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  1. cxzizou

    ** Quintessential Crockett & Jones Thread ** (reviews, quality, etc...)

    After moving to Chicago, I am very interested in this snowdon run. How does last 228 compare to 325/335? To me, 325 is the best fit and 335 is a little wide.
  2. cxzizou

    Truman Boots

    Probably you are right. I have a pair with structured toe of size 7.5, it is way larger than my other pairs such as Viberg 7 and Carmina Oscar 6.5. Then I give up on Truman after the first try.
  3. cxzizou

    S.E.H Kelly

    Hi Paul, I am very interested in buying the car coat in ventile ripstop for my new year gift. I just have two quick questions. How warm is this car coat? Because of the wool lining, I would expect it to be much warmer than the Anorak. The free shipping is great. Since I live in US, do I need...
  4. cxzizou

    Offical TRICKERS shoes and boots thread

    Thanks for the information. That is a good news. I will check Shoehealer soon.
  5. cxzizou

    Offical TRICKERS shoes and boots thread

    Does anyone know that trickers' website will have a sale during thanksgiving or Christmas? I am thinking to buy a pair of Grassmere. But only find my size on trickers' website. Thanks!
  6. cxzizou

    Leather Jackets: Post Pictures of the Best You've Seen/Owned?

    Hi all, I am so attempted by Aero leather jackets. I am still thinking about the style and the leather type. I just have one question: what is the best way to get one Aero jacket in US now? Should I book one from Aero directly? Will this have import duties? Or should I contact Thurston...
  7. cxzizou

    Crockett & Jones MTO Central

    Thanks for your work, Kevin. I just have one question. The previous posts mentioned that we donot need to worry about the import duty because CJ will take care of it for us. Is it still true for our boot with more than $800?
  8. cxzizou

    Crockett & Jones MTO Central

    Thanks for your work, Keven. I am happy with the current specifications.
  9. cxzizou

    Official Wedding Attire Question/Answer/Picture Thread

    I see your point. Thank you very much for the suggestions.
  10. cxzizou

    Official Wedding Attire Question/Answer/Picture Thread

    Hello gentlemen, I am going to attend a morning wedding in September. This is the first time that I attend a western wedding. The couple told me that we can dress casual. I have a white oxford shirt, a navy sports coat and matching trousers. However, I only have two pairs of AE JEFFERSON...
  11. cxzizou

    Epaulet shop - Official Affiliate thread

    Just order the Loro Piana navy sportcoat of size 36 and two trousers without brain. But I missed the small size of white salt washed oxford Shirt.
  12. cxzizou

    ٭٭٭ No Man Walks Alone - Official Affiliate Thread ٭٭٭ (a.k.a. I shouldn't have slept on it)

    Hi @gdl203, I am interested in doing my first purchase on NMWA. I am considering to buy one blazer from FRANK LEDER or one coat from STEPHAN SCHNEIDER . I wonder what is the size difference between them. I usually wear S size, but the size S of FRANK LEDER seems larger than the standard US...

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