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    Viberg Boots

    Oh ok, that makes more sense. Thanks. Very confusing as I have resisted joining Reddit for a decade or so. I know Viberg can be unreliable, but figured going from in hand to cancelled seemed unlikely for them, ha. Cheers!
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    Viberg Boots

    Seriously? I saw someone asked them about it on their most recent Instagram post and they said that the brown horsebutt should be in "this week, if not today", LOL. How do you go from expecting the boots in like today to a few days later saying the whole thing is cancelled? Or was there a 2nd...
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    RANCOURT & Co. Shoes - Made in Maine

    Yup, Instagram story. Looks like a Byron boot or Blake boot.
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    RANCOURT & Co. Shoes - Made in Maine

    Good that they're gonna do some boots on the crowd funding now, will probably pick up another pair until we can see if they'll do some shell boat shoes still.
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    Viberg Boots

    Ok, interesting. I have an OSB chukka, but it's the same Elston last. 8.5 fits me well, so perhaps I'd be an 8 in 2030? Kind of assuming a 9.5 oak street is perfect for you based on what you said. I have a feeling I will.be between 7.5 and 8 on 2030, ugh.
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    Viberg Boots

    Bit of a longshot, but anyone with experience with the 2030 last have anything from Rancourt, Parkhurst or Oak Street Bootmakers for sizing comparison? Thanks again in advance!
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    Viberg Boots

    Thanks for the help! Being a little over D width, you didn't have any issues going a full size down to 6.5 on 2030? Was it quite snug at the beginning? I'm about an E width, but most people I've read said going down only 0.5 seems better with "thicker" socks if you have E width. Ugh, so hard...
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    Viberg Boots

    So, since I don't have much experience with other brands for comparison sake, looking to do this preorder, based on what I've read in this thread sizing 1.5 down from Brannock is painful and perhaps insane, down 1 is good for lots of folks and perhaps down 0.5 if have wider feet? I'm about...
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    RANCOURT & Co. Shoes - Made in Maine

    I'd be in depending on what the group decides on. Would rather this than just buying a couple pairs for the sake of supporting the company and not even needing them. I'd prefer to go the boot route, something in shell or both.
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    RANCOURT & Co. Shoes - Made in Maine

    Interesting. Sad to hear that the company has been so negatively affected, but not exactly surprising either. A lot of people in the world are struggling and unfortunately a lot of discretionary expenses like shoes are the first people cut out of their budget. The lineup they are offering...
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    Custom White's Boots ... Thoughts?

    Any of you White's fans also into Rancourt boots? Looking to buy my first pair of White's, likely an MP in Dark Brown Waxed Flesh, or something else I can wear in the mountains and can beat up a bit while still taking care of it. Anyways, I have 3 or 4 boots from Rancourt on the 115 last and I...
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    SPIER & MACKAY - Official Affiliate Thread

    Hi guys, So here is a follow up to the fit pics I posted about a month ago or so. Feedback I got was the 34 trousers in the navy fresco fit pretty well, some tailoring required. However, that the 40R jacket was too big, there was some bunching under the arm in the back which was not really...
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    SPIER & MACKAY - Official Affiliate Thread

    Rick, if I wanted to try a size down on a jacket, going from 40 to 38, but still keep the 34 trousers that come 6 down, would I need to return the entire suit and then request a trouser swap from that or am I able to exchange jacket only?
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    SPIER & MACKAY - Official Affiliate Thread

    Would letting out the waist correct this? I assume not. But may let it drape a bit better. Or perhaps trying a 38 instead of 40, but then I'd likely have to let the waist out more than what might even be possible.
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    SPIER & MACKAY - Official Affiliate Thread

    Also, the navy fresco trousers have had no taper or alterations yet. For some reason I thought the VBC fresco trousers and the Minnis fresco would fit the same, despite slightly higher rise. But I thought I remember more excess fabric in the thigh area on the VBC prior to alterations.

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