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  1. chronic

    The New Official Wolf vs. Goat Thread

    "The assassin", because you'll look killer in it.
  2. chronic

    Farinellis: Official Affiliate thread

    Wasn't there a pink (strawberry?) and a bone marrow color?
  3. chronic

    The New Official Wolf vs. Goat Thread

    Dibs! edit: unless there was a shipping mixup and the XS is already accounted for.
  4. chronic

    The New Official Wolf vs. Goat Thread

    I will pulled some shirts out of inventory for some celebs Real celebs? Or SF celebs.
  5. chronic

    The New Official Wolf vs. Goat Thread

    Yes. Whoever took the last Grape in XS, please go fuck yourself. +1 signed, guy who took the last XS blue gingham
  6. chronic

    The New Official Wolf vs. Goat Thread

    Pai/Mauro...I shot an e-mail to the gmail addy. Can someone get back to me before all the shirts are gone in my size?
  7. chronic

    Farinellis: Official Affiliate thread

    The Boo small chambray is sold out...sorry. The before and after dinner Ginghams are in as well as the Limited edition purple and Green dip dyes sun dries. The shirts a came out AWESOME!!!! They will be up for sale on Monday. Any locals who want them ...holla! Pics and measurements, por favor.
  8. chronic

    The New Official Wolf vs. Goat Thread

    Just ordered chinos in roaster pan grey and espresso Re: WvG shirts...the thing I love most about these shirts (other than the slim arms and the kick-ass MoP buttons) is the large cuffs. These are the only button-down shirts where I can wear my big-ass Panerai comfortably under the cuff. BoO...
  9. chronic

    The New Official Wolf vs. Goat Thread

    I also have the new "before dinner shirt" you guys will be stoked. <--- stoked.
  10. chronic

    Jean Shop NYC

    The denim is made at a real gem of a find in the Bronx. Can you tell me where? I'm trying to start my own denim line...Crisp Denim.
  11. chronic

    The Uniqlo in New York

    Swung by yesterday and picked up a few cotton suits...perfect for summer. The jackets/coats were pretty nice too. Knits and BDs were okay, nothing special. Also, much better job this time around of managing the launch. There's a whole section/dressing room for +J only, and they put samples out...
  12. chronic

    The Uniqlo in New York

    ^^ it's SS. The soho store just had a restock of it. Woohoo! Better still be there by the time i make it this evening.
  13. chronic

    The New Official Wolf vs. Goat Thread

    ^silhouette Count me in for a white in S. Prob the maroon/plum too, but need to see pics first. Looking forward to the shirts!
  14. chronic

    The Uniqlo in New York

    I went at like 6:20pm today, plenty of khaki suits left. The light grey flannel suit of the SS collection is definitely the khaki unbelted trench. I am getting up early tomorrow to snag one in size S. Nice...good luck! I should have you hide an XS for me somewhere in the store or something...haha
  15. chronic

    The Uniqlo in New York

    Supposedly the bulk of the +J drops tommorow at Uniqlo NYC. Don't rape the XS inventory too hard, as I won't be able to get there until Friday afternoon. Yeah seriously...XS always sells out fast. Considering that 50% of the people who shop there are emaciated Asians, you'd think they'd make...
  16. chronic

    The Uniqlo in New York

    I went today to the NY soho store. Impressions: - Line management is FAR better than last time. There is a clear physical barrier separating the +J section, rather than a flimsy curtain, and a large part of the line is indoors. You can go into the other parts of the store if you are not...
  17. chronic

    Sock It To Me

    +1 on the Uniqlo socks. Heattech socks are great for the winter! Thick, warm, comfortable, and cheap. You can call or e-mail the NYC store to order.
  18. chronic

    Farinellis: Official Affiliate thread

    Given that the online store is still open, does this mean that S/S10 WvG is still on?
  19. chronic

    Farinellis: Official Affiliate thread

    Mauro, sorry to hear! Best of luck in your future ventures (NY store? )
  20. chronic

    The New Official Wolf vs. Goat Thread

    Coat looks good. I think that most of the bell-shape comes from his stance. I wore mine out yesterday, with only a flannel underneath, and the coat is super warm. The high collar is money too. You def. have to wear this jacket with the collar popped. I got a couple of compliments on the coat...

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