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Recent content by xlhell

  1. xlhell

    Easy Rider Jacket

    This is all you really need... http://img53.exs.cx/img53/1900/dscn25357ox.jpg
  2. xlhell

    You know you're clothes-obsessed when...

    Nick, you should give it a try. The ones in my demo are 8mm Swarovski crystals ( a bit on the small side but that's the size I use for making rosaries so it's what I have on hand. 10-12mm would probably be more ideal although I've never had them slip out. Maybe if your shirt was old and the cuff...
  3. xlhell

    You know you're clothes-obsessed when...

    you make your own cufflinks...
  4. xlhell

    Evaluating Tie Quality

    Here is an example of how they used to do it. I guess handlooming is waaaaay too expensive now but back in the day...
  5. xlhell

    Tie colors

    Well since the Tiger 1 was a petrol engine perhaps the crew tooks turns "dry cleaning" their garments
  6. xlhell

    best dressed men in America

    Mr. Big from Sex & the City.
  7. xlhell

    Tie colors

    Please, please, please take the time to read my post. I did not call you Nazi-like, I called censorship Nazi-like. How do you infer that I like Nazis? Christ, they shot at my father. I admire a man who had great skill in an area of warfare. I truly wish he had been an American or an Englishman...
  8. xlhell

    Tie colors

    "I had never heard of Wittman until his name came up here but it is impossible that he rose to such a high position in the SS without making his bones along the way by planning, directing or participating in some of this violence." So you admit you are assuming that because Wittman...
  9. xlhell

    Tie colors

    esquire, don't confuse the discussion with facts. Only warm and fuzzy avatars are allowed here. And the use of George Bush as a avatar is allowed because he's our mass murderer (but with only 100,000 Iraq dead he's rather a lightweight). The only reason I chose Wittman is because he looked so...
  10. xlhell

    Tie colors

    "Poor "sweepingly tarred" guy, just following orders ...(like the vast majority of his compatriots...)while unbeknownst to him, his country wiped out millions in a grab for world control." The guy who pressed the "bombs away" button in the Enola Gay killed...
  11. xlhell

    Tie colors

    MICHAEL WITTMANN (1914-1944), proud son of the Bavarian village of Vogelthal and winner of the coveted Knight's Cross with Oakleaves and Swords, has to go down as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, exponent of the art of armoured warfare in the modern era. During his many campaigns both...
  12. xlhell

    Justify buying a pair of EGs

    "No, matter what members of the forum might say, it's important to balance our social status with the appearance." Sorry but I don't agree with this. I make a modest amount of money, but without a wife or kids I have a bit more disposable income than a family man who makes twice what...
  13. xlhell

    Tie colors

    I think you have to evaluate this on a tie by tie basis. I have a couple of Duchamps micro-floral ties that have at least five colors and I think they look gorgeous. Larger patterns may not be able to pull it off, however. It may just look too busy.
  14. xlhell

    Justify buying a pair of EGs

    One of my favorite clothing quotes: "The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten." Go for it.
  15. xlhell

    coffetable labels

    Just got a Duchamps and Thierry Mugler label. Who do I kick out?

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