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  1. smuj

    Crockett & Jones MTO Central

    Thanks for that. It worked. I keep hoping there will be a snowdon GMTO without the faux cap. I cannot understand why people want to spend over the odds for zug and then put hundreds of unnecessary holes in it. I have a pair of C&J veldts with a faux cap. They leak badly at the sides of the toe...
  2. smuj

    Crockett & Jones MTO Central

    Is there a zug snowdon planned at the moment. I cannot get access to the spread sheet.
  3. smuj

    Offical TRICKERS shoes and boots thread

    I like the look of it but if you are buying zug then surely it is about all about function. My early veldt snowdons have the stitch and C&J got rid of it for some reason. I raised the issue a few years back and apparently it is because the stitch line is near the break in the vamp. Because that...
  4. smuj

    Offical TRICKERS shoes and boots thread

    Hi, I have been away for a year or so. Trying to reduce my temptations which were getting expensive. I am prompted to post as I have just seen that my design for some Zug Loggers has been dug up. I have not examined the full history of posts but was there an outcome with Trickers as to whether...
  5. smuj

    Crockett & Jones MTO Central

    And it says delivery scheduled for tomorrow!
  6. smuj

    Crockett & Jones MTO Central

    I have just received my.....................tracking number. So Lindricks on the way.
  7. smuj

    Crockett & Jones MTO Central

    Any news on the brown Lindricks? I live down the road from the factory so may be the first to receive. Must have been 16 weeks now.
  8. smuj

    ** Quintessential Crockett & Jones Thread ** (reviews, quality, etc...)

    I hate it when that happens. Nearly every Tricker's boot (those without half bellows tongue) has done this on one boot or the other and I have found no way of correcting it. Never had it on my C&J's. It is very irritating to wear so would deffo take them back. On older boots I might get the...
  9. smuj

    ** Quintessential Crockett & Jones Thread ** (reviews, quality, etc...)

    Awesome, an MTO I presume. Would like some of those.
  10. smuj

    ** Quintessential Crockett & Jones Thread ** (reviews, quality, etc...)

    Great aren't they. Here are mine. Normally look super dark but the sun making them bloom. harlechs on wood by smuj posted May 11, 2018 at 4:09 AM Shoes get more TLC than my floors!
  11. smuj

    Crockett & Jones MTO Central

    Having donned the Harlechs yesterday for one of our rare sunny days, I was reminded that I am due a pair of dark brown Lindricks. I had clean forgot. As they are all paid up this now feels like a pair of free boots heading my way. It must be almost 12 weeks since the dainite Lindricks were...
  12. 20180509_115724


    harlechs on stone
  13. harlechs on wood

    harlechs on wood

  14. smuj

    Offical TRICKERS shoes and boots thread

    Shame about not getting the darker waxy as I think it looks better. Re the deer and antelope, don't really do it for me as I think the leather should be stiffer and less soft for the logger. Zug would be great. C-Shade gorse is a bit old school but very underrated as a tough weather proof...
  15. smuj

    Offical TRICKERS shoes and boots thread

    Hey, if you are in Cumbria then you need Zug loggers! Mine are for tramping around the fells nr Ullswater. (and not with orange soles, I agree)
  16. smuj

    Offical TRICKERS shoes and boots thread

    Pulling the conversation back to loggers for moment. I very nearly pushed the button on an MTO a few years back. Was trying to get a GMTO going but Tricker's moved the goal posts moving to a minimum order of 12 rather than the previous 6. Anyway it did not happen. I made up the following artwork...
  17. smuj

    Offical TRICKERS shoes and boots thread

    Loggers! You already sell Loggers and I love them. Do more, as this style is greatly overlooked IMO. I was reminded by Zippyh's recent post how good they look. I much prefer them on the 4497 last as opposed to the 4444 as they are often built. Here are my two fave loggers... WORK_ZUGsb6 by smuj...
  18. WORK_ZUGsb6


  19. WORK_waxylogger


  20. TuffLogger_170816_markedup_v03


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