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  1. TRA8324

    Suit fit critique - okay for interview?

    Sorry about the crappy pics. I need to replace my blackberry. I think the suit fits pretty well overall. It's a tad shorter than I prefer, but I think it's okay. I plan on having the sleeves lengthened 1/4". I can't tell if it's pulling in the back or if it's just wrinkled due to being packed...
  2. TRA8324

    How can I make this sportcoat fit better?

    I bought this off of B&S recently. It's PRL that has been previously altered. It seems that the alterations were not done well because the fabric seems to bunch at the bottom near the vents and around the armpits. Is there anything I can do to make this fit better or should it go on ebay? Thanks...
  3. TRA8324

    Crockett & Jones Hayling

    Anybody know where I can find a pair? It would be a great S/S shoe. Also, how does this shoe fit? It's on the 366 last.
  4. TRA8324

    Linen suit + wool tie: is this a no-no?

    I'm looking for a tie to wear with my khaki linen suit, and I want something with a little texture. I've found some nice wool ties, but i'm not sure if this is acceptable or not. If there were some more of those raw silk Pantas, that would be perfect.
  5. TRA8324

    Interview attire for corporate position at clothing company

    How would one dress for this? I saw a position for a distribution analyst at J-Crew a while back and considered applying. I was Industrial Engineering undergrad, so it's a pretty good fit. Anyway, back to the interview. Would you do standard interview attire, or would you add a little...
  6. TRA8324

    Best shirt/tie combination for khaki linen suit at graduation

    I'll be attending my girlfriend's graduation next month. It's outdoors on a Friday morning. I plan on wearing the linen suit pictured below. My question is what shirt/tie combination would look best with this? It's an outdoor graduation in downtown Nashville so I can go a little bold...
  7. TRA8324

    interesting WSJ article about dressing up(or not)

    I apologize if this has already been posted, but I didn't see it. As dining rooms fill with T-shirt- and Converse-clad social networkers, is dressing up the new way to stand out? http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000...629008064.html
  8. TRA8324

    steel toe guards - when to install?

    Noob question, I'm not even sure if this is what they are called. Anyway, at what point in the life of a shoe do you want to get these installed? This photo has them installed before even being worn. So does this mean I should go get them installed on all of my decent shoes? The reason i'm...
  9. TRA8324

    Most Essential/Versatile S/S Sport Coats

    What would you guys say are the 2 or 3 most essential and/or versatile S/S sport coats? I recently purchased a jacket similar to the navy one below off of B&S http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...=&sectionsize= Next I'm thinking something in a Tan color, but I can't decide if I want linen...
  10. TRA8324

    Edward Green 184 last

    Can anyone help me with how this last would fit in the 9/9.5F size? I typically take a 9.5DUS. Would this shoe be too big?
  11. TRA8324

    DB fit critique

    I bought this RLPL DB off of B&S for a steal. It's a 42L. I normally where a 42R, but i've never tried on RLPL before. Do you guys think it's doable? If I decide to keep it I plan on taking off 2 inches of length, taking out some shoulder padding, and swapping the buttons with nickel blazer...
  12. TRA8324

    getting bored with my normal lunch...need healthy recommendations

    So I usually eat 3-4 things from the list below for lunch, plus a spoonful of cod liver oil. Lately i've been getting bored with it. Can anyone recommend some other healthy options to throw in to the rotation? Preferrably something ready to eat or something relatively easy to make that I can...
  13. TRA8324

    what type of brogueing is most formal? least?

    Just in general i'm curious, but also specific to the shoes I own. I have a pair of burgundy shell cordovan AE MacNeils and a pair of black AE Sanfords. Obviously the black is more formal than the burgundy, but what style is more formal? How about with wingtips versus longwing and half-brogue.
  14. TRA8324

    converse all star cup

    What do you guys think of this shoe? on sale for only $35... http://www.famousfootwear.com/Shoppi...White/%20White
  15. TRA8324

    Allen Edmonds Shell Cordovan

    Does AE make good shell cordovan shoes for the price or are there other brands I should be looking at around the $500-600 mark? I'm thinking about getting the MacNeil in shell cordovan.
  16. TRA8324

    How should a trench fit?

    I'm looking to buy a trenchcoat, but i'm not sure what size to get. I have a 43" chest, so i'm thinking about getting a size 42 which is actually 46" around. Thoughts?

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