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Recent content by urymoto

  1. urymoto

    Persol 714 vs 649

     Just bought a pair at 140. Look auentic, weih 45 grams, like they should, but not polarized
  2. urymoto

    Recent non-Sartorialist Looks

     Horrific. Horrible pasty white ankles shuld not be shown off
  3. urymoto

    Persol authenticity?

    Ok, ive received mine... If they are fake, i will send the seller my congratulations, and will gladly keep them even at 140 I even weighted them 45 grams, exactly like oem specs...everything looks great. Its really weird....seems so suspicious, butnno matter how deep i dig, i find nothing
  4. urymoto

    Are these fake Persols 715?

    Looks all good. Tey weight exactly 45 grams, hinges are metallic, all boxes and papers llook good. If theyare fake, he deserves the money i paid him
  5. urymoto

    Are these fake Persols 715?

    ok i see... ill be opening them today. 4.99 shipping DHL from Israel, to canda in 4 days. awfully cheap if you ask me. ill post pics
  6. urymoto

    Are these fake Persols 715?

    I mean 714.... This guy says hes in the usa, but ships out of israel http://www.ebay.ca/itm/New-PERSOL-Sunglasses-Steve-McQueen-PO-0714-714-95-31-Black-Grey-Green-52mm-/280988987262 Odd thing is his feedback.....its pretty crystal clean Any opinions?
  7. urymoto

    Persol authenticity?

    I just bought a pair, from encino..it was shipped via dhl in 4 days, from israel.....hahahha, for 4.99 Glasses were 150 Didnt even see them yet...i smell a refund
  8. urymoto

    Ridiculous fashion trends

    Anything hipster Its disgusting
  9. urymoto

    Sorel Caribou boots--- Lace choice - help

    Last bump...
  10. urymoto

    Sorel Caribou boots--- Lace choice - help

    Hi all red or brown. whaddya think? like them both equally. these boots actually look bitching
  11. urymoto

    Need opinion on these Santoni boots

    where do you live....? lets just say in canada, thats not going to fly in winter, and many parts of fall as well... seem very sumery and spring
  12. urymoto

    would you use this shoe polish (moneyworht and best)?

    hi all, i want to use this shoe polish from moneysworth and best on my new 1000 mile boot before i put them away for the remainder of the winter. it says its a blend of natural waxes....does anybody have any experience with this polish...
  13. urymoto

    Pursuing Investment Banking from a State School, how difficult is it?

    if i could give you one piece of advice: and i know you wont like this. change major, do something else. this business is dead, its not worth it anymore. especaily slaving around in IB during the best years of your life. if anything aim for trading, youll get a much balance, but that is even...
  14. urymoto

    CFA Exam & Material

    cfa is the new highschool....you needs it dont be cheap, buy the new ones.

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