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Recent content by ViroBono

  1. ViroBono

    Travel Bag Suggestions

    The Billingham company makes rather adventuresome, colonial type bags, which granted are geared towards cameras, but might work for general usage. http://www.billingham.co.uk/home.asp Billingham also make straightforward travel bags, which are similar in style to the camera bags but without...
  2. ViroBono

    Which European dishes/beverages are done worst in USA

    I always thought pancakes with real maple syrup was a Canadian thing - whenever I've had it in the US it's been with synthetic syrup. Simple cakes and pies are fairly universal, with regional specialities, such as British scones (nothing like the dire 'biscuit' things the Americans produce)...
  3. ViroBono

    Sitting Ducks?

    In the Copeland case, there was some (poor-quality) CCTV and other evidence from which a description was gained and this was the basis of determining who to interview. The PC/lefty types imagine that stop and search is a technique used by the police to harrass minority groups by stopping and...
  4. ViroBono

    Who would you like to meet on Style Forum?

    I miss Belfast, and am trying to find a way to work a visit with the other half, so I can visit Clarke & Dawe again. My C&D shirts are still going strong too.
  5. ViroBono

    Sitting Ducks?

    Esquire The idea that the bombings in London may have been carried out by right-wing extremists is risible - I doubt they would have either the contacts or expertise to carry out such an attack. It's worth noting that Copeland left the British National Party (successors to the National Front)...
  6. ViroBono

    Sitting Ducks?

    (globetrotter @ July 09 2005,05:54) all we do know about the terrorists is that they are relativly young muslim men. if this is the only thread, that is what we should pursue, and we should do what ever it takes, even if it may be a little unpleasant to some innocent people, to get to the...
  7. ViroBono


    Not hatred at all, just a little light banter. In fact, I would rather Paris had got the Olympics, and all the expense and hassle that goes with it. Tony Bliar's PC brigade decided that it would be insensitive to celebrate the British victory at Trafalgar by actually referring to it. In real...
  8. ViroBono


    Possibly, but we got our own back at Crecy and Agincourt. And again at the Battle of the Nile, Copenhagen, Trafalgar and Waterloo.
  9. ViroBono

    Sitting Ducks?

    Globetrotter is right - you have to get the terrorist. I think that we in the UK have to lose a bit of the political correctness, too. 'Community leaders' are complaining in the media that it's not fair that young muslim men are stopped and searched, and the lefty brigade wring their hands...
  10. ViroBono

    Help finding these shoes . . .

    Do you mean this type of thing? They are called Kilim slippers. Those above are from Pickett, and also available at Shipton & Heneage, and even direct from Turkey.
  11. ViroBono


    ...whilst still failing to get the 2012 Olympics. What better way for us in UK to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Nelson's great victory at Trafalgar than beating Johnny Frenchman again... Huzzah.
  12. ViroBono

    Roderick Charles

    My covert coat came from their Jermyn Street shop. I'm perfectly happy with it; it was reasonably priced and the quality and fit are excellent.
  13. ViroBono

    Favorite Beers

    Coniston Breweries Bluebird Bitter Devil's Elbow and Devil's Water - made at the Dipton Mill a micro-brewery in a pub in Northumbria Leffe Duvel Most German beers
  14. ViroBono

    TM Lewin shirts?

    According to Lewin's website, they have their own factory in Leigh on Sea, Essex. However, last time I was in the shop there seemed to be a good deal of 'special purchase' foreign-made stock.
  15. ViroBono

    casual bag question

    I have this, one of my several Billingham bags: It's about 15 inches x 12 x 5 inches. There's a shoulder strap which is tucked under the flap in the pic. It's big enough to take my PowerBook and all the bits that go with it. It has a removeable padded liner (it was originally for cameras). Top...

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