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  1. esquire.

    zip front sweaters: Aye or Nay?

     I don't get the hate against zip front sweaters because it has a zipper. Do you also hate pants that have zippers too? But, I do get the criticism about how the Y inside a Y. Perhaps, it would have looked better if he had ditched the jacket, and popped up the collar on the zip front sweater...
  2. esquire.

    Cashmere Sweater Hierarchy

     But, what about the RL 100% cahsmere sweaters that are "made in China of Italian yarn"? Do you still have to worry about the Chinese houses adding other fibers to those sweaters if the yarn is Italian?
  3. esquire.

    Judging flatware by its looks

    Anybody own this set? If anybody does or ever used it, I'm looking for some feedback on it. With the shape of the knife, I'm concerned how that works as a cutting instrument vs. a more conventionally shaped knife. I like the lines of it, but I'm a bit wary because some of the modernist...
  4. esquire.

    Hi Ruben, I I was reading some of your comments about vacuums in this thread...

    Hi Ruben, I I was reading some of your comments about vacuums in this thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/210315/the-vacuum-test-meile-blue-moon-vs-dyson-14/15 Since those forums have since closed with all their information with it, do you remember what they said about the airflow for Miele...
  5. esquire.

    The Vacuum Test: Meile Blue Moon vs. Dyson 14+

     If the consensus was that the dyson was a poor choice, what was the consensus for a vacuum cleaner with a superior design for the brushes? Was it Miele? If it was Miele, is there a difference in brush design between all the different classes of Miele vacuums? Also, what was the consensus...
  6. esquire.

    The Wonder Years

    absofuckinglutely! she was so hot, but didn't age well and didn't look good as a natural brunette either. but she was so hot in that episode where they had to make chocolate mousse together for french class. I googled up pictures of her, and she still looked pretty hot when she was a brunette...
  7. esquire.

    Top Chef All Stars

    [ Did anyone watch the live follow-up after the show? Harold from the first season got fat as fuck. Although he seems to have done pretty well for himself. How the hell did Andy Cohen get his own show? Does he have incriminating photos of a Bravo exec with a woman or something? And, during...
  8. esquire.

    Looking for Spirit Review Site

    You might want to try Beverage Tasting Institute, which covers a large range of different drinks including whiskey. They try to make their testings ojective, but some of their results are controversial. For example, they gave a fairly low score to Plymouth Gin, which some consider one of the...
  9. esquire.

    It's College Basketball Season Boys

    Twenty years later, Bruce Pearl finally learns that karma's a bitch.
  10. esquire.

    V is for Awesome

    Pretty sure V won't come back next season (based on their ratings and what happened in the finale). With how poorly V performed in its first season, it was lucky it didn't get canceled after one season. Now, with a new president at ABC who isn't tied to the decisions of the past and even worse...
  11. esquire.

    Grant Hill goes in

    3/5 of the fab five are a good reason to put an education before bball. i think jimmy king just parked my car. Seriously, I have no idea what you're trying to say here. Jimmy King, Ray Jackson, and Juwan Howard all graduated in 4 years even though Howard left school a year early to go play in...
  12. esquire.

    Grant Hill goes in

    I think his broader point is spot on. I'm no fan of Duke but still give Coach K major props for building arguably the best modern day college basketball franchise by sticking to very simple principals regardless of race, background, etc. Ghetto or hillbilly pride, the demonization of education...
  13. esquire.

    HDMI cables

    What's it plugged into? TV and what? Cable box? Disk player? If it's an upscaling dvd or blu ray player, make sure it's outputting in 1080p. Make sure your television isn't set to stretch the image. Sometimes doing a factory reset of the equipment helps. blah blah blah Seriously. This stuff is...
  14. esquire.

    Top Chef All Stars

    If Carla was going to go out in this episode, I would have preferred it if the judges had kicked her off in the last challenge just so we wouldn't have to see Hosea crawl out of the shadows. Hosea's win in that quickfire challenge was just so symbolic of his performance his season- before...
  15. esquire.

    The Chipotle Thread

    I don't care about authenticity; I just care about flavor and taste. There was this small Mexican place by me that hand made their tortillas, but it didn't really matter in the end because you literally had to bring in a packet of salt and a lime with you to flavor their under seasoned food...
  16. esquire.

    Top Chef All Stars

    didn't realize it until reading grant achatz' book, but blais was an early comer in the french laundry kitchen. Never saw it before cause Blaise is a lot more into molecular gastronomy than Keller, but now that I think about it, I can see Keller's influence with all those puns and witticisms in...
  17. esquire.

    Top Chef All Stars

    Guess which top chef competitor was just anointed executive chef of a Michellin star* restaurant? Hung? Angelo? One of the Voltagio brothers? Jennifer Carroll? Nope, it was Amanda Baumgarten from season 7. Now, I liked her- I thought she was really cute and she seemed like she was a...
  18. esquire.

    NBA 2016-2017 Season Thread

    that's one point of view. the other is that if there is only one buyer bargaining for your product, Melo, introducing even the rumor of a competitor can help you get a better price. seems like that's the simplest and most direct scenario ... Who's the 'you', Melo or the Nuggets? I can see why...
  19. esquire.

    NBA 2016-2017 Season Thread

    As intriguing as a Melo-Bynum trade is, I don't really see Denver trading their superstar to a Western Conference opponent. I've always thought it was pretty stupid, but teams will almost always accept a lesser package to trade their superstar out of conference or out of the division rather than...
  20. esquire.

    Fish tweezer vs. needle nose pliers

    Has anybody read or tried this seafood cookbook, Olivier Roellinger's Contemporary French Cuisine: 50 Recipes Inspired by the Sea? I'm not really into french cooking, but he's supposed to be the best seafood chef in France who won three Michelin Stars only to return them shortly after he won...

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