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Recent content by Von Franz

  1. Von Franz

    The Armoury - Official Affiliate Thread

    thank you!
  2. Von Franz

    The Armoury - Official Affiliate Thread

    Picked up a pair of Wyndham semi brogues a little while ago, and couldn’t be more pleased with them. They fit true to size for me (for reference, I’m a 10.5 D in Alden’s Aberdeen last), and the wider forefoot makes them extremely comfortable even though they are my sleekest shoes.
  3. Von Franz

    Oxford brogue colour

    Maybe these will work: https://www.herringshoes.co.uk/trickers/bourton_brogues/acorn-calf
  4. Von Franz

    Sneakers that disguise as dress shoes

    Well, the username checks out.
  5. Von Franz

    Wanted: Crunchy Black Knit Tie (7cm)

    Well, I'll definitely keep them in mind if the other one doesn't work out. Thanks!
  6. Von Franz

    Wanted: Crunchy Black Knit Tie (7cm)

    Crap, I actually just bought a Luciano Barbera on eBay! Is this the German factory that makes Drake's knits?
  7. Von Franz

    Wanted: Crunchy Black Knit Tie (7cm) - Wanted: Crunchy Black Knit Tie (7cm)

    Somehow, I don't have one of these. I'd buy one directly from Drake's, but the current $165 price is nuts. Surely someone here can do better. If not Drake's, the tie should at least be: -7cm -Crunchy and dry -Black A slightly irregular "rice grain" pattern like the tie pictured is preferable...
  8. Von Franz

    Wanted: Crunchy Black Knit Tie (7cm)

    Von Franz submitted a new listing: Wanted: Crunchy Black Knit Tie (7cm) - Drake's or similar. Read more about this listing...
  9. Von Franz

    Perfect loafer?

    @Thin White Duke , here's a scotch grain pair, although they are more tan than reddish brown. You could probably ask Mashburn or Rancourt to make you a reddish-brown pair, or polish them darker. http://www.sidmashburn.com/shop/shoes/brown-sid-mashburn-scotch-grain-penny-loafer.html
  10. Von Franz

    Perfect loafer?

    Those Italian Mashburns are made by Peluso, I think. The quality looks pretty good but in my opinion they're a little to snouty to be classic. Sid's Rancourt penny loafer, which costs $295, is a near-perfect clone of the OG Bass Weejun...
  11. Von Franz

    What are the best RTW moleskin pants you've found?

    Polo's Corneliani pants are primo, and that easier fit is well on its way back-- although, tbh, I've never felt that my Prestons were dated. Nice, easy, classic cut. With pleats, those are essentially on trend already.
  12. Von Franz

    What are the best RTW moleskin pants you've found?

    Yeah, if I had to guess I'd say 80s or early 90s. Maybe earlier.
  13. Von Franz

    What are the best RTW moleskin pants you've found?

    I have two pairs of moleskin pants: a lovat green pair from Cordings, and a vintage chocolate brown pair from Polo. The Cordings pants are pretty decent. The best aspect, for me, is the fit. The rise is nice and high, and coupled with the fairly narrow leg opening (a little over 8", if I had to...
  14. Von Franz

    Which one of these hats looks best on me?

    Unrelated to hats, but what glasses are those? Kind of a neat design.
  15. Von Franz

    What type of loafer is this?

    Looks like the Paraboot "Reims" model. http://topgrain.co.uk/2014/06/paraboot-reim/

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