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  1. Henry Boogers

    Sz. 8.5 D Ralph Lauren Bench Made In England Black Shoes (Blucher) - Crockett & Jones?

    AAAs shown, we have a barely worn pair of black bluchers with metal eyelets and nice thick soles. These show virtually no wear on the inside and only a few pidals (for those who have been here a while) of wear on the soles. Pricing includes Priority Mail CONUS; I do ship worldwide but would...
  2. Henry Boogers

    Had my workout-worn underwear stolen at the gym today

    So I started going to a gym near my building downtown because they closed the one IN my building. Nice gym, but full of strange people. Anyhow, today I get done lifting and head to the showers, leaving my underwear on top of my gym bag by my locker....no one else near my locker. Come back a...
  3. Henry Boogers

    NON-Slim Fit Pants. The Anti-Mabitex Thread

    I recently decided to get back into powerlifting and eating absurb quantities of food and my quads have ballooned back to freakish size while my waist has mostly been held in check. The problem is that I simply cannot find a wide selection of pants at a respectable/affordable price that even...
  4. Henry Boogers

    Mistaken Post Deleted.

    Wrong spot. Deleted. I like Edward Green shoes and ModernTailor for the record.
  5. Henry Boogers

    ModernTailor Shirt Review

    First, let me say that this is my 1000th post. At this rate of posting I will reach 10,000 by the time I retire. Woohoo!! So in August I was one of the lucky members to have the opportunity to place an order for a free shirt through Moderntailor.com in exchange for a review on this forum. I...
  6. Henry Boogers

    Shoe ID Help Please - NOS English Shoes for Browns

    I recently came across this pair of demi-brogues on Ebay for a whopping $24.99. They came to me in the condition shown in the last picture but naturally I had to tinker with them and add some depth of color until they looked like they do today as shown. So my question is - anybody have a clue...
  7. Henry Boogers

    Peal & Co. Wholecut Medallion Placement

    So I received my Peal wholecuts and I've noticed that the mediallions aren't perfectly symmetrical, which I have noticed in other wholecuts as well. I'm looking for feedback on the positioning of the medallion on this pair and the degree to which it would annoy you...
  8. Henry Boogers

    Where to buy shoe laces

    For some reason I can't seem to find a good source for shoe laces. J&M and our local men's store has a limited selection of black and dark brown dress laces, but I have a pair of Santoni's that look great with a ligth brown lace and I simply can't find any. If any of my flat laces break I may...
  9. Henry Boogers

    AE Brown Suede Fairhaven 9D & Alden 2210 Shell Cordovan 9D

    I'm listing stuff on Ebay and these are too nice to send there. The shell cordovan Alden's are a limited time offer...my auction goes live at 6:30 PM Eastern and the offer is good until then. AE Fairhaven Brown Suede. Size 9D, dimensions are 12 x 4". $90 shipped to CONUS Alden 2210...
  10. Henry Boogers

    Shell Cordovan Hanover Wingtips 10D and AE Spectators 10.5D

    Allen Edmonds Ridgefield Tan/light green Spectators. Don't let the photos fool you, the linen is a faint greenish beige and not a true beige. They are quite unique and of the 3 pairs I've seen the linen is very clean on these. $80 shipped CONUS. I wear a 10D Park Ave and 10.5D Chester and these...
  11. Henry Boogers

    Western Union as an Ebay seller?

    I'm well aware of the scams involved with sellers requesting that you use Western Union to pay for items but are there risks with using it as a seller? I have an international buyer who would like to do so and I do not understand the service well enough to forsee the risks with this payment...
  12. Henry Boogers

    NOS Vintage Florsheim Royal Imperial 8D - Burgundy Shell & Tan Pebble Grain

    On Ebay. Half price shipping for SF winners....I'll even wrap them extra pretty for you. I also have several pairs of used shell shoes and some other used odds and ends. Shell Cordovan Pair Tan Pebble Grain Pair
  13. Henry Boogers

    Vintage Polo RL Shoe ID help needed

    So I am currently in possesion of the pictured pair of shoes and am curious as to who might have made them. They say 'Made In England' on the inside and I hope the other important features are shown. Many thanks to those who have any insight.....
  14. Henry Boogers

    1 Day Sale - Alden / Brooks Brothers Brown Suede Captoe Blucher 10D

    I am reasonably certain these are Alden for Brooks Brothers, please feel free to chime and and refute or substantiate this claim. I have 4 other pairs of brown suede bluchers so these have to go. They're in quite excellent shape. Measurements are 12 3/8 x 4 1/4" and they are marked a size 10D...
  15. Henry Boogers

    Alden Shell Corodovan Color Question

    I'm looking for some insight into the various colors of Alden shell cordovan. I have come across a great deal of variability with AE shell, but wasn't expecting the same from Alden. Maybe I should, however, since I assume they get their hides from the same source. Alright, so I have a pair of...
  16. Henry Boogers

    Joseph Fenestrier Custom Grade Black/Beige Spectators 10D or 10E

    SOLD Barely used J. Fenestrier Custom Grade Specs in black calf and beige canvas. I think these would look hot with the 'X' lacing on them.... The canvas has a few small spots with polish on them that didn't bother me and I never made an attempt to clean, though could probably be removed. The...
  17. Henry Boogers

    Nearly New Church's Custom Grade Brown Suede Demi-Brogues 10.0D (US 10.5 Narrow +/-)

    I estimate 1-1.5 Pidals of wear on these. Offered at my breakeven delivered cost of $155. One day only sale and then off to Ebay, but at a high starting bid or perhaps using a high BIN and a best offer feature (sorry....not starting at $9.99). Shoe bags included (not a Church's bag) but trees...
  18. Henry Boogers

    FS: Almost new Allen Edmonds Stratton Burgundy 10D

    SOLD These are in queue for Ebay, but I thought I would offer them here first. I'm not familiar with Pidalian conversion but these have very little wear on them as you can see from my crappy late night flash photography. I found this shoe rather sleek for AE, but also pretty true to the 10D...
  19. Henry Boogers

    FS: Vintage Keith Highlander / Executive Imperials Longwings 10.5D

    Sold pending payment I may be wrong in calling these vintage, but oh well. These are the longwings that a number of SF'ers purchased off of Ebay without any pictures and they are very decent for the money. There is a full description of how I removed the shiny topcoat and many nice pictures of...
  20. Henry Boogers

    Removing Shiny Topcoat on Shoes / Keith Highlander Pictorial

    Okay, so I received my very expensive Keith Highlander shoes from Ebay for a whopping price of $35 + shipping last night and decided to 'Doc Holliday' them up a bit. Thanks to the Doc for his previous explanation and pictures of his work which gave be the confidence to give this a whirl. By the...

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