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  1. Usonian

    Skoaktiebolaget – Enzo Bonafé, Saint Crispin’s, John Lobb, Löf & Tung

    well, them AND the boots look great! I went to the PBJ store in Tokyo last year, nothing quite worked out, but they seemed to be out of the things in my size unfortunately... ended up with some Momo's instead, which are really terrific, but not PBJs. ANYWAY...
  2. Usonian

    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    @Meermin y'all better bring back those unlined wholecut loafers in like... a million different leathers... because I will buy all of them...
  3. Usonian

    Skoaktiebolaget – Enzo Bonafé, Saint Crispin’s, John Lobb, Löf & Tung

    @dangerous what are those jeans? PBJ? or one of those super neppy N&Fs?
  4. Usonian

    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    I'm certainly in the E camp of things, maybe on the ever so slightly wider side, I take 10.5E US and for the most part, I've been pretty well off with 10UK, and the HIRO last was no exception to me. it might be a liiiiitttttllleeee on the slimmer side than i'd prefer, but I have had no problems...
  5. Usonian

    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    oops, yeah, I'm 10UK haha. must have removed that when I reread and edited that post... should have rereread... I don't find it to be offensively long though, but that's just me i suppose.
  6. Usonian

    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    I haven't tried anything on the RON last to answer your previous question, I've only had things on the HIRO last. I'm generally a 10.5E in most US things, I might even say I'd be between E and EE, but I know EEE is a bit too wide for me. But HIRO is good for me, not too long, just wide enough...
  7. Usonian

    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    I haven't worn mine outside yet, because covid, and because i'm not a big chukka with shorts in the summertime kinda guy... So far I've just worn them around the house, and i find them obscenely comfortable, right out of the box. I think they'll also break in a bit easier as well. I've had a...
  8. Usonian

    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    aesthetically, i much prefer the chukka boot double monks to the low cut shoe. It feels much more resolved in terms of proportioning and hierarchy. I've always liked double monks, but something just felt off... i've always leaned towards like double monk loafers from santoni, or double monk...
  9. Usonian

    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    @Henrickus yeah Meermin isn't great at communication it seems. I personally have never had a real issue, they've responded relatively quickly with answers, and I haven't had an issue with shipping either, but you experience doesn't seem unusual...
  10. Usonian

    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    finally got my hands on my unlined ultraflex chukkas, I gotta say, these bad boys are wildly comfortable right off the bat, and I think are gonna be the easiest meermin to break in. I've generally had a longer break in period with all of my meermins than i do with any other shoes. leather is...
  11. Usonian

    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    meermin has sizing charts if you email them, they'll help you out. Also, if it's your first pair of dress shoes, I might opt for something in brown rather than black... black isn't quite as versatile, and if you're just getting into the world of dressing up, the sharpness of the black may be a...
  12. Usonian

    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    I think that looks pretty true to what I have from my navy suede from Meermin. I got some chukkas a few years back, and they definitely don't look drab in my opinion. But I'm also a sucker for navy suede, so I may be blinded by bias.
  13. Usonian

    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    bumpin this, anyone have pics/thoughts on cherry versus burgundy? @Crafty Cumbrian do you have pairs of both? it looks like you might...
  14. Usonian

    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    The Rod last is new, so not a lot of experience with it yet. I ordered them as well, have been a nice 10UK on the hiro for 3 pairs, they recommended I stick with it for the Rod, so we'll see when they show up.
  15. Usonian

    Meermin Mallorca Shoes

    anyone have some live pics of the cherry shell and the burgundy shell? either or. probably going to hop in on the MTO for the unlined loafers, just want to see which one's gonna be better... I think my main potential concerns are the burgundy's not being rich enough, or too dark or flat, or that...

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