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Recent content by Servo2000

  1. Servo2000

    FS: Rick Owens XS Lamb Stooges RU6747 /LG

    Photos from the Rick Owens London Store Model Number: RU6747 /LG Unworn, can be shipped in its box from the Rick Owens store for a nominal shipping fee or without for free, currently looking for around $1500 shipped / with shipping depending on if you want the box.
  2. Servo2000

    CDG Homme Plus SS2011 Mesh Cross Blazer BNWT

    I have this jacket in a small and will vouch for how ridiculously amazing it is. The fabric, the details, the mesh, the fit. Flawless. Worth every penny - I would have paid more.
  3. Servo2000

    Woolrich Woolen Mills Fall/Winter 2009

    I think it's in the John Rich stuff, not Woolen Mills. Barney's Seattle has a similar sounding jacket, but I thought it had a hood. It definitely had a hood (forgot to mention, obviously - the neckstrap was sort of "in" the hood and covered the lower part of the face for inclement weather). I...
  4. Servo2000

    Woolrich Woolen Mills Fall/Winter 2009

    I was at Barney's Los Angeles and - I could be remembering incorrectly - but they had what I thought I recalled being a selection of Woolrich Woolen Mills stuff. There was a jacket that was a relatively short grey-wool that I imagine was filled with down - it had a neck strap that was lined with...
  5. Servo2000

    Considering some white/off white jeans

    I haven't read through this thread but someone PM'ed about posting my picture wearing my american apparel white ones. I imagine they've been mentioned already but here's the image. I sized down two personally but I'm pretty short (5'7) to get them to fit correctly.
  6. Servo2000

    Thom Browne + Brooks Brothers = Black Fleece (pics are up)

    I measure an exact 36 and found the BB0 on the small side but just about wearable. The BB1 was a better fit but the sleeves were still too short for me and the collar too loose. YMMV. Thanks yfyf, I think I might order one of each and exchange whichever one doesn't work out. I'm a man of no...
  7. Servo2000

    Thom Browne + Brooks Brothers = Black Fleece (pics are up)

    Hopefully simple questions for those familiar with the Black Fleece shirting: I don't own any Brooks Brothers and the only store near me recently closed (and, regardless, didn't carry Black Fleece) and I'm looking at the online ordering form for sizing. I'm a 36 chest, which seems to correlate...
  8. Servo2000

    (Old) Ask a Question, Get an Answer - please ask all quick questions here

    the men's clothing forum would probably be better for this answer. but i think recutting a suit is a bit much. I'm sure they'll be able to do it, it's all dependent if you want to pay for them to have it done. post over in the other one though, they'll all about suits I figured. Thanks, Poly.
  9. Servo2000

    (Old) Ask a Question, Get an Answer - please ask all quick questions here

    Don't post over here on the other SF (I'm the Superfashion Mod over at Superfuture, come by and chat sometime) all that much, but you fellows seem to have something of a more thriving community when it comes to suits, so a quick question since I guess this is a slightly street-ier brand: I...
  10. Servo2000

    Did I see a member at PacSun in Gainesville, FL?

    Is she one of the six female posters on SuFu that we all know, or is she a lurker? I'm convinced there are more female members on SuFu than we imagine.
  11. Servo2000

    SUPERFUTURE GHETTO thread: All things Supertalk

    Look, if you really want to discuss politics do it here. I'm glad that the other SF only concentrates on clothes. I can talk about all of that other stuff everywhere else, and for when you really get bored there's supertrash. Anymore than that is relatively pointless to the nature of the...
  12. Servo2000

    SUPERFUTURE GHETTO thread: All things Supertalk

    So I remember that a little while ago on THE FUTURE we were discussing how it's nice that Banksy hasn't totally decided to start hucking his wares. Well, apparently at his recent show everything was $100,000 and up, and was attended by the likes of Perry Farrell, Meg White, Brad Pitt, etc...
  13. Servo2000

    SUPERFUTURE GHETTO thread: All things Supertalk

    It's not quite supertrash, but it's damn close.
  14. Servo2000

    What Are You Wearing Now/Today Part I

    While we're still in bizarro sF mode over here I think I may actually try and post a WAYWN. Don't expect much, however.
  15. Servo2000


    I think it's about time for a BAPE x LV Bag. Really up the stakes in the obnoxious pattern game.

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