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  1. JesseJB

    Does walking speed indicate income?

    I've always wondered, when walking in the city on weekdays, if people who walk really slow (not including elerly or disabled- I mean people who just choose to walk really slow) in general tend to earn less money than people who haul ass everywhere- barring any sort of external uncontrollable...
  2. JesseJB

    Car-free living

    I've been carless going on 6 years now and I love it. As a downtown resident it makes sense to walk and use public transit, cabs, town cars, trains, etc. I save a ton of money and spend it on things that are generally awesome. I'm 29 and not married, so hey, it seems like the obvious way to...
  3. JesseJB

    Engagement photos: why???

    When will they go away??! They're the scourge of my news feed :mad:
  4. JesseJB

    Can having a bachelor's degree work against your career mobility?

    Getting an entry level job out of college is easy. But it seems like the mid-level jobs are reserved for people who do not have degrees (maybe it appears that they will stay with the company for a very long time?). In my case it seems I can get interviews for tons of high-level positions (only...
  5. JesseJB

    Question about gastric bypass

    Here's my question: If the Standard American Diet leads to increased risk of malnutrition and obesity, wouldn't someone with a gastric bypass be even MORE malnourished?
  6. JesseJB

    Why does it seem like fashion writers are hastening a demise of heritage/Americana?

    Just when menswear is getting really interesting, writers seem to be chomping at the bit to be the first ones to declare it all "over" and ushering a "darker, Euro look." Is the traditional American nostalgic look ever really "over?" I took the last couple years in menswear as a sign that men...
  7. JesseJB

    Where should I spend 2 1/2 weeks vacation?

    I have 2 1/2 weeks off work this coming October. Where the hell should I go? I live in Seattle, so airfare is going to kill me no matter where I fly, so Im open to anything.
  8. JesseJB

    Brew pubs in Portland for a pre-bachelor party dinner?

    I'm looking for a place for about 15-20 people, pub fare, and lots of good beer. Any suggestions? We're staying downtown and will be on foot mostly. Thanks in advance!
  9. JesseJB

    Coffee cups?

    I'm looking for a good set of cups and saucers for coffee. I like wide Euro-style ones that are bright colors but prefer a handle that is a bit bigger. Any suggestions?
  10. JesseJB

    What are people up to in your former suburb?

    ??? Edit: I could have SWORN I posted this in Genral Chat. Sooo.....sartorially, what are people up to in your former suburb? Oh God, this thread can die now I guess.
  11. JesseJB

    Why does eating an apple make me MORE hungry?

    I've never understood this, but it happens every time.
  12. JesseJB

    Alternatives to DivX?

    Anyone know of any players that will play DivX files besides DivX player? I'm kinda tired of fighting it's audio and syncronizing issues...
  13. JesseJB

    "How are you?" and other meaningless niceties...

    Is there anything more annoying than when someone asks "How are you?" and then pretty much cuts you off when you barely started to answer? Sometimes "niceties" are the most annoying thing in the world.
  14. JesseJB

    Kinect/Wii Fit, etc. as replacement for the gym

    What do you guys tell people that get really excited about how Kinect and Wii Fit will mean that they will never need to step inside a gym ever again?
  15. JesseJB

    Best way to get to sleep on a plane?

    I'm doing a redeye flight later this week and pretty much need to sleep the entire time. What do you guys do? I want to avoid having to take out a prescription.
  16. JesseJB

    Parents obsessed with their children...

    It seems to be getting worse. It's like it went from obsession over safety since the 1990's to a godawful mixture with the Gen Y "I'm a brand" mentality that automatically makes the baby a part of the parents' "fame" and as such is plastered all over their Facebook pages...
  17. JesseJB

    Am I crazy or is the gym usually empty this time of year?

    I've come up with a gym calendar: Peak time for people flooding into gyms is right after New Years and it dies off steadily for a couple months after. It seems to pick up again once people realize summer is coming, and it will be off and on throughout the summer but mostly dying off by early...
  18. JesseJB

    Icelandic Lopapeysa sweaters?

    Do any of you guys have one of these? I'm heading to Reykjavik later this fall and am thinking about picking one up. Not sure if they would translate well once I fly home, but they look damn comfortable.
  19. JesseJB

    Martini and Rossi Bianco Vermouth?

    Anyone have any experience with this stuff? I had some on the rocks with a twist the other night and it was fantastic. My server had just grabbed it for me from the bar but had never heard of the stuff either. Almost a chocolate/cedar taste to it... Anyone use it in a martini?
  20. JesseJB

    Critique my groomsmen suiting choices

    I'm the best man for my brother's wedding and will be in charge of choosing our attire. I'd like to run this by you guys and make sure it'll work. I'd appreciate your input! Wedding will be in April at 3:00pm (expecting 65 degrees and partly sunny). Wedding colors are red, robin egg blue, white...

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