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Recent content by Simulacra

  1. Simulacra

    18 East

    Holy shit that shirt. Does anyone know how much is it priced at? I promised my wallet not to buy anything for a few months.
  2. Simulacra

    18 East

    Hey guys, I have a pair of goreckis that I had accidentally sized up 2 sizes (XL when I wear M). Unfortunately, I am based out of Egypt and returns are impossible and costly. I love the pants and have worn them a few times but they obviously hang very loose and can't be used for anything more...
  3. Simulacra

    18 East

    Shamelessly promoting myself in hopes of getting a sponsorship deal to continue hiking Sinai's Saint Catherine's mountains in customized 18 East gear :) We spent a few days with members of the Jebaleya tribe in Saint Catherine, hiking some of their well known mountains (we did 5 summits and...
  4. Simulacra

    18 East

    Thanks to everyone who replied. I definitely haven't excessively sized up. I'm a 33 in all my pants which usually translates to medium. So one size up would be a large. This means the pants hang on my hips, me needing to lift them every 5 mins or so. Any active movement and I feel they'll...
  5. Simulacra

    18 East

    Hey guys, TL;DR - sized up on goreckis but not sure how to prevent them from slipping off my hips Arguably the dumbest question here. I just got my pair of goreckis and thrilled with the fit. I obviously took the recommendation and sized up to large from my usual medium. Now my only problem...
  6. Simulacra

    Tips on Designing a Tie Pattern

    No I think silk screening is a tad too advanced for what I want to try...perhaps as the idea is refined. What is the level of silk quality I can expect with Spoonflower? Thanks for reminding me that ties are cut on the bias. I guess this entails that the pattern be printed diagonally so that...
  7. Simulacra

    Tips on Designing a Tie Pattern

    I wanted to inquire about the forum's experiences, thoughts and ideas on designing my own patterns for ties. I have a few prints in mind that are of cultural value that I believe are refined and tasteful to be worn in a professional setting, yet individualistic to express myself. I thought I...
  8. Simulacra

    Durable Pants Fabric for Unbearable Summers

    Thanks Lucasfilms, I went through the brands you mentioned online but unfortunately they aren't in Egypt. However, I will look up pants in the cotton, linen, and silk combo you mentioned. Curious if anyone else has experimented with other fabrics as well?
  9. Simulacra

    Durable Pants Fabric for Unbearable Summers

    Appreciate the response. Any idea how do these hold up after multiple wears? Also, any experience as to where I can get a decent ones that will hold up and are easy on the wallet.
  10. Simulacra

    Durable Pants Fabric for Unbearable Summers

    Hi Everyone, Living in Cairo, yet having failed evolutions test at coping with summers, I am in the search for a fabric that is durable like jeans yet breezy. I'm in the process of building a wardrobe consisting of pieces that I will wear as a uniform. My plan is to buy multiples of the same...

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