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Recent content by yumacool

  1. yumacool

    Whites MP 11 D unstructured uncapped toe black CXL

    I see no "purchase" button. If I wish to buy them, how do I do it?
  2. yumacool

    Custom White's Boots ... Thoughts?

    Superfeet insoles provide excellent arch support -- just get the correct size! You got a great price for those AE Higgins boots.
  3. yumacool

    Custom White's Boots ... Thoughts?

    I own several pairs of Whites Semi Dress Boots for their ruggedness and great arch support. I like them a lot. I own pairs of other boots, however, (Red Wing, Gokey, Alden Indy, all made in the USA) in which I wear Superfeet insoles to provide the arch support they lack. This has worked...
  4. yumacool

    Whites MP 11 D unstructured uncapped toe black CXL

    I sent you a PM regarding the purchase of these boots. Please take a look ...
  5. yumacool

    Custom White's Boots ... Thoughts?

    I truly appreciate the input regarding sizing issues between the SD and Centennial Hiker. It's interesting that you recommend sizing up a half size. Can anyone else chime in? Quote: I once purchased at 12D centennial hiker off white's ebay only to find out when they arrived I should have...
  6. yumacool

    Custom White's Boots ... Thoughts?

    Can anyone provide advice regarding the fit of a Centennial Hiker boot in comparison to a Semi Dress boot? I normally wear a 10 or 10.5 D in Semi Dress, but am considering picking up a Centennial Hiker. I am able to purchase a lightly used pair, but in size 11D. Would this be a bad fit? The...
  7. yumacool

    Custom White's Boots ... Thoughts?

    Yes, they have quite the web presence. They told me when I visited that the only time they advertise is when an untrue rumor is going around that they have ceased operation. All work is performed right there, so their boots are American quality through and through.
  8. yumacool

    Custom White's Boots ... Thoughts?

    This is a question not about White's, but a little known boot firm called "Kuliens Handmade Shoes" in Centralia, Wash. I visited Centralia last week and stopped by the store to inspect their boots. They seemed very nice -- rugged, with thick leather and custom manufactured for each person. Is...
  9. yumacool

    Custom White's Boots ... Thoughts?

    My first pair of White's SD had a single leather sole and I wore them out in mostly urban walking in about 8 months. I have one other pair with leather soles on which I had a cobbler install Topy's, which I would highly recommend. They provide more grip to prevent slips and slides, plus they...
  10. yumacool

    Custom White's Boots ... Thoughts?

    I have three pairs of White's boots and love them. Recently, I have been looking around on Ebay and have become interested in picking up a pair of Viberg or Truman boots. I have not personally seen or tried on either of them. Can anyone compare/contrast these boots to a White's SD boot? I...
  11. yumacool

    Custom White's Boots ... Thoughts?

    Thank you, petersim, for the comparison between the two boots. Very educational.
  12. yumacool

    Custom White's Boots ... Thoughts?

    Very interesting regarding your boot fitting experience with several makers. I trust the boots you ended up with fit great. It's very difficult to purchase boots without actually going there to try some on. Thanks for taking the time to describe your experience in such detail.
  13. yumacool

    Custom White's Boots ... Thoughts?

    I don't debate the importance of sending in foot tracings or visiting in person to ensure ordering a boot that fits properly rather than guessing based on the size of athletic shoes or other boot brands. What I was asking was simply whether two boots made by the same manufacturer would fit in a...
  14. yumacool

    Custom White's Boots ... Thoughts?

    Sorry, I do not know the last on these boots. I threw the boxes away long ago and I do not see anything written inside the boots. I am inclined to get them in 10.5 D, which seems to work well with the SDs. Any recommendations?

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