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Recent content by werthan

  1. werthan

    Business Casual Daily Shirts (Hamilton, Mashburn, etc.)

    Hello. I am looking for some button down shirts (potentially spread or button down collars) that can be worn daily in a business casual atmosphere (i.e., with chinos or with a sport coat). I haven't bought shirts in a while and most of my previous shirts are just Nordstrom non-iron shirts...
  2. werthan

    Business Shirts

    Sorry to revive an old thread, but I had the same exact question (although I would be happy to stay with T&A, or try Emma or something else). Any responses?
  3. werthan

    Viberg for Styleforum GMTO Pre-orders available now until August 16.

    Thank you all very much. So it sounds like 12.5 it is. Really appreciate the help.
  4. werthan

    Viberg for Styleforum GMTO Pre-orders available now until August 16.

    Hello - could use a little sizing help. Going to order the Aged Bark tonight. I typically wear a 12.5 Alden Barrie, 12,5/13 Edward Green (Brooks Brothers), 13 Allen Edmonds, and 14 Nike. I am sort of all over the place? Thanks in advance.
  5. werthan

    Briefcase porn thread

    Found it, but it looks like there are a lot of knockoffs, so can't tell which one is the original. For anyone who needs it: http://www.kingswaycarryall.com/products/chiarugi-classic-italian-leather-briefcase-brown-4478
  6. werthan

    stylish backpack

    Anyone know who makes this backpack? http://thesharpgentleman.tumblr.com/image/65542260093 backpack.jpg (409k. jpg file)
  7. werthan

    Quick question

    Would anyone happen to know who makes the leather (or suede?) backpack/rucksack at this link: http://mugenstyle.tumblr.com/post/51654153066/let-live-or-die. I am also looking for the jacket on the bottom right. I am beginning to hate Tumblr. Thanks in advance. Note to moderator: Sorry, I...
  8. werthan

    Shoe identification

    Thank you. Sorry for the incorrect forum.
  9. werthan

    Shoe identification

    I hope it is ok to post this. Can anyone tell me what shoes are below? Can't seem to find the manufacturers. Thanks in advance.
  10. werthan

    Identifying boots on VF cover

    Sorry, I acknowledge this may be a lame question, but I am asking anyway in case it is an easy answer for someone. Does anyone know what boots Matt Damon is wearing on the new Vanity Fair cover? (Link). Not a particularly great image, but best I could find. Not a major Damon fan -- I just...
  11. werthan


    I have to admit, I love Blackberries. However, I have the Storm and despise it. It is not because of the typing or the slowness of the operating system (since I have updated it to the newest firmware release) - it is the fact that it takes so many clicks and slow menus to perform the simplest...
  12. werthan

    Could anyone recommend a hotel in San Fran?

    My wife and I are taking our first vacation since our honeymoon (and second vacation in 8 years). Sad -- I know. At any rate, we are going to SF for part of the trip, and then to Napa. We have Napa worked out, but we were wondering if anyone has recommendations on the following hotels. We have...
  13. werthan

    Wings +horns Brown Service Boot

    Do not mean to threadjack, but may I ask for an opinion? I was trying to decide between the W+H Dayton X in black (size 12.5) versus the Fiorentini + Baker Eternity boots: http://www.barneys.com/Eternity/0776...efault,pd.html. I guess I just like boots with a "+" in the name. There is a...
  14. werthan

    Opinions on Three Boots

    Thank you all for the opinions. Based on advice from this forum, I actually purchased Clarks Desert Boots in dark brown this weekend. I also intend to purchase the Comfort Craftsman in brown or black. I also am trying to purchase the attached boots from a.testoni. I do not know much about the...
  15. werthan

    Opinions on Three Boots

    Hi all. For some reason, I have not owned boots for quite some time, and wanted to pick up two or three for casual wear (jeans, khakis etc.). I wanted to get people's opinion on the following boots. Based on my reviews of this forum, I was considering one of the following RM Williams. Does...

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