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Recent content by Sheldon Troulebrains

  1. S

    Best shoe last for flat / shallow feet?

    Have you tried 3/4 insoles? Superfeet, Powerstep, and Birkenstock all make decent over the counter versions. Should give you ample room in the toebox while also taking up vertical space in the shoe.
  2. S

    Luxire Custom Clothing - Official Affiliate Thread

    I agree with all of the above. Also: please standardize fabric weights (some are measured in gsm, others in oz) and add a "weight" filter. If someone has already mentioned this, consider this a "second."
  3. S

    S.E.H Kelly

    So it seems best to always qualify "3 season" with a particular space-time. Tricky term, that one.
  4. S

    S.E.H Kelly

    Oh thank goodness. I though either this was a miracle cloth or you were made of densely knitted wool. Is that the "normal" meaning of "3-season?" Spring summer fall? I kind of thought it was fall winter spring. But what do I know?.
  5. S

    S.E.H Kelly

    Thanks for the info. When you say "I have needed to layer with some knitwear," are you telling me that you can get through Chicago winter temps with just a sweater and car coat?!?!?! That would be much warmer than I expected. A very warm coat indeed. Do you spend much time walking outside during...
  6. S

    S.E.H Kelly

    Thank you for the detailed reply. You've given me some things to think about. I do appreciate the difficulty of commenting on "3-season" jackets. FWIW, I'm in Illinois, USA, where temps ocassionally dip below 0F and summer temps hover in the mid-80s (all of this, of course, subject to change in...
  7. S

    S.E.H Kelly

    Hi Paul, I really love your garments! I'd like to purchase a jacket or overshirt or coat or something, but I have a tight clothing budget at the moment and will need to plan and save carefully. Do you have any suggestions for a very versatile, 3 season type jacket that really captures the spirit...

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