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  1. eg1

    2016-17 College Football Season Threak

     Heh. :fistbump: I mean, sure Tech sucks, but UGA just sucks that little bit more ... :satisfied:
  2. eg1

    Official 2014 College Football Season Thread

    Can't stop watching replays of the Orange Bowl. Second half of COFH and the whole OB are just old-fashioned O-line beat-downs. :satisfied:
  3. eg1

    Official 2014 College Football Season Thread

     Indeed, these wins are all too infrequent :embar: The weird part is that the last two were in Athens. Sadly, I have about zero confidence for the Orange Bowl. The option doesn't seem to operate very well after long layoffs. What is the mood among Dwag fans going into the Belk Bowl? Will...
  4. eg1

    What are you reading?

     I believe that her "Systems of Survival" is the best of all. I'm currently finishing Carroll Quigley's "The Evolution of Civilizations: An Introduction to Historical Analysis". I plan to tackle his "Weapons Systems and Political Stability: A History", which at over 1000 pages ought to keep...
  5. eg1

    Official 2014 College Football Season Thread

     I realize I'm a little late, but I'll just drop this little nugget here ... Where's a troll-face emoticon when you need one?
  6. eg1

    Custom Suiting Toronto

    Walter Beauchamp bespoke no longer operates out of their own storefront -- have been revived at Holt Renfrew ... http://www.holtrenfrew.com/men/?page_id=2330
  7. eg1

    What did you eat last night for dinner?

    Cold ham. Fuck.
  8. eg1

    Foo shops for a Japanese knife

     I'm not Kevin Willis, but I get your point. :tounge: Actually, I find the sink worse than the counters for being too low. When we reno the kitchen my short wife and I can fight over this, I suppose ... Good suggestion, thanks. Since I have 4, probably not very good. :embar:
  9. eg1

    The Home Ownership Thread

    Already have an outbuilding -- pool changeroom/shed with pool heater/filter/pump plus lighting and power outlets. Don't have enough property to add a second outbuilding! :)
  10. eg1

    Foo shops for a Japanese knife

     All possibilities, as long as the thing doesn't move around much. I was thinking maybe built-in butcher block set at the right height. The whole question was inspired by the observation that ideal knife size might differ based on user size -- similarly, lever lengths, angles and so on...
  11. eg1

    The Home Ownership Thread

    Don't care about resale. As far as I am concerned, they can carry me out of here in a box! :bigstar: 150 is weird -- 125, also available, is weirder. House is about 2200 sqf and we already have every space finished (basement and garage) and are already running every electrical item imaginable...
  12. eg1

    'iGent Myths Busted!'

     I had one made up partly because I don't see them much around here, and partly because I associated the look with old guy leisure. moi aussi, RSS. For the good of your mental health and blood pressure, stay out of the CE -- it is more egregious than ever.
  13. eg1

    Foo shops for a Japanese knife

    Tangentially related, any suggestions for getting your cutting surface to a height that you like? I find regular countertop height lowish, and very hell on my back. :confused:
  14. eg1

    The Home Ownership Thread

    Finally got fed up waiting and bought a hot tub. Very happy with that -- wish I had done it years ago. :) Dominoes, though ... No space left on the old (late 70s) 32 slot 100A service. Furthermore, the previous homeowners who had finished the basement in the 90s built cabinets around/in front...
  15. eg1

    whnay.'s good taste thread

     Haven't been there since motorcycle camping on it in the summer of 1990 -- good times ... :)
  16. eg1

    The Official 2012 London Olympics Backlash Thread

    Heh, nothing quite like the natural sourness of the Brits to take the whole Olympics worship thing down a peg or two, eh? http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/olympics/comment/the-last-word-beware-the-great-big-olympics-lie-8031869.html...
  17. eg1

    The Official 2012 London Olympics Backlash Thread

     Ultimately a lot of this is decided by which sports are/are not included, eh? Whoever controls that process has a lot to say about which nations will succeed best.
  18. eg1


     My father learned as an adult in the Air Force -- we still giggle about the rigidity of his stroke. You are probably tensing up a lot of muscles unnecessarily due to anxiety, which is adding to rapid exhaustion. You might try breaststroke, which is easier for breathing. Sidestroke and...
  19. eg1

    Ate at Starbucks, WTF!

    Am I the only one struggling to square :foo:'s defense of mass-merch-food with his preference for hand-crafted clothing? :eh:
  20. eg1

    The Official 2012 London Olympics Backlash Thread

    As this is Styefo, Bob Costas' shirt/tie combination yesterday was nothing short of egregious. :fu:

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