

    There is another one in the CE but 5 pages in I think there are 3 posts about the hurricane. Who's hunkered down? Who's tired of reporters in red parkas with peacocks or eyes or whatever the ABC logo is shouting over crashing waves and winds?
  11. Douglas

    Microsoft Surface

    I know nothing about this device, but it looks kind of cool. I've been looking to replace my laptop and had recently been considering going with an iPad with a BT keyboard, but I was mostly afraid about using Excel and what a mouseless interface would be like. But a Surface looks like a pretty...
  12. Douglas

    Brain Training Software/Apps

    There's no question about it: I'm getting dumber. And at a rapid pace. The drinking doesn't help, does it? A couple times in recent years I've run across puzzle games etc. that claim to boost brain performance. I suck at remembering names, I can't do brain teasers like I used to, and...
  13. Douglas

    NM Mods please delete

  14. Douglas

    M&A Ethics/Etiquette Question

    Most of you guys know I am in manufacturing, not M&A or finance. But my company is actually a mini-conglomerate of different companies operating in different industries making different sorts of products under different brands; what we have in common is a manufacturing focus and an ability to...
  15. Douglas

    US Open Tennis 2012

    Ran across this and thought it was worth putting in the thread for this year's US Open Tennis tournament, and then saw there was no such thread yet. So here we go. http://espn.go.com/videohub/video/clip?id=8314970&categoryid=2378529 Precis: Army minesweeper, aged 23, loses leg to land mine in...
  16. Douglas

    Baggy Trousers

    So I'm thinking about experimenting with some trousers that would be a lot baggier than the SF-approved standard. As a bigger fellow, not only do I find them cooler (temperature not attitude) and more comfortable, but I think they work proportionately better as well. We're not talking oxford...
  17. Douglas

    Corporate E-Mail Signatures and Disclaimers

    I'd like to begin exerting some control over our e-mail signatures and taglines, which at the moment are totally at employee discretion. Everyone is pretty professional about it, but a few use curlycue fonts and sort of shockingly, one of our straightest, tightest, most senior execs uses a...
  18. Douglas

    The Kosher Chinese Food Thread

    Javyn has been timed out for a week for linking to porn.
  19. Douglas

    Need Advice? Ask the Panel *

    This is the thread where you come to ask for serious advice on career/life/finances/anything general that you may not feel warrants its own thread. Hopefully this will be a place where earnest people can get good advice. NOTE: This thread will be patrolled vigorously by FLMM and I for...
  20. Douglas

    Help Douglas figure out what to do with some fresco

    So on a whim I purchased my first "unfunded liabilities" from gazman (thanks Gaz!) and the one I'm a little confused what to do with is a mid- to light-grey Harrison's fresco. I'd also be curious if anyone can ID the cloth definitively, as I thought Harrison's frescos were called "Firefly"...

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