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Recent content by spokebe

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    Mirror Shine Class in Toronto (with starter kit)

    Mirror Shine Class in Toronto (with starter kit) If you want to be a part of next year's shoe revitalization challenge, here's your chance to learn how to achieve a mirror gloss on your shoes! Or if you just want your shoes to be protected and looking great all through the winter, this...
  2. S

    What's this kind of lapel called?

  3. S

    New Girlfriend wants to tell me how to dress...

    I think it would be nicer to be with a woman who appreciates your style, and doesn't try to change it. She did start dating you and how you dress may have had a part in that. So why would she try to change that. Sounds a bit controlling. Hope you find happiness!
  4. S

    Need advice on fit for wedding

    I prefer the grey suit. The lapels are thicker and I think that suits you well. I like the fit in the shoulders. And I like that the grey has an earthy undertone. I think it'll look better in photos too. The navy suit looks like it's thick to me. It's nice and fits well, but I think you''ll...
  5. S

    Hardwick Blazer Fit advice

    No problem. If you open it and hold close together at the point where it doesn't have the x, is the general amount you'd want to let it out. I'm doing the same with one of my suits right now. Some people like the tight look, but if you're having photos taken in the suit, it's nice if it sits...
  6. S

    Boy's first suit: what shoes look nice with a light grey suit?

    I agree that loafers would be too casual. But the kid is 9. Black is safe and repeatable. Chelsea boots a stylish choice too!
  7. S

    Military style winter jacket for men?

    I agree. It's much too cold for that jacket in the winter in Montreal. Looking like you're trying g yo be stylish when the wind is blowing in your face at 40 kmh is not a stylish look. There are lots of great Canadian outerwear designers. Have fun looking them up and picking something that fits...
  8. S

    Matching suit and the rest

    Can you put the items together and take a picture then post it? It's hard to tell.
  9. S

    Hardwick Blazer Fit advice

    You get the x when the blaze is too tight in the girth. You can ask your tailor to let it out for you.
  10. S

    Shirt and Tie Advice

    I'm wearing this 3 piece suit for my wedding in a couple of weeks. Was going to wear a white shirt (spread collar) with no tie. But now I'm having second thoughts. Any advice?
  11. S

    Suits and bad weather

    True, I have seen shorter jackets. Thanks for good advice!
  12. S

    Suits and bad weather

    Thanks for good advice!
  13. S

    Suits and bad weather

    I've started wearing suits to work this year and need advice on how to wear them during rainy weather/fall season. I currently just use an umbrella, but as it gets colder, what's your advice? Do I get a trench? How about in the winter?
  14. S

    Surgeon Cuff Advice

    The function I like from surgeon cuffs is when wearing a shirt with forward link french cuffs. It helps to show off your cufflinks the most this way. This style works for some, I prefer discretion. But that could be a function of the surgeon's cuff.
  15. S

    Introduce yourself.

    Hello Styleforum, I'm relatively new to the fashion industry. I've worked in hospitality, charity, and plethora of other jobs before flittering down in a custom suit shop in Toronto. I'm here to learn more, improve my style, show-off from time to time, and ask for advice. I look forward to...

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