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  1. talkhot

    What are your favorite handmade tie companies?

    For custom made I love Cappelli, Shibumi and recently had a good experience with Brunati Como ordering a classic polka dot tie. For RTW ties besides some of the great mentioned already, I love Amide Hadelin (Netherlands), I like his choice for fabrics and patterns...
  2. talkhot

    E.G. Cappelli Store now LIVE!

    Nice picks! I love Shibumi as well, but "unfortunately" can only pick from the bespoke section. From there regular tie section 147cm is too short and 160cm too long for me. Pictures of my lasted Cappelli order. This order including my first to own white ties.
  3. talkhot

    E.G. Cappelli Store now LIVE!

    Seeing them on these pictures the pc2509 actually. You know the one you are going with?
  4. talkhot

    E.G. Cappelli Store now LIVE!

    Look what I came across 🤭 https://shibumi-firenze.com/ties/printed/3906/50oz-floral-printed-silk-tie-chocolate-hand-rolled https://shibumi-firenze.com/sale/3610/floral-printed-silk-tie-chocolate-hand-rolled
  5. talkhot

    E.G. Cappelli Store now LIVE!

    Interesting question. I had my eye on the same two ties for my next order and the same idea as you to pick one 😂. So pc3085 has blue and green details, making it possibly easier to match with more pocket squares and similarly coloured suits. The pc2509 has something subtly bold, imagine it with...
  6. talkhot

    E.G. Cappelli Store now LIVE!

    Some new Cappelli ties came in today, Two of them are from new stock I believe.
  7. talkhot

    E.G. Cappelli Store now LIVE!

    Seems some new stock is up! Not to much of the new section has my personal interest though, but I have still have enough to find in the old stock/classics :) I attached some pictures of my last order, there not the best quality but maybe it helps. Wool ones are 3 fold light lining, regular silk...
  8. talkhot

    Viola Milano - Horrible Experience

    Hi IlyaK, Very curios if you got your tie in the end and how much the delay turend out? I've ordered a (bespoke) tie 7 weeks ago and I really hope they solved there delivery issues :). I don't mind waiting (is that not what classic mens wear is about, patience) as long as kind of clear how long...
  9. talkhot

    Exquisite Trimmings - Finest Men's Accessories - Affiliate Thread

    Also had the pleasure of ordering two ties and two pairs of socks on the new site. If I get to it, I'll share some pictures. Some of the house brand ties are on a steal price and the quality is amazing, I'm a huge fan of the 9cm x 150cm tie offerings (I don't wear 8cm ties). The new site is...
  10. talkhot

    E.G. Cappelli Store now LIVE!

    Thanks :) Ordered the tie on the 30th of April. I very much empathise – which one did you add? If I would/could order all the ties I like, it would probably an order of 30 or more. My next mission is to find 3 to expand the tie palette...
  11. talkhot

    E.G. Cappelli Store now LIVE!

    Received my first order this weekend. I'm very happy with the fit and quality of the tie! The tie I've ordered is still in its collection. I went for 152cm and regular lining. https://www.patriziocappelli.it/shop/twill-silk-ties-pc2543/
  12. talkhot

    The Official Carmina Sizing Thread

    H, is anyone a 9UK G in C&J and has experience with any of the Carmina lasts in EEE fitting? I'm considering ordering a double monk on the Rain last and an oxford on the Forest last. I live in EU so can return them relatively easily in case of a false size, but I rather get it right on the...
  13. talkhot

    How vintage are these Edward Green shoes?

    That translation is great! So the shoes with the Made by.. seems to be pre 80's That makes them really vintage. I also contacted EG about the shoes. Dumb is I was I forgot to ask about the age... I've ask them about the last they used and which shoe trees I could best use for them. EG wrote...
  14. talkhot

    How vintage are these Edward Green shoes?

    Here are same more photos of the shoes as a whole. These are from the shots I took before. For more/better photos I need to make more, but maybe these are good enough. The shoes are not really slim although not extremely bulky either. They got a UK F width. Do you think the soles need to be...
  15. talkhot

    How vintage are these Edward Green shoes?

    Today I received the EG shoes I bought earlier on ebay. The shoes surprise me a bit and so I'm curious to get some sf opinion about them. At first they don't have this typical EG 'frame' in the shoe, where they would write the last number end so. In both the shoes there's a 'hand' written text...

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