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  1. Philip1978

    Sunken metal toe taps in Toronto - Where?

    Any help from fellow Toronto SFers?
  2. Philip1978

    Benjamin Sartorial Collection Charcoal Suit 44 / 46 R Mint Condition

    Here's a beautiful limited edition suit from Benjamin Sartorial Collection. The BENJAMIN SARTORIAL COLLECTION is truly an exclusive line of tailored clothing. This is not a private label sewn on a mass-produced garment, but rather these are a very limited number of suits produced in small...
  3. Philip1978

    EG 82 vs JL 8000

    Did a search and couldn't find the answer. If I'm a 8.5 F (UK sizing) on the EG 82, how would the 8000 compare (longer and narrower)?
  4. Philip1978

    BBBF BB5 Glen check pants

    I unfortunately bought an orphaned glen check suit jacket not realizing that there were no pants being sold. So I'm looking for a pair of BBBF BB5 size glen check PANTS. lol
  5. Philip1978

    Canada post strike over = win for me.

    Got a nice package yesterday (for me anyway).
  6. Philip1978

    Shakes & Fidget

    Anyone play this? Kind of slow online game. For some reason I like it though. http://playa-mail.com/c/r?ACTION=ri&...layerid=109601
  7. Philip1978

    Where to get sunken toe plates in Toronto?

    Anyone know a good place and what the cost would be?
  8. Philip1978

    Visiting London May 4th-9th

    Myself and 4 other guys will be visiting London in May. Is there any good Distillery's to visit in London? Also any good places for a whiskey tasting? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Philip1978

    Lights out on FX

    Anyone watch the pilot? Thought it was pretty decent.
  10. Philip1978

    Looking to buy a treadmill

    What should I be looking for? Budget: $2,500
  11. Philip1978

    Tuxedo rental in Toronto

    Any good places in Toronto to rent a tux?
  12. Philip1978

    Vacouver restaurant recommendation.

    I'm going to be in Vancouver with my inlaws in a couple of weeks. It's going to be their anniversary while were out there. Wanted to know a good seafood restaurant to take them too. Any suggestions?
  13. Philip1978

    Is there an alden outlet store in Buffalo, NY

    That's my question can't seem to find it on google.
  14. Philip1978

    3 roll 2 jacket question.

    Did a search couldn't find and answer. For a jacket to be a 3 roll 2, does it have to be constructed that way or can it be made into one with a pressing?
  15. Philip1978

    RLPL Peering sizing question.

    I've done a search and can't find my answer. Is the sizing of the RLPL Peering TTS or would you go up or down a half size?
  16. Philip1978


  17. Philip1978

    Can't remember.

    I have done a search and can't find it. But I was speaking with a friend and I said to him that I remember reading somewhere on SF about someone doing bespoke shoes in hungary for 300 (euros I think). Anyone know what I'm talking about?
  18. Philip1978

    Kent Wang

    You know Kent has hit the big time when: I like the new business cards (it's been a while since I ordered something) and I kind of miss the hand written notes. Once again though top notch stuff. If you haven't bought anything from Kent Wang, I highly recommend it.
  19. Philip1978

    Handsewn last - 1005

    How does this Allen Edmonds last fit?
  20. Philip1978

    Suit story in the Globe and Mail

    Maybe he should have used SF as his guide, lol. Mr. Miser I need a suit and I want it cheap Article Comments (26) DAVE MCGINN From Monday's Globe and Mail March 9, 2009 at 9:32 AM EDT This starts a biweekly column about one man's quest to get good stuff cheap. This week's mission: Get a...

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