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Recent content by Snowman_SE

  1. Snowman_SE

    Wedding Shoes Dilemma!

    ah, the reason why i didn't want to spend money on a pair of 'intermediary' shoes was just because i'd feel like they'd be a waste of money. it'd be a single use shoe, basically. I've looked and looked and there's almost nothing that i can find in a last that i like. i hear the allen edmonds...
  2. Snowman_SE

    Good places to order mens socks from

  3. Snowman_SE

    Shoes in Winter

    Order a made-to-order shoe from one of the better brands like Edward Green, Gaziano & Girling, Alfred Sargent Handgrade etc with a crepe, commando, wibram or similar sole. These makers can produce nice dress boots fitted with rubber soles without taking the elegance away. Many other brands...
  4. Snowman_SE

    I Want My Body To Smell Good

    If you want to smell like someone in power then you don't want to smell much at all. People in power tend to want you to listen to what they are saying, not take notice of how good/bad they smell. Both the reaction "my, oh my, that guy smells good" or the opposite "what the hell is that guy...
  5. Snowman_SE

    $6,000 shoe budget

    Dress brown: John Lobb "Beckett " Dress brown: George Cleverley "Charles" Dress casual brown: Gaziano & Girling "Hove" Dress Casual black: Edward Green "Sandringham"
  6. Snowman_SE

    The Ideal Shell Cordovan Shoe?

    I'd go for a semi-brogue Derby (or Blucher I think the yanks calls it). In a light shade. Like this one from EG in Whiskey.
  7. Snowman_SE

    G&G in Sweden (shoe porn)

    Could somebody please tell me what last shape that last shoe was? The last shoe (alligator) is a bespoke shoe. So not a ordinary last. I'd say that if I'd compare it to a ready-to-wear G&G last it's closest to TG73.
  8. Snowman_SE

    Shoe Damage Report & Shoe P0rn Central - Part II

    Sorry for the poor quality, mobile camera and a lousy photographer (me). But just wanted to post my G&G St James in Vintage Rioja.
  9. Snowman_SE

    G&G in Sweden (shoe porn)

    I found some more extremely nice Gaziano & Girling pictures on a Swedish style blog. Actually the best shoe porn pics I've seen in a while...(no I did not shoot them ) Attachment 49681 Attachment 49682 Attachment 49683 Attachment 49684 Attachment 49685 Full article...
  10. Snowman_SE

    G&G in Sweden (shoe porn)

    That colour makes em look nicer than the Vintage Maple they have as a default colour. These looks like Rosewood ? Vintage Cherry on the MH71 last according to the cobbler's website! But they look closer to vintage cedar in the pictures? I would really like to see them "in the wild", as Luk-cha...
  11. Snowman_SE

    Starting an online magazine

    Steps: 1. Pretend your viewpoint is somehow unique and needed. Pretend nobody already publishes in print or online about men's fashion. Pretend that publishing on your own site is the best method for it to get read. 2. Start a blog. 3. Get in the long line of people who dreamed of making it...
  12. Snowman_SE

    G&G in Sweden (shoe porn)

    Luk-cha, they're the Hanly. Launched in 2008 or 2009 I think? I also found out that Gaziano & Girling is going to be sold at Hans Allde as well. They're having a clearance right now so G&G is not available there until next week from what I hear.
  13. Snowman_SE

    G&G in Sweden (shoe porn)

    I am surprised to see that there is a market in Uppsala for 1000 Euro shoes. Even in Madrid only a few stores run shoes in that price range, and that in spite of the fact that a- the number of rich people in Madrid is far above the number of rich "Uppsalabor" (unfortunately, also the number of...
  14. Snowman_SE

    G&G in Sweden (shoe porn)

    Praise the Lord! Gaziano & Girling has finally arrived in Sweden. Found this cobbler in Uppsala that sells them: http://www.davidsonsskomakeri.com/gallery_96.html
  15. Snowman_SE

    leather sole and water/snow/dirt

    ... living in Gothenburg I know exactly what you mean (I'm hoping to move to Stockholm this winter by the way). Don't forget about the salt either, I doubt it's healthy for leather soles. [] Personally I will use two pair of shoes with Dainite soles this winter, and one pair of shoes with...

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